A Walk on the Wild Side

Ista Weyr - Forest

Another beautiful day on Ista Island. It's only been but a few days since the Weyrlings graduated, and since it was on that day that Zorya arrived at the weyr it's only been a few days that she's been here. Finding the weather good upon venturing out she's decided to explore the place a bit. That of course was a good couple hours ago and she's found herself… rather further from where she knows than she ment to be.

Rustling through the trees proves that there are more things lurking in the shade and shadows of the underbrush than the new resident in Ista. Branches crack as footsteps land upon them one by one and fronds of plants are shoved aside before being hacked away. From around a dense patch of brush, a pair of heavy boots walk out, the rest of the person they belong to obscured by the greenery. Glistening lights from the canopy above shine down, revealing the rider's position behind the plant-life. No one can miss messy blond hair like that. With a heavy sigh, the rider walks out into the open, pausing to kneel down to put the knife away. It's when his tired eyes pan up does he notice he's not alone. "Don't get lost in there," he warns.

Zorya was on a path. Then again, she still is, it's just smaller than the one she started on. The teen jumps at the sound of the rustling in the brush, moving away from the sound as she faces it all in one movement. "Don't e-" she squeaks, panicking, arms pulling closer while loose fists come even with her shoulders. The girl stops mid word as the man comes into view. "Um.. hi.." she greets awkwardly after a long pause of watching while he knees, stance relaxing to normal.

The greenrider chuckles a bit as he finally stands upright, his knife safely secured in his boot for the time being. A low rumble outside of the brush is carried through the wind, only to receive a shake of the head. Janneth hunkers down, peering through with large blue eyes whirling in contrast with the forests green. "No, Ja. You can't fit this far in, why don't you go down to the feeding grounds before we get called again." The green dragon croons once then slow backs up before vanishing off into the daylight. "Sorry, she likes to come and see what's in these woods now and then when we pass by, overhead. Seems to forget that she's bigger on the ground and can't fit. Silly girl. I have to go through here more often than not, some kids think they'll explore for a bit and then end up lost." All said with a shrug and wave of the hand before brushing off leaves from his rider's jacket. "I'm Ta'sin, the green that just left is Janneth. If you do ever get lost here, be sure to send any flits to her. She'll get help to ya real quick."

Zorya nods quietly, still warily watching the direction in which the green was as she listens to the rider speak. "Good to know." Yeah, like now? She would have found her way back… eventually. It just would have taken longer to get back then it did to get where she was. A smile finds its way to her lips at the greeting however, and once she's fairly certain the green is on her way. "Zorya," she replies, "I was just seeing what there was and… I just about to head back." Nice save. Lost? Of course not!

The snapping of twigs from not that far off announces the approach of another person. A moment later D'son swings into view, ducking underneath a low-hanging branch. As he straightens, he blinks to find people in the way. "Uh — sir," he salutes his wingleader and then realizes that's Zorya and smiles. "Zorya. Good day. Enjoying the um … foliage?"

"D'son, good to see you out and about. Don't let Inimeth get tangled in here while you're wandering." He may be a good sized bronze but that doesn't mean they won't try. Ta'sin glances about, taking in a deep breath as he closes his eyes for a moment to unwind. They're at the edge of the forest so there's no rush going back. No calls from Janneth or any of the other leading dragons and the second rotation is over. Rest is scarce, best to take it when it's available. The greenrider takes this time to settle down on a fallen tree, glancing down the path to see if there are others out as well. "Nothing wrong with exploring now and then," he belated responds to Zorya. He's listening, really!

Zorya jumps again at D'son's entrance, but its not so bad as her reaction to the cracking of twigs that Ta'sin made, maybe in part to his presence this time. "N-," wait, was that a trick question. "I am, thank you very much." she replies to the younger rider's question, and then to the other, "Well since I haven't been here that long I figure I should go see what's here." Makes good of sense as any.

