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Ista Weyr - Records Room
Naturally rounded, this cavern extends deep into the volcano within which the weyr has been built. Bookshelves line the walls, right up to the cavernously high ceiling, spectacular in size and breadth, although it's nowhere near as large as either the living caverns or the hatching grounds, not to mention the weyrling barracks. Down either side of the room, runners have been put in place so that two tall, wooden ladders can be rolled around to get to the highest shelves.
Down the middle of the room is a huge, wide oak table - large enough to accomodate meetings between perhaps up to twenty people, and equally large enough for day to day business and work. Various books and hides are scattered about, some in the process of being recopied, and in one far corner, a computer terminal has been set up for a similar process of cataloguing. One of two large doors leads back into the Ground Weyrs, whilst a second winds around the bowels of the weyr, towards the Hatching Grounds. There have been a lot of new shelves added lately, the place is overflowing and the headwomen are doing their best to make this more useable. Hope you don't drop something behind the new shelves, it'd be a pain to squeeze back there to retrieve it.

Perhaps an odd place to find the newest arrival of the Shipton Clan to Ista Weyr, but the Records Room is where Zorya has found herself today. The room being nearly devoid of life beyond the teenager, but then again how often does the average person visit such a place? She takes a second to glance at the title on the scroll in her hand as she walks down the isle between some of the shelves, blue eyes flitting back to the wall on her right to find it's place. Tucked safely back into its cube she turns to head back to the table.

The duties of a Weyrsecond often take one to more off-the-beaten-path places, and amongst them one of the most popular is the Records Room. And so that's where L'ton is appearing, a large pair of bound volumes in his arms, apparently collected from some hold or other, and he's meandering down an aisle, finding their place. Setting them on their proper shelf, he's turning around, catching movement down the next aisle, and following it back towards the table, pausing as he stares at the newly familiar back of the head there.

Zorya, having reached the table, begins to shift though a pile of hides and small volumes that have clearly, by the layers of dust, have been left to sit unfiled for far longer than they should. Completely unaware of the existence anyone else within the room, least of all her uncle's, she hums to herself a few of the words of the song escaping her lips here and there.

"Ah'm surprised they even allowed ya ta learn how to sing." L'ton comments softly, with a bit of a bitter tone to his voice, though after a deep breath it seems to disapepar as a bit of a smile crosses his face instead. "Ah've heard that yer settling in alright, lil'one." And then he's moving to pull out of of the chairs at the dusty table, settling down in it, ruffling his hair, as he watches her with interest.

Zorya spins at the sound of the voice, her breath escaping only once her eyes light on L'ton. Its not like she's was expecting anyone to just walk up behind her like that! "They didn't." she replies the initial shock quickly wearing off, a similar tone hanging on her own remark. "And I am, I've met quite a few people already, and even a few of the dragons." A fact of which she's rather proud, although she won't admit that she's still more than a little afraid of the creatures. That will all come in time though. The dusty stack of hides forgotten for the time being as the girl settles into a chair herself.

"So Ah've heard." L'ton replies, resting his elbow on the table and his hand in his palm as he regards her over the table with a thoughtful look. After a moment, he shakes his head, smiling a bit. "Promise meh one thing, though, Zor? Ya'll be careful? Ah.. Ah know ya now can do all sorts of things ya couldn't before, but.." And then he's leaning forward to reach for her hand, trying to keep her gaze. "And, if'n ya want ta try anything.. know that ya can talk ta Pi or M'iken, or even Vesvesris about it, and they'll make sure… Ain't nothing gonna come of it." L'ton looks slightly awkward at the words, refusing to meet her gaze as he drops her hand and leans back in his chair.

"I promise I'll be careful Uncle." Zorya replies, sending a smile to the man across from her. Why wouldn't she be? But as he continues she eyes him with a look something between confusion and curiousity, easily allowing him to take her hand without so much as a glance downward. What is he talking about now? The blonde nods slowly, "Right…" If he says so.

As the girl nods slowly, seemingly as confused and curious as he is embarassed, L'ton shakes his head hurriedly. "Ah know ya ain't my lil'girl, so Ah can't tell ya that ya can't spend time with boys. But some of 'em are just not good. There's a bronzerider who's just.. He ain't good ta get ta know. He ain't nothing like his brother, and all he does is hurt people." Clearly a sore subject with L'ton. "And, Ah realize yer at that age, but…" More rambling, yay.

Zorya frowns just a bit as he continues. Still confused. "Sometimes Ah wish Ah was." she mutters, not quite realizing it was actually said and not just a thought. "Uncle I'm not a little girl anymore." Like the toddler he just -left- so many turns ago. "Ah know bout boys." she giggles. She grew up in Shipton, and she did have a father to scream at her. "A? Aren't they all?" A, as in singular? That tells her nothing. And there's that family influence seeping in.

