First Flight

Ista Weyr - Plateau
The low volcanic plateau stretches out around you. From here, one can get a clear view of the ocean, the corral and forests that surround the small bowl of the Weyr. Several sets of wide stairs lead down to the beach at different points. The gates leading into the Weyr are near the corral. Well, one of them actually leads into the corral and the other makes use of a new fence, cutting a path along the southern edge of the corral. From the Corral, there is a small, thin and rocky stream flowing its way over the edge of the plateau down to the beach.
A large expanse of more than a hundred acres, the fenced-in Corral sits on the plateau, half in the bowl, half out of it. There are entrance gates in the fencing. Half in the Corral, there is a watering pond for the animals that's fed by pipes from a set of underground tunnels. For an overflow, and to keep the water from stagnating, a little stream has been cut at the western end of the pond, that flows across the plateau, and down to the beach below. The nutrient-rich grasses are kept trimed fairly short by the grazing of the animals, and look like a rich, verdant carpet.

Arms crossed over the top of the corral fence, Zorya rests her chin on her hands as she stands on the outside of the pen. One knee is slightly bent as she taps her toes idly on the ground. Leave it to a Shipton-ite to be attracted to the ovines. The afternoon while warm, like any other average Istan day, threatens to bring rain.

Her steps aren't fast or slow, sort of ambling as Zipalla makes her way out toward the fence. She smiles to see Zorya and heads her way, "Heya, Zorya," she calls out still a few steps away, lifting a hand. "What ya up to out here?"

Zorya turns her head to glance back over her shoulder towards the sound of the greeting. "Hi Zipalla." she returns with a smile, sending her cousin a bit of a wave without moving from her current position. "Just thinking." she replies to the question, turning back to look out over the field.

Zipalla joins her cousin at the fence and leans against it, looking over at the older girl. "What ya thinking about?" she asks, then looks out over the field too. "Boys?" she teases.

Zorya narrows her gaze at her cousin as she joins her. "So what if I am?" she asks in reply, sounding a bit annoyed by the younger girl's teasing. Oh… maybe she -is- thinking about boys.

Zipalla blinks up at Zorya then giggles, "So which one…D'son?" she asks, raising a brow. "That didn't take long.." she murmurs. "And to think you said.. "seeee" in the breakfast line.. now may I return it to you.. "seeeee"."

"No. Not D'son." Zorya returns blandly, scuffing the bottom of her sandal in the dirt at her feet. "He has a girlfriend, and I only did that cause you were complaining about boys not paying attention to you." Not him, but she didn't say it wasn't someone else either.

Zipalla grins some and nods her head, "I know he does..and he wasn't really paying attention to me, he wsa just being nice.. so who then?" she asks, persistent teenager. "I'll quit teasing.. who is it?"

"Well being nice is still paying attention." Zorya contests. "And I didn't know he had one then either." How was she to know at that point? "Why's it matter anyway?" she then asks, pushing off the fence to turn around and lean back on it once more, gazing off at the wisps of clouds over head. "I thought your dad said no boys." Hmm…

Zipalla tilts her head and nods a bit, "I saw them together, I guess I assumed he had one.. didn't KNOW.." then she hrms, "Well I don't know why it matters.." She studies Zorya for a moment then her voice softens some, "He did..but this isn't about me, it's about you..what's wrong?" she asks, teasing tone gone, sincerity in its place.

Zorya lifts her shoulders in a subtle shrug. "Nothing really. Just everything's so different here." Beat. "Not in a bad way mind you, just is." She glances towards the younger girl and then back to the sky. "I ment K'ael yesterday…"

Zipalla raises a brow and nods then she glances at Zorya, "What about him?" she asks, turning to face her cousin.

Zorya laughs, "Nothing." What would make her think there was anything? "Just I met him at the beach is all. He seems nice…" Okay so maybe there might be a little bit of a crush developing as evident by the softest touch of pink that rises to the girl's cheeks when Zip asks.

Zipalla tilts her head, "He is.." she agrees, although with a bit of trepidation as she watches her cousin. "You like him?" she asks, eyeing the blush, she knows that look.