D'son blinks at Ta'sin confusedly. "Inimeth? Why would he come down in here? He skims up overhead, scouting about, or lounges down on the beach like he is now. I just like to walk here." He nods Zorya's way. "Good yeah. And getting to know the place, yeah. Good idea."

"Don't underestimate the power of a dragon's curiousity. I don't know how many times I've had to cut some branches down just to free Janneth's head. She's a little over twelve turns now," he mentions to the confused one. "Sometimes they never give up. You'll see examples of that when the most vigorous part of your training begins." Ta'sin leans his head back a bit and glances up into the branches and leaves, shadows flashing by as various dragons travel across the weyr and over the waters near by.

"So… You two know each other then?" Zorya asks the obvious. Of course they do, from the way they're talking. She's the one around here that knows next to no one. "I'm just glad to know they can't really get in here, curious or not." she notes aloud, though the thought was meant more for herself than their ears. "You've been a rider that long?" the question clearly meant for the older of the two, "You might know my uncle then.."

"Seriously, sir, he won't," D'son says very confidently and shoots the man a sidelong look like he thinks his wingleader might just be a little odd. "Ta'sin's my new wingleader," Dels explains to Zorya. "Ocean Sapphire, search and rescue wing," he continues and looks pretty happy about all that too.

He should be happy about it, the fate of Ista is in the hands of Ocean Sapphire more often than not. Ta'sin turns his gaze to Zorya and slowly nods, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah, it's been a while and now it's at the point that… when I wake up and see her there, it's like she was always with me long before she was shelled." Nevermind those riders and their sentimental feelings over their lifemates. His gaze does float back to D'son for a moment, now that he remembers… "We're going to have orientation coming up soon, I'm still waiting to hear from the crafters. Don't let Inimeth get stuck in anything til then." Teasing.

Zorya ohs, nodding as D'son explains their relationship. She bites the corner of her lower lip, she'll just save that question for later. Another nod at the explanation as to just what Ocean Sapphire is. Every little bit helps. Hands clasped behind her back the girl is content to listen, for the time being. "Kinda like a friend who's always there for you, huh?" she half questions the thought as she puts it to voice, raise up on her toes for a second before dropping back. Well that's her take on what she's hearing.

"Yessir, you mentioned," D'son notes. See? He's been paying attention. His eyes roll though at further mention of Inimeth getting stuck anywhere. Apparently Dels and teasing don't go all that well together. "Dragons? Yeah, pretty much," he's happy enough to answer Zorya with a grin. "I feel more like myself since I Impressed Inimeth."

"As he said, Zorya. We can go all afternoon and night waxing philosophy on the subject if we wanted to. They just… complete us to put it simply. It's a feeling you get, never knowing that a part of you was missing before." Ta'sin shrugs, his words ring true on lasting all night. Rider's will if they have enough drink in them, which is not good for the listener. As the greenrider begins to crack his knuckles, he pauses, eyes darting into the forest. Slowly he moves his hands down to his sides, those blue eyes narrowed as he holds out a hand, motioning for the other two to stay put. Briefly he kneels down, removing the knife from his boot as he inches closer. In the branches up ahead, a small blue flit clutches to the wood, puffing up to enlarge himself with mouth gaping in agitation with a low hiss emanating from within. His tiny eyes red…

"I was just trying…" Zorya starts, pausing in the middle of her reply when Ta'sin motions to them. Her clear blue eyes darting to follow his the the source. Eye contact is made with the flit just in time for him to hiss, which causes the girl to step back with a squeak …. and a tree root bring her to the ground.

"Well I meant I felt more like I used to before — well before." D'son's brows beetle briefly and he takes a deep breath. "It's just good he's there," he finally states. Eyes slant sideways as Ta'sin goes stalking and as that firelizard becomes obvious, Dels just shrugs once and looks back down as Zorya takes that bad step and he reaches out a hand to help her back up. "Hey, you okay?"