"Ah'm sorry, Zor.." L'ton mutters softly back, before shaking his head as she says exactly what he was trying to get to. "Ah know ya ain't a little girl. That's why Ah… That's why Ah want ya ta not be afraid ta talk to Sris, or Pi, or Mai, and get 'em ta go to the Healers with ya, if'n ya.. Want ta try anything, so ya dun have to worry." Face flushed red, its surprising that he hasn't started stuttering thanks to the awkwardness.

"Why would I go to the healers?" Zorya questions, becoming more confused rather than less as he goes on. "What's wro-" she starts to ask, the flush of his face clearly noticeable. And then it hits her the crimson-pink floods her cheeks as well, "Oh!?! You mean… Ah-ah don't think Ah'm ready for all that." she says, stuttering a bit herself as she shakes her head. "Father would be livid." Yes, she ran away and yet she still thinks about what he'd think, say and do.

"Ah can't say Ah'd be all that happy either." L'ton replies, a bit of composure returning to his voice as he sits up a bit straighter, though he does ruffle his hair again. "Ya may not think ya are, and well, Ah dun think yer old enough ta even /think/ about boys, but." He shakes his head again. "Ya just gotta make sure, that ya say no, and that ya mean it. There is some people who'll think that ya getting ta know them is a sign ya wanna know 'em real well. And, ta them, ya ain't nothing but another girl."
Zorya giggles and nods, perhaps just her way of dealing with the tension. "I'm plenty old enough to think about boys." she replies, "Zariah's already 'fasted with a li'll baby girl." Zariah being her elder sister by a turn and a few months. "But if it'll make ya feel better Ah promise if'n Ah have any trouble with any boys you'll be first to know." So he can threaten them or whatever it is he does.

L'ton waggles a finger at her. "Ah ain't yer da. Ah ain't gonna marry ya off when yer barely past being a kid yerself. It just ain't fair." And then, he gives her a bit of a smile. "Besides, if'n Ah married ya off, then Ah couldn't make sure that ya stood, and found yer lifemate, so no one could make ya do anything ya didn't want to ever again." Maybe L'ton /is/ trying to raise his own dragonrider army. Fear?

Zorya smile brightens, and the girl leans forward to wrap her arms around her uncle's neck in a hug. "Thanks Uncle P- L'ton." She's still working on that name thing too it seems. Leaning back just a bit so she can look the man in the face, "Ya promise ya won't send me back even if father sends for me?" she asks, a bit worried sounding as though she's fairly certain that he will. But the thought is fleeting, and perchance she's trying to skip over it as if she never asks. "Ah don't know I'm ready for a lifemate yet either. But Ah'll think about it." she concludes with a smile, settling back into her seat.

"Ya know, Pi still says Pal, if'n that'd be easier for ya." L'ton offers as he winks, as he leans back from the hug. And then he's shaking his head. "Ah ain't gonna send ya back any more than Ah'd send Zip back, or Zh'ae, or any of 'em. It just ain't fair ta be like that." And then, he's even chuckling. "Even if yer da sends fer ya, ya ain't going. Ya gotta remember, Ah have Dhon, so.." With a wink, he grins. "Ya have time ta think, definitely. But, now its actulaly an option, ya know?"

Zorya giggles at the mention of him having Dhon, "Thanks, just don't say I didn't warn you." her smile faulting for a moment. "He just… He does't understand." Pause. "He doesn't understand anything about me. I -want- to dance and I -want- to sing and I'm -good- at it." the teen throws her hands against the air to aid in her the emphasis of the words want and good in effort to get her point across. "But he just nags and nags and nags and doesn't even listen. Just because I don't want to be -just like- Zariah doesn't make me -wrong-. Jadrien isn't even -sorta- cute. Like at all!" Having brought up the man she lowers her voice as if someone might be listening near by and actually know who she's talking about, raising a brow as she continues, "You know he talks to the ovines, like they're actually listening and understand." Queue dramatic teenage roll of eyes. "It's just not my destiny to be handfast to some plain old farmer, having babies and never leaving my family's cothold." What kind of girl would ever make a dream of such a thing!? And then she sighs, "I'm sorry…" she ends, sinking back into the chair. Maybe she can hide there…

"Ah'd like ta see him try and take ya back, with Dhonzayth 'round. Not ta mention that there's Psylenith, and Meluth, and the rest of 'em, and they'll keep ya safe ta. Dun ya worry. We'll make sure ya get ta do what ya want, within reason." Leaning forward, he lightly pats the teen's shoulder, before chuckling. "Does he now? Ah dunno, Ah'd be worried that Ah'd walk in ta find him sharing the bed with an ovine 'stead of ya." With a wink, he settles back in his chair, before he shakes his head. "Dun be sorry, lil'bit. And, we'll make sure ya ain't just stuck here either, ya know?"

Zorya is a teenage girl, she just needed to get that off her chest and vent perhaps. He didn't get mad or yell or anything. And while he pats her shoulder she's back in for another hug, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Why couldn't ya have taken me with ya too?" but the question is just barely whispered, a thought spoken where it wasn't meant to be said aloud. It wasn't bad, but how different would things have been then? She shudders at the thought of having to share the man's bed. "Ah think Ah'd prefer him with the ovine." she comments, bring a smile back to her lips as she leans back, even if it is a bit forced.

