Quiet Morning at the Beach

Ista Weyr - Main Beach

The words are hard to make out, but still the sweet sound of the song carries across the water and the sand. Its early enough that the beach is deserted, but for the long figure of a blonde haired girl sitting near the water's edge. Knees pulled up to her chest, arms wrapped around them while her chin settles just so between them. Eyes closed she sings to herself.

K'ael is headed towards the beach anyways, the song is just making it more inviting. He's dressed only in some swimming shorts and sandals. He's got a towel draped about his neck as well. Behind him stalks the gigantic bronze Azaeth, who quickly makes a path for the water. K'ael meanwhile is distracted by a lone singing figure. He heads over to her, taking a seat next to her in the sand and not saying anything until she's done.

"Does it go further on until
It ends in sunset's gold?"
The words are formed as the melody flows softly, carrying over the near silence that surrounds her. The song finished she sighs to herself, lashes fluttering as she opens her eyes to find a person there. "Ac!" the girl squeaks, moving back a bit as she's startled. He wasn't there before… "Um," stutter, "Hi..?" Awkward!

K'ael blinks and chuckles as she realizes he was there when the song finished. "Heh… Hello. I didn't mean to startle you. I was just enjoying your song. I didn't catch all the words. Was that one of your own melodies? It was quite nice." He smiles a bit to her. "I'm K'ael, by the way. The big guy out there Azaeth." He extends a hand to her.

The girl shakes her head, "No, just one I've heard before." she replies, a subtle rosy hue creeping across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose at the compliment he gives her. "Zorya," she gives her name, reaching out with a hand of her own to complete the gesture. "And thanks?" Not quite sure what to think given the chance meeting as she pulls her hand back. She's heard that name before… "You're one of the new pairs, right?"

K'ael smiles and nods to her. "You sing it well." He reiterates the compliment, giving her hand a gentle shake. "Nice to meet you Zorya. You're Zip's cousin, right? You're quite welcome." He nods again to her last inquiry. "Yep, recently graduated. Full fledged rider now. Anyways, Zip's mentioned you a few times. I saw you at the graduation. Where did you move from, again?"

Zorya nods, wrapping her arm back around her knees to hold to the opposite wrist. "Yeah, she is." She's mentioned her? And the though is echoed aloud. "She has? D'son's mentioned you too." she adds before realizing he's asked a question. "Where? Oh, Shipton…" Which if he knows Zip he may well have heard of the cothold to the north.

K'ael grins and nods. "Zip and I are friends. She hasn't said anything bad about you, don't worry." He chuckles, then blinks. "D'son, hm? He's my fellow bronze clutchmate. Nice guy. Hope he wasn't saying anything horrible about me. At least not too horrible. Ah, Shipton, of course. Didn't feel like raising sheep?" More chuckling. Of course K'ael had heard of it. His older brother was close to L'ton, afterall.

Zorya shakes her head, "Not much of anything really. Just that he'd introduce me to his 'clutchmates'," she stumbles on the word not sure if she's gotten it right, "And that you were one of them." she replies, laughing at the mention of raising sheep. "You don't know the half of it." But then she doesn't elaborate any further.

"Heh, well. This is one less clutchmate you need to be introduced to." K'ael grins to Zorya. "Heh. My family raises grapes outside of Telgar. A tiny cothold. I didn't like it much either. Finally I up and left myself, went to Telgar. Then came here to Ista for the warmer weather. Love it here. What do you think of Ista?" He smiles to the younger girl.

Zorya's smile grows as they chat. "I like it alright. I mean, I haven't been here very long." Having just arrived before the graduation ceremony began. "But I got to see Uncle Pallaton and meet Zipalla again. It'd been a long time since I'd seen either of them." she explains, "And," she leans forward, "I met my first dragon up close." she says, rather proud of herself for that little fact as she leans back to where she was before. Mind if he's heard of that meeting things might go a little differently.

K'ael smiles back at her and nods. "Well, I'm sure you'll grow to love it. Weyr life is a lot different than living in a hold. At least it was for me. Family always helps to get you adjusted." At her next comment he grins pretty wide. "Oh? What did you think? I remember meeting my brother's bronze up close for the first time. After that I became obsessed. Which has a lot to do with why I left to live in the weyr." Clearly he hasn't heard anything about her meeting.

Zorya frowns lightly. "I don't know." she admits, bobbing her head towards him just a bit as she answers. Yes, she's very animated. Not sure if she wants to say any more she'll just leave it at that. Lets just say she was terrified of Inimeth. "If everyone's like who I've met so far I'm sure it'll be wonderful." she agrees, stretching her arms back to prop herself up, planting her hands in the sand. Now, if she can just get used to having dragons everywhere.

Thankfully Azaeth was way off on the horizon, swimming and getting a bite of fish to eat. Though if she was scared of Inimeth, Azaeth up close would probably send her screaming. Azaeth was a bit grumpy, big, heavily built, and scary looking. But out on the horizon he looked harmless. "I'm sure you'll fit in just fine, Zorya. At any rate, I'm off to swim. I'll see you later? Maybe for lunch in the caverns or something." He winks at her, then heads out into the water.

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