Ta'sin advances deeper into the woods, slowly minding his step through the brush before vanishing back down the path. The blue flit quickly darts from one tree to another, shrill hissing still coming from the little creature before growing louder and more agitated in volume. It throws open it's wings, puffing and hissing while lowering his pointed muzzle as though to be following something in it's sights. The silence of the woods is broken but the sound of a long high pitched wail and a series of heavy thuds. D'son can take care of Zorya, it's best to go in one at a time in any case. The blue flit's behavior seems to lesson, moving down it's wings a little before those red eyes lighten and preening begins.

"I think so.." Zorya replies, feel very silly and rather self conscious, testing the foot that was caught by the root as she reaches up to take the offered hand. She's just to her feet and then there's more noise from woods. "What was that?" the girl nearly panics, pulling tighter to D'son, forget that she just met the other day.

D'son helps Zorya up a little awkwardly and looks off the way Ta'sin went. "What's he after anyway, d'you know?" Dels asks the girl as she gets to her feet. He gets skewed a little to the side as Zorya clings so. "Probably just a snake or something, maybe a whersport," Dels says, untroubled and tries to loosen Zorya's grip a little.

"Anyone want a new wallet or belt?" The disembodied voice calls through the brush before the wingleader reemerges with the corpse of a small tunnel snake in his hands. D'son called it, just a snake. "Where there's one, there's bound to be more. If this thing had our scent on it, would attract others. Better to kill it off and remove it so it doesn't pass that scent along." Ta'sin knows one thing is for certain, those /creatures/ can grow to unbelievable sizes and some almost as large as watchwhers. Faranth forbid they come across it. His clothes are completely covered with Ichor, stained down his own bloodied wrists. The carcass is held up towards the blue flit in the tree, quickly turning towards it with eyes whirling red, the same angry display shared once more. "What's the matter, Velika. Don't want it? You're the one that found it first you brute."

"Uh, no thanks, sir," D'son tells Ta'sin as he re-appears, all messy with dead snake and all. "I'm more into fishing. At least you can eat the fish. Snakes just don't taste as good."

Zorya does loosen her grip on the boy as he assures her it's nothing to be worried about. The snake comes into sight however and the girl cringes. "Eww!" Why would anyone go showing off a thing like that?? "I think maybe it's time I get back to the weyr…" Because the woods, while interesting to begin with, has gotten less so with recent events.

"Maybe it's time for all of us to do so. I wonder if Janneth still has that sack in her utility bag." Ta'sin tilts his head to the side as he rotates the thing around to take a closer look at it in the light. When it spasms and lashes out, he quickly drops it and begins to stomp on it furiously with his boot until the ichor oozes out of it's mouth with small bubbles building up at the edges and through it's teeth. "There, now it's dead and now I don't mind flying with the thing." It would be more rational to just leave it in the woods to let other animals feed off of it but the snakes have been known to be cannibalistic to their own kind. Best not to attract them that way either. "I like to give these things to the Tannerhall near Igen. Gives the apprentices something to play with while they practice their taxidermy." Shrug. The things rider's do to promote a good education.

"Uh yeah, I think I'm about done walking for today," D'son just kind of stares at his wingleader in stunned horror for a good moment, then clears his throat and tips his head back through the trees. "It's thattaway if you want company, Zorya," he offers. "Just stomp if you hear any slithering."

"Ack!" Zorya squeals as the snake lashes out, hands going to cover her face. It might not be at her, but its still scary! Her hands are slowly pulled away when the older of the riders proclaims the creature officially dead. "I'd .. like that." she agrees, pausing for half a second between her words to glance towards Ta'sin and his prize. Eww!