"Well… he is kinda cute." Zorya giggles, turning a grin towards the younger girl. Okay so she caught her. "Maybe a little…?" she admits with a girlish wrinkle of her nose."

Zipalla sort of stares at Zorya for a long moment then nods her head, "I guess," and she lifts her shoulders then turns and looks to the fields. "Well he's single again so.." and she nods her head, brows wrinkling for a moment.

"What?" Zorya half whines, half nearly demanding of her companion. Well that look combine with that reply is rather begging for an explanation. "You're the one who asked." she huffs, turning back to the clouds.

Zipalla nods her head, "I'm just saying..he's single lucky you.." and she shrugs, eyes intent on the horizon. One foot lifts to a railing and she leans over, putting her chin on her palm.

Zorya hrms. "So why the look then?" she wonders after a pause. "I mean it's not like I like him like him or anything." That remains to be seen. "There something I'm missing that I should know about?" Cause she's rather in the dark about something, or so she gets the feeling.

Zipalla glances at her, "Oh, nothing, I dunno.." and she pushes up onto the fence, sitting on it, facing the field. "I don't guess there's anything.. if you like him you like him..none of my business really, I mean it's your choice."

Zorya turns to face the field again as well, though leaning against the fence rails she looks up over at the younger girl, "But you're my cousin," and so far she doesn't really have another girl to talk to anyway, "So what's bothering you?" Its her turn to asks now.

Zipalla looks down at ZOrya and smiles, "Just thinking about things.. standing and all.. what my calling is..did you like the dragon?" she asks, deft change of subject.

Zorya ohs. If that wasn't an attempt to change the subject… She'll leave it for now though. "I dunno. Still gonna take some getting used to I think. They're so much bigger up close." From far away they aren't so intimidating. "I met with D'son again the other day though and got to meet Inimeth again though."

Zipalla smiles a little and nods, "They are grand..and intelligent.." she says with conviction. "YOu'll get used to them, they are might even stand some day," she says in her happy voice.

Zorya laughs. "You really think so?" she asks in something near disbelief. Its not anything she would have ever thought of for herself. "My father would be furious." And if she doesn't know, Zipalla's father could definitely understand.

Zipalla smiles at her cousin, "You never might be what you are meant to do.." she says with a nod. She grins, "Well don't do it just to tick him off.." she says with a smirk.

Zorya frowns, "I doubt I'd have to even if I wanted." she notes, "He's already furious. But I don't know," she goes back to the topic of dragons, "Maybe once I get to know them more I'll see why you like them so much." she offers with a smile of her own.

Zipalla smiles a little and nods, "Well that's true but you can't do it just to spite him.. it has to be the right thing for you.." SHe sounds confident, which, for Zip, this is a different attitude than she's had of late. "You will..even if you don't stand, they are wonderful."

Zorya shakes her head, "I wouldn't." she assures. Standing she wouldn't do to just to spite him, running away she already did. "You been talking to your father about being a rider?" Seeing as he's mentioned it briefly about her, and now she's talking about it herself.

Zipalla nods in agreement then she shakes her head, "Not really no.. I mean he wants me to.. adamantly so.. he'll be happy when I finally do it," she nods surely then slides down off the fence and leans back against it, adopting Zorya's earlier pose.

Zorya ohs, "Well then, at least he'll be happy whatever you decide to do." She stays silent for the moment, leaning down upon the fence like she was when Zipalla first came upon her.

Zipalla tilts her head, "ZOrya..he has.. a mate..a mistress…over thirty children..he doesn't have time to be unhappy about anything I do for very long.." she says in a matter-of-fact tone. "I mean..he loves me.. and I adore him.. but.. he's really pretty busy."

"I know," Zorya replies. Knows that he's busy that is. "I've hardly seen him since I got here. I starting to think I just got lucky running into you two at all. That I just happened to get here when everyone, including him, was around. I'm just saying, its got to be nice knowing."

Zipalla reaches over and touches her arm then squeezes it, "It's different here.. not bad.. just different. But yes, it's nice knowing." She seems more at ease about things at least, less edgy, at least on this topic.