L'ton has teenage girl arms back around his neck, and he chuckles, shaking his head. "Ya dun gotta thank me, sweets. Trust meh, Ah was in yer place myself, so Ah know, at least sorta. And, Ah know what they did ta Pazinnia, and Ah know it ain't really changed. As then he looks at her rather surprised, shaking his head. "Ya'll appreciate it more now. Ah promise.. ya'll enjoy it a lot more, ta." As she gives a bit of a smile, he chuckles, shaking his head. "Well, that's all he gets fer now." He teases her more.

"I hoped you would." Zorya replies, letting it be known that yes, that is why she came looking for him. The one person her father might despise the most, but if anyone would understand he'd have to. "Ya think," she pauses, sending a glance around the room, "That I could help out in here? There's so much to know…" the shear amount of information that was never available back home. "Ah mean Ah helped Papa," his father, her grandfather, "with it at home. There's alot more here, but… you know if its alright."

"Ah think we could arrange that. Ah mean, its mostly them juniors who work in here, but if'n ya want, Ah'll talk ta them and see if it's okay, but Ah think as long as ya promise ta be careful, Ah dun think there's too much of a problem with it." And then he's grinning. "Ah bet it would keep ya out of trouble, too."

Zorya beams, giggling. "Me?" she half questions, raising a hand to rest it over her heart, "Get into trouble?" and there's a flutter of ashen lashes over bright blue eyes. Where would he ever get an idea like that? Beat. "Think ya could teach me bout flyin sometime? I mean K'ael took me 'n Zipalla once, but I think he was showin off cause she was used to it." Zorya on the other hand was terrified being that it was her first time on a dragon. "I figure I should get used to it being here now though.." Since now she's been assured that she can stay and won't be sent home.

L'ton tenses suddenly at the name K'ael, narrowing his gaze at her, shaking his head. "He's one of them that Ah was talking about. Ya be careful around him. He's hurt enough people, that if'n he's not careful, Ah'm gonna hurt him. /Specially/ if'n he dares ta try anything with ya." Apparently, the young bronzerider is a sore point with L'ton. But then the weyrsecond is taking a slow, deep breath and he nods. "Next time Ah dun have anything ta pressing, Ah'll take ya and Zip. Maybe ta a hatching, or something, so ya can at least see that."

Zorya ohs. Oops? Maybe she shouldn't have said that. "I-I-I'm sorry, I didn't know." she stutters at the look he gives her, looking down to fidget picking at her nails. Wait for it… but no. His words, while harsh, aren't towards her and the girl slowly brings her gaze back up. "I'd like that." she nods at mention of the hatching.

"Ah ain't mad at ya, Zor. Ah.. Ah just dun trust him as far as Ah can throw 'em. Or, even as far as Ah bet Dhonzayth could throw 'em." A wink, and he reaches for her hands again, shaking his head. "Just be careful with him. He ain't no good. D'son, though, he's a good boy." But then, as it seems that the interweyr trip offer is a good one, he nods again. "Its a plan, then."

Zorya eyes him for just a moment as he says it, "Ya sure you ain't mad…" She's still used to her father being on the other end of these conversations remember. Her father who's word is law and if you don't like it too bad… "I promise Uncle -L'ton," she catches the name this time. "I'll be careful if ya say to. He seems nice enough to me though. While you're here anyone else I should be warned about?" Before she goes and makes too many mistakes.

L'ton contemplates this fer a moment. "T'ev. Ah ain't been around him ta much, but.. Ah just dun like what Ah've seen of him. And he tried ta get in Sharix's pants, and well, that ain't so smart even if ya are normal." He shakes his head a bit. "Ah just dun like him. And, K'ael's brother is nice 'nuff, but…" He shrugs a bit. "Ah.. Ah just dun want ya ta get hurt, and ta regret coming here."

Zorya nods, making a mental note should she need it later. "I'll keep it in mind." she returns with one of the brighter smiles she's had thus far. "Thanks for talking to me," Even if it was a rather strange and awkward conversation, especially to start. "I know you're busy, Zipalla's always saying how busy you are, so don't let me keep you any longer if there's things you need to do. But if you're still free, maybe we could go for a walk, I've been in here for awhile and kinda missing the sun." the last she adds, not wanting to shoo him off too soon.

"Dhon and Ah gotta go to Fort, fer a bit, ta let him check on them eggs. He's all cautious 'bout them, now that they're real close ta hatching, dun want them to get away without him." But then he's patting her shoulder again. "But, when Ah get back, ya and Zip and Ah can go fer a walk, and maybe Ah'll see about a short ride, even." He promises, before he's getting to his feet, patting her shoulder again. "Stay outta trouble, ya hear?" A wink, and he's excusing himself.

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