Ta'sin just flings the thing over his shoulder now that it's 'officially dead' and makes his way out to the clearing, whistling a little tune. With a loud thud, Janneth reappears and lowers her head towards her rider, already tilting her body so he can access her storage bags fitted to her straps. "That's right, Ja. Get to go to Igen for a bit. I know you didn't get to sun as much as you wanted. There'll be plenty of time there." He pauses, glancing over his shoulder once more towards the other two, grinning a bit. "Well, I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning for drills, D'son. Zorya, it was a pleasure meeting you as well. I'd shake your hand but," he says with a pause, motioning to the corpse over his shoulder. Yeah, didn't think she wanted near it or it's ichor.

D'son salutes the wingleader. "Yessir. First thing in the morning," he affirms though he's kind of eyeing the dead and leaky snake with something akin to 'ew' on his face too. "C'mon, Zorya," the bronzerider hastens to say though and he steps off along the trail out of the forest back towards the Weyr.

Zorya eyes the green rider, dragon, and snake even as she lets D'son lead her off back towards the weyr. Finally turning back to the boy, "Thanks, I don't think that would have gone so well on my own." she admits. "I could have -died- if it weren't for you." She's over exaggerating, but she most likely would still be in the woods somewhere if they hadn't come along.

Another loud series of rustles takes place in the woods, away from the riders and the young woman. Low hissing and the squealing of smaller life. There's others in those woods, and they're hungry.

D'son shakes his head. "Nah, really they're not that bad, usually avoid people unless you disturb them, or get in the way," the bronzerider says with another shrug and heads on up the path.

Ista Weyr - Main Beach

"Still," Zorya protests. "My hero," she comments, placing a hand over her heart in an action that's clearly meant to be the dramatic play that she makes. That said, him allowing, she leans over to place a quick kiss on the young man's cheek. "I mean, what if I had really gotten hurt, or you say they usually avoid people, but what if this one didn't?" Hmm? Then what? the girl picks up right where she left off.

D'son colors a little and shakes his head. "Um … " Apparently that made Dels uncomfortable and he turns his head a little as she moves to kiss him so that it only barely grazes his cheek. "Really, would've been fine, mostly. Just um - if you go walking back there, don't mess around under any fallen logs or piles of leaves and stuff," Dels points out as he ambles along. The beach comes into view, Inimeth on the sand, sitting up and looking towards the woods.

Zorya huffs to herself. "Well its not like I knew the path didn't go anywhere." She -was- on the path. "It just got smaller and smaller," and then she wasn't sure were she was, "and I ran into Ta'sin who scared me half to death before you showed up. "I wanted to thank you again though, for letting me meet Inimeth." See! She even remembers his name. "Sorry if he didn't like me, or you, but I haven't had much experience with these things." Obviously! "And then a bronze besides.." she pulls a smile, "They always said they were the worst ones."

"Oh you got lost?" Apparently this fact was kind of lost on D'son earlier. "Yeah um … sometimes I'm not too sure about my wingleader," Dels confesses with a little look back towards the woods. His head bobs at the thanks. "Um. Sure. He's right there if you want to say hi again. He might not remember you from earlier though, dragons have bad memory," he explains then blinks at Zorya. "Worst ones what?"

"I was not lost! Yet." the yet merely muttered, "I just wasn't sure where I was anymore. I could have turned around just as easily as you did." Really, she could have. Zorya smiles falters a bit at the mention of meeting the bronze again, "You're sure he won't mind?" But to the last she simply shrugs, "They just are."

"Oh, I thought you just said — " D'son breaks off and shakes his head. "It's okay. Just a little confused, me," Dels says and smiles wryly. "Sure, if you want to. He won't mind. He's enjoying the last bit of sun."

Zorya nods. "I think so." she agrees, taking a deep breath to ready herself. No, she's not 100% sure that she does, but she might as well get used to them being around sooner rather than later. Pausing for a moment while they walk towards the bronze on the beach she then picks up conversation. "So you've live here all your life?" She's fairly certain that's what he said before.