Zorya offers up a smile to the girl as she squeezes her arm. "You've no idea how lucky you are." she agrees, "And no, not bad at all." Different can sometimes be the best thing in the world.

Zipalla smiles but then peers at her, "What do you mean? In what way?" she asks, earnestly. For whatever reason, Zip is more Zipalla than little Zippy for the moment, and she's not even having to try hard to 'act' older.

Zorya forces a bigger smile than she might have been able to pull for the girl. "Uncle Pallaton, your father, he brought you here." That's a good thing! Yes. She's a it reluctant to say any more. "… I mean just think what it must have been like for me to go my whole life and never meet a dragon." Yes, that should work.

Zipalla nods her head some, "He did..I lived in the Cothold for three years..then he got me.." she says softly. "I don't know my mother.. and she doesn't know me.." and her shoulders lift some. "There's always good and bad."

Zorya shrugs lightly, "I doubt you'd know her even if you were there." she replies, "Our grandparents took care of you…" she continues, biting her lip as the last word comes out of her mouth. Okay, so maybe that was one of those things that she shouldn't have let slip. Arms crossed over the top of the corral fence, the older of the two girls rests her chin on her hands as she stands on the outside of the pen. The afternoon while warm, like any other average Istan day, threatens to bring rain.

Hazel eyes slant over to Zorya and Zipalla nods her head, "Ton told me.. I mean.. I know.. I don't remember but I know." She sighs a little then smiles, "I asked him.. it just sorta started coming to me lately that I didn't know some things.." she rambles some then stops and stands up, stretching.

Suddenly there's a gigantic bronze that appears high in the sky above them. And down it's coming… down.. down.. swooping, swirling, dipping… Well, as well as a bronze who is almost a gold can. Azaeth lands right by the corral, leaning over to sniff at and wuffle the two cousins. Meanwhile, a familar figure (though dressed in more clothing than normal) hops down with a wave. "Hello ladies." It's K'ael of course, and he starts removing his riding gear once he gets off. "How we doing today?"

Zorya nods. "Alright," Well at least she didn't say anything that should have been said. "You know, you can ask me too. I mean not that I'll know anything that he doesn't…" But she might be easier to find time with considering how busy she says L'ton always is. The arrival of the bronze goes relatively noticed until its too late and he's already right there… She's gotten used to the fact that they're aroudn at least! "Echk!" the older of the girls jumps likely nearly knocking her cousin over in the process, having turned at the greeting of bronze and rider to find Azaeth is not only not Inimeth, he's larger to boot. "K'ael?" Oh, this couldn't get any better could it… "Why do you people have to keep scaring me like that!" Whine.

A soft smile is lifted to Zorya and then Zipalla nods a bit, "Thanks..I will remember that.." she says softly. Her eyes dart to the arrival of the bronze and her cheeks go pink as K'ael slides down. She blinks as Zorya jumps then gives a weak little grin, moving away from her cousin and back, toward the dragon, eyes lifting to K'ael. "Hello, K'ael, Doin alright.." she says softly then she turns to the bronze, "ANd how are you?" she asks in his direction.

Azaeth blinks his big whirling eyes at Zorya. He didn't really recognize her, where as Zip he's seen up close before. Even if it was for short time. K'ael chuckles a bit to Zorya. "Relax, he doesn't eat people or anything like that. Usually he doesn't take this much interest, must be in a good mood since we've been working all day." The bronzer makes sure to give Zor a hand up, then smiles to Zip. "That's good to know." The bronzer stares off into space for a moment, then grins. "Azaeth is fine, he says. He wants to know what's wrong with you, Zor. He's never met anyone that was scared of him." K'ael pats the big bronze's side.

Zorya is torn between watching the bronze or his rider for the moment. She does noticed the offer to help her up and extends a hand to grasp his until she's on her feet again. Lightly brushing the dust from her skirt she eyes the dragon for a moment before looking back to K'ael as she crosses her arms. "There's nothing wrong with me. I'm not scared of him." Okay, maybe a little. "He's just.. big." Huge. Gigantic. "And I know they don't eat people. D'son told me that days ago." Okay, so she did think that at one point.