"Okay," D'son trudges on down the beach, hands stuck in pockets as he moves towards Inimeth. The bronze warbles brightly as the two young people approach. "Hm? Yeah, mostly, except for a couple of turns when I lived at the Smithcraft with my grandparents. My dad's a greenrider and my mother's a bluerider. I'm flight-born. My foster-mother raised me in the lower caverns," Dels explains.

"Flight-born?" Zorya questions. "What's that?" Not a term she recognizes. Her blue-eyed gaze shifts towards the bronze as they approach and he give his greeting so to speak. Drawing closer, though not yet close enough to touch, the girl reaches a hand out hesitant to touch just yet, "H-hi Inimeth… Its okay if I …" It just seems weird to be talking to the creature. Something else she'll have to get used to.

"My mother's blue flew my father's green. And she got pregnant from the flight," D'son explains like this is all just very normal and reaches up to rub under Inimeth's chin. The bronze lowers his head within reach and warbles again. "He says hello back. And yes he's fine with you scratching him," the bronzerider states.

Zorya ohs. "Well how does that..?" She understands the concept, she's not that clueless, just how it fits with the dragons and all. "I guess that makes sense." Sorta, not really, not yet anyway. But then her attention is draw back to the bronze, stepping a bit closer so that she can reach, but still holding back that last inch or two. "Now you be nice to me." she informs Inimeth, "This is only my second time." And the first was, thankfully, slightly short of disastrous.

"Huh?" D'son looks over at Zorya, puzzling out that half-spoken question. "How does it um … work? I uh — well when a green or a gold rises, the male dragons chase. And um, well you're connected right? The rider I mean, to the dragon. So when the dragon catches, the riders …" his hands sort of move around in the air, come together. "They do it." D'son clears his throat and applies himself to scratching his dragon. Inimeth just croons softly and nudges gently at Zorya's hands. "He says he has no reason not to be nice to you."

Zorya giggles, looking towards D'son as he tries to explain. "I know how that works." she giggles, blushing just the slightest bit, "Just didn't know where the dragons fit into the whole thing." And now she knows. Sorta. They're connected. And that's a good enough explanation for now. "And I know he doesn't have a reason. I'm just making sure." the last word is squeaked, the girl jumping as Inimeth nudges her. "I said nice." she nearly whines, turning a wary eye and a pout on the bronze and finally moving her fingers to give him a bit of a scritch.

"The dragons? Oh well, see you sort of … become one with your dragon when there's a flight," Dels explains sort of hiding out behind Inimeth's shoulder and he clears his throat. "It's um. Pretty intense." His voice floats up from where he is, the rider not quite visible. Inimeth seems to think that showing Zorya where to scratch /is/ nice, but he holds still, waits while she gets settled. "Everything okay over there?"

"Oh," Zorya replies. She didn't really need that much explanation on the matter. "I guess that makes sense." As much sense as it will to someone without the connection to a dragon. A blush crosses her cheeks, but thankfully he's around the side and there's a nice bronze shield between them at the moment. "I think so." Pause. "So can he really understand me when I talk to him, or does he just understand you?" she asks, seeming to grow a little more comfortable with the beast as long as he remains still.

"He understands you." D'son doesn't backtrack to the other topic, head popping up from over a bronze shoulder. "He just can't talk with his mouth so he tells me what he wants to tell you and then I say it. Some dragons will actually talk to other people than their riders, but most don't. Inimeth doesn't talk to other people. Just me. Well in my head see. In my head it's just like you and me talking like we are." Beat. "Only different. It's hard to explain."

Zorya nods. "I'll take your word for it." she replies, looking up towards the rider with a smile. "You're a good teacher," she notes. Then again she hasn't exactly run into anyone else who's been up for helping her meet their dragon and explain things to her. Can start taking down those neon lights, dragon illiteracy is slowly coming to an end. "Not nearly as bad as I thought."

D'son gapes at Zorya open-mouthed and blinks a few times. "Me?" he squeaks out after a minute, looking stunned by the very concept. He leans against Inimeth, rests his head on warm hide. "Well um … I'm just glad you don't seem quite so scared anymore. Dragons — well they're nice. Mostly. Some of them are grumpy. But they're more like people really, than animals."