Zipalla glances to her cousin again and keeps a soft smile on her face then she nods to K'ael and turns her attention back to the bronze. She reaches out and touches him, rubbing a little, "She's not used to dragons yet," she says in explanation, "I told her she'd get used to it," the younger cousin says, then her eyes flick back a moment before they turn back to the big dragon.

K'ael makes sure to pull Zor up to her feet and helps to dust her off with a smile. "Alright, just checking. Yeah, he is pretty big, so it's okay to be a little scared. Biggest bronze I've ever seen. Maybe the biggest ever. I've seen golds his size." He chuckles a bit. "Azaeth says he wants to give you a ride, Zor. To show you that dragons aren't scary. I'm sure you've ridden on dragons plenty of times Zip, but you can come along if you want. I have straps for all of us, and Zor might feel better if she's wedged between us two. No between, since you girls aren't really dressed for it." He smiles to Zor. "What do you say?"

"I…" Zorya stutters, stepping back. D'son offered to give her a ride the other day too. "Ride?" she glances up at the bronze. If I was suppose to fly, I'd have wings of my own. That's what she'd told D'son. "I don't know that I'm ready for that yet." Panic? She hesitates for a moment, "You're sure it's safe?" What a stupid question, of course it is, obviously riders do it every day.

Zipalla turns a little, sort of at profile to the pair and she looks to them then to the dragon and her brows wrinkle. "I uh.." she says while they talk back and forth, "Of course it's safe, Zorya.." she says with a look to her cousin. Her eyes fall to K'ael and she nods her head, "I don't want to.. uh.. if you think two is better..I don't mind going if you want," she finally says.

K'ael is wearing that reassuring smile where his blue eyes twinkle. Or at least he's trying to. "Sure, a ride. Azaeth's never dropped anyone or anything, I don't much think he'll be starting now. Plus you'll be nice and strapped in. You can ride in front of me if you want, and I'll be sandwiched." He grins a bit to Zor. "Plenty of room for all three of us. Come on, Zip." Soon the bronzer is hopping back up onto Azaeth, who hunkers as low as he can get. Then he offers a hand up to the two girls. "I'll help you get strapped in."

Zorya looks to Zipalla. Thanks for helping cousin! Not like she couldn't see that coming, of course Zip was going to poke at her for asking that. "I .. uh.." she starts, stepping back towards the bronze and his rider a K'ael scrambles back atop Azaeth. What's she supposed to do now? It doesn't seem like he's going to take no thanks for an answer. "The middle's fine… But, um, how..?" How is she supposed to get up there?

Zipalla just nods and waits, letting the two settle who goes where and all that. She stands behind Zorya and looks up briefly to K'ael, "She's never done this.. tell her what to do.." she says softly, pushing her braid back over her shoulder, eyes keening up to K'ael for a moment then down to Zorya.

K'ael isn't about to take no thanks for an answer. "I promise you it's completely safe, Zorya. You trust me, right? Just grab hold of the straps and climb up. Or grab my hand and I'll hoist you." He's still smiling down at Zor. He nods to Zip and winks at her. "Don't worry, I'll take care of your cousin." There was no escape. Azaeth rumbles a bit. He's trying to be comforting, really. But he's terrible at it.

Zorya swallows hard. Right. Just grab hold the straps and… The girl glances back to her cousin. Just push her already or something! The girl reaches for the straps as indicated after a moment of hesitation. Trust him? "Yeah…" biting her lip as she reaches for the rider's hand.

Zipalla gently strokes the big dragon's side then moves up behind Zorya and nods, "You'll be fine.." she says quietly, pushing up behind her, watching her get into place. The younger girl moves with a more practiced ease, settling behind the elder girl with a soft little *whuff*. She glances over at K'ael around from behind Zorya, "I'm sure you will.." she says then is hidden once more, exhaling. Her smile is wide, however, as she looks down from her perch, then along the side of the bronze, looking him over too, even if the smile is mostly to herself, she lifts her head, eyes to the skies.

K'ael grins when Zor finally takes his hand, he hoists her up in one smooth motion to get her up on top of Azaeth. There's a bit of stumbling towards the end though, and K'ael pulls Zor into himself so she doesn't fall. Once they're settled he smiles at her. "Sorry. That was my fault, though Azaeth wouldn't have let you fall anyways. Anyways, take a seat there." Once they've both settled in, he goes to strap Zip in, then Zor. "Go ahead and wriggle to make sure they're nice and tight if you want." Then he sits down at the front. He doesn't bother strapping himself in for the flight. "You can hold onto me, too, if it makes you feel better, but you won't be going anyplace." Then suddenly the big ironclad wings beneath them open up as Azaeth prepares to take off, and the bronze stands up fully.

The stumble at the end of mounting the bronze beast brings the next bout of uncertainty. Clearly uncomfortable with the situation, Zorya seems at least a little more at ease once she's situated. "I'll be okay." she says, if only to assure herself. See Zo, this isn't so bad… But then Azaeth moves… "You can do this." she says to herself, though its likely the other two can hear being so close. Deep breath.

Zipalla looks outward, noddling lightly K'ael when he straps her in before her gaze averts. She doesn't wriggle and she doesn't hold on to anything, she simply waits, tense, though when the dragon prepares to lift she smiles and sits up straighter. "Yes you'll be fine.." she says in a reassuring tone to her cousin, "You just have to sit..he does all the work.." she says, indicating the bronze.

K'ael isn't waiting for Zor to have second thoughts. Not soon after they're in, he's giving Azaeth the go ahead. "Here we go!" The bronze takes a few quick steps, a hop, and he's airborn. Azaeth's big sails push down and they start gaining altitude quickly. The two Shiptons will see the plateau below them getting smaller and smaller, until the bronze levels out and is content at his height. Or he's told to stop going higher. Either way, he makes a liesurely swing around the plateau, a nice smooth fly. Nothing scary really. Yet. "Well, Zor? What do you think?" He yells back to her.

Not giving her a chance for second thoughts is probably the best bet. As the bronze leaps into the air Zorya instinctually clings to the young man in front of her. Arms wrapped around his waist and her face buried against his shoulder. She doesn't think at this point. "I think I like the ground?" she half questions her own answer as she pulls back enough to open her eyes to find the plateau far below, still holding tight.

The wind ruffles her skirts a bit and her eyelashes flutter as she tries to look around, nearly giggling at the feeling of soaring upward. Zipalla is in another little world for the time being, Zorya could crawl into K'ael's shirt and she wouldn't notice, her mind is awash with the sheer joy of flight. Her gaze does keen around, however, but she shifts it to look below, taking in the vision from atop the airborne bronze. Simply beautiful.

K'ael chuckles a bit. He can obviously feel Zorya holding onto him, but he seems insistant on letting her get used to the flying. Dragons were certainly a part of life at the weyr, and it was important for her (in his mind, at least) to get used to flying on them. She'd at least need to be okay with them if she wanted a lift up to his place, at least. "Heh, you'll get more used to it. You can see the whole weyr from up here! How you doing back there, Zip?" Of course, Zipallla's already been on Azaeth, even if it was just for a quick trip from his weyr to the ground.

Of course it's important, she just hasn't come to that realization just yet. "I hope so." Zorya replies. It'll take more than one test flight for her to get used to it though. Finally venturing a look, she catches her breath, "Its so…"

Zipalla looks to K'ael, the back of his head anyway, "I'm fine," she says loud enough to be heard over the rush. "Breathtaking.." she says with a smile, completing Zorya's sentence. She looks down and around and then just settles and closes her eyes, chin up, a close-mouthed smile on her face.

K'ael looks back and grins to the two cousins, catching zip looking way, way too relaxed. This grin is more mischievious than his previous grins, and he turns back to pat Azaeth's neck gently. Suddenly the dragon turns and starts into a downwards spiral. Down they go… then suddenly they're swooping back upwards… and they go over into a loop, taking all the riders upside down for a brief moment. See, Azaeht could do tricks, too! He just needed a lot more space and was slower about them. There's another loop from the dragon, then they're coming in for a gentle landing back on the plateau, right where they took off from.

Zorya was just starting to relax before K'ael and Co. decided to show off. At that she squeaks, startled by the sudden change in flight and once again clinging tightly and hiding her face. Why did she agree to this again??