Well anyone would be a good teacher considering how much she knew when she first got here. D'son just happened to be the first to show interest in sharing. "Yes, you silly." Zorya giggles, "Who else would I be talking to?" Playing more attention to Inimeth than his rider for the moment however. He might move. D'son is a guy, she knows how to deal with other people.

D'son shrugs. "Never thought of myself that way," D'son explains and digs his heel into the sand, looks out towards the water. "Anyway, yeah, he's pretty happy right now. See how he's half-lidding his eyes and how blue they are?"

Zorya laughs, "You're just shy." she teases, "Which is not at -all- what I expected from a bronze rider." She pays a bit more attention to the dragon, rubbing gently over a small patch of hide. Nodding at the ride's question she looks up to the dragon' eyes. "Yeah? And that means he's happy? Right?" Blue=Happy. That she remembers.

"I'm not shy," D'son counters and folds his arms across his chest, furrows his brows and digs at the sand some more. "There's just things that make me feel uncomfortable, or that I'm not sure how to deal with. But I'm not … shy. Not scared of those things. I just don't want to sound stupid," he confesses, peeks over her way. "Mmhm. Blue is happy. Green's a happy color too. Red is angry or scared. Orange is hungry or distressed, yellow too. And um … well purple means he's horny."

Zorya stops scratching to attempt to peer around towards D'son. "Oh, so now you're going to be mad at me cause I said you were shy?" Boys. "Its alright, you don't have to admit it. Everyone's shy sometimes." And her? She's just scared of dragons, but they're working on that. "I never said anything about scared, but now that you mention it…" she taunts. "I bet he's just scared of girls," she giggles to the bronze in time to catch the young rider's color chart. "So blue and green are good, the rest I should avoid, and purple I should avoid you too. Got it." Of course the last could very well be added to pick on the boy after his previous explanation of 'flight-born' and all that goes with it.

"Mad?" D'son looks up puzzled at Zorya. "You think I'm mad?" This seems to surprise him quite a great deal. "I'm not mad," Dels explains with a shake of his head. "It's just you're not the only person who's said that. But like, I don't feel shy." And then that taunt just makes him laugh and he slides down Inimeth's side sits on the sand, head cast back. "Scared of girls, no. I'm just not always sure how to handle things without pissing people off." He blows out a long breath runs a hand through his hair and grins over at Zorya. "Besides. My girlfriend'll tell you I'm not scared of her."

Zorya grins, ducking around the side of the bronze so that he's not between her and his rider anymore. "Just cause you don't feel shy doesn't mean it doesn't seem that way to other people though." she notes. Case and point, she thought he was and apparently she wasn't the only one. "But I got you to laugh at least." the girl flashes a bright smile at him.

"Yeah it just kind of throws me I guess." D'son grins up at the girl and rests his arms across his knees. "I get cranky. That I'll grant. Still working on that really. Anyway." He shrugs and looks up at the sky. "Ta'sin keeps threatening about that orientation. Makes me worry about it a little."

Zorya sighs, letting herself flop down on the sand across from him, stretching her arms back behind her to prop herself up while her legs are stretched out in front of her crossing at the ankles. "Well for one, you should smile more. And two, don't worry so much. I'm sure it can't be that bad. I mean you've made it to that point." Not that she knows anything about what it took to get there, or what this orientation is going to involve. "That graduation thingy they had for you guys seemed like a pretty big deal."

"If you believe it, this is smiling more," D'son says a little wryly. "Like I said, working on it. And — it's more how he says it. I mean it /can't/ be that bad at all. I think maybe he just likes to tease his wingriders or something." Beat. "I /hate/ teasing." His head bobs though next. "Yeah, the party was good. Lots of good stuff."