When she feels her stomach drop out her eyes fly open and Zipalla squeeeeeeals, flexing her legs to hold herself back some from smashing too much into Zorya. A moment of holy-cats-what-is-happening passes and is replaced with, "K'aeeeeelllllll!" and a neverending ripple of giggles and little yips. She sucks in rapid breaths when he turns back upward, hands on Zorya's sides now, though the loops threaten to unsettle her belly a little bit, her expression is of sheer delight. Having flown free of her braid, her hair now comes to rest in a tumble of waves to her waist, blown and tousled, her cheeks flushed, eyes sparkly bright. "You ok, Zorya?" she asks her, easing her hold, hugging her cousin gently. "It's okay..we're on the ground.." she says to her.

K'ael is half expecting Zorya to have thrown up all over his back. But he wanted to prove a point to her: and that point was that she wouldn't be falling off of him. He wasn't even strapped in and he was fine! He's laughing the whole time, and even lets out a 'Whooooooo!' as they're falling. Once they're on the ground Azaeth hunkers down so that they can hop off him, and K'ael chuckles and looks back to them. "You can let go of me now, Zor, we're back on the ground, love." He blinks a bit at Zip. "Ooh, your hair came free. Sorry about that. It looks cute down though."

Its like coming off a roller-coaster, both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Especially when its your very first time. "No. I'm not okay." she replies to Zipalla's question, her words muffled as she's still holding onto K'ael, unsure wether she wants to laugh of cry. "…Oh…" the girl pulls herself free of the rider. "Sorry…"

Still coming down from the rush of the ride, Zipalla sits atop the dragon for a moment, near breathless, idly rubbing at his back. She glances down at K'ael and Zorya then slips down off the dragon with a bounce onto her feet, finding herself a little more wobbly than expected. She puts her hand to Azaeth's side and blinks then blushes, self-consciously tugging at the lower hem of her vest. She glances up at K'ael and smiles, "Wasn't bound tight enough to ride but I don't care.. I don't care if it stands straight out," she says excitedly then grins, "Well..I guess I'm glad it's not doing that.." she murmurs, lifting a hand to smooth or touch it, just what's it doing that's cute she wonders.

K'ael turns around to smile at Zor and undo her straps. "See? You're still alive. The only think that's maybe scarier is going between. Which we can do at some other point, once you find some leathers or something to wear. Maybe you can borrow some of Zip's or something." He pats the older cousin on the shoulder, then slides down after Zip. "Heh. Sorry, didn't mean to jar you two too much." He reaches over to run his fingers through a bit of Zip's hair, then lifts his arms up to help Zor down from Azaeth.

Zorya slides down with K'ael's help of course, but even so its awkward. That too should get better with practice. Of course once her feet are firmly planted on the ground she's more than ready to chastise him for what he did. "Don't you -ever- do that to me again!" she says, shaking a finger towards the bronze rider. "Not anytime soon anyway…" this of course said much softer as she traces a crescent on the grass with on foot, a subtle blush of pink rising to her cheeks. "You could have at least warned me." And to think she let them talk her into it.

Zipalla smiles and shakes her head, "It was wonderful," answered to K'ael as he touches her hair. She blushes for a moment then steps back for him to help Zorya down, eyes widening as her cousin begins her rant.Her giggle is near silent at first but the finger shaking…Zipalla ahems and covers her mouth then looks away for a moment before looking back to Zorya. "Admit was fun.." she says with a look of squinted eyes and smiles. She sighs and stretches, "I really should get going.. thanks K'ael.. was fun," she says softly to him then turns and starts to wander off.

K'ael just chuckles when Zorya lectures him. "Alright alright. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Without warning you first. Next time we are going to go between. So there's your warning. And it's very cold, so you better have a nice thick coat around next time I bump into you, Zor." He pulls her into a hug as an apology. "I won't scare you again, I promise." He grins to Zip. "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Azaeth likes to fly, so if you ever want some fun, just let me know." He nods to the younger cousin and gives her a wave. "I should actually get back to work myself. I'll see you two ladies later."

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