Zorya nods as she listens. "Teasing isn't always a bad thing though." Usually, perhaps, but not always. "Like when I was little my brothers used to tease me when I had trouble with things. I thought they were just being mean, but it made me try harder."

"Good-natured teasing is okay, but like, the crazy stuff that doesn't make sense and kind of just puts another person down?" D'son shakes his head vehemently. "Bleh. Could happily do without that and to have a /wingleader/ doing it? Kind of throws a guy for a loop. It's not … professional." His shoulders lift and drop again. "You've got a lot of brothers? Aisling does too." Beat. "That's my girlfriend. Ais."

Zorya nods a bit more. "Yeah… I guess I can see that." she agrees. "That's not so fun." She's had that kind too. "Maybe its just cause you don't get it though?" she offers, giving Ta'sin the benefit of the doubt. "But yeah, lots. Seven actually." she replies, idly tracing shapes in the air with the foot that happens to be on top.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm new in the wing and everything. So, I'm trying not to let it bother me until I understand better," D'son answers, fingers threading together and he eyes Zorya thoughtfully then whistles lowly. "Seven brothers. Dang. I think Ais has six."

"Yeah," Zorya says with a bit of a sigh. "She's lucky then. I've got four sisters besides." she adds. Siblings, while family, are very annoying at times. "What about you? Any brothers or sisters?"

"Wow. Big family," D'son says eyes bugging a little. "I — yeah. Half brother and a half sister. But I don't really know them that well. My little sister, she's my foster-mother's daughter by birth as well as foster. I guess my father likes my foster-mother a lot." His shoulders shrug once loosely. "I've got cousins though, a bunch."

Zorya laughs, "Yeah." Not just big, huge when you start adding in cousins. "Not having many siblings isn't a bad thing. You don't have to share as much, or have them boss you around." she notes, "I've got plenty of cousins too." she adds with a bit of a laughs. Plenty.

D'son shrugs again diffidently. "I've never had to really share anything with my brother or my sister. We're too far apart age-wise. But like, at the Weyr, everyone just kind of gets raised all together. Really I'm a little different. My parents were both really interested in me, spent time with me the way a lot of other weyr kids don't get."

"Sounds like you got lucky then, huh." Zorya replies, shifting her position a bit. "I just kinda spend a lot of time with my cousins and such." But beyond that she doesn't go. "You like it here though." its half question, half statement as she leans back a bit to look up at the sky, humming to herself.

"I dunno, it's just kind of the way it is," D'son looks over at Zorya, brow furrowing faintly. "Yeah. It's home. I might go to the Smithcraft though, after a bit. Once I'm all worked into my wing and know how that goes."

Zorya turns a smile back to D'son. "Yeah, I guess home is always… home. Sometimes its nice to have a change of scenery." she agrees when he mentions going to the Smithcraft.

"I like to make things, build things," D'son explains. "I was going to apprentice. Still thinking about it, if I can manage it, juggle the time. Duty and the learning."

"Well if you like it, I'm sure you'll find time to make it work." Zorya says with a smile. The girl stretches, pointing her toes down into the sand for a moment. "And once you get that orientation over with tomorrow I'm sure everything will be on the up and up."

"Yeah, it's just you know, in the end, I have to do what my wingleader, what my weyrleaders say. That whole deal," D'son says, hands tightening together for a minute. Then he smiles over at the girl. "I'm actually mostly looking forward to it. Orientation. I really wanted this wing. Search and rescue. I think Inimeth'll be good at it."

Zorya ohs. That seems to have hit a spot with her. "Well then I'm happy for you." she notes, returning a smile, as he shares his having been placed in the wing he was hoping for. She laughs, "And you're smiling again," the points out, "Definitely a good sign."

"Thanks," D'son replies and nods. "Yeah, it just seems like for the most part, things are lining up. That makes me happy. This is kind of what I was talking about though, about Inimeth." Who whuffles and turns his head to curl closer around his rider. "I wasn't always so cranky about stuff and he helped me get back to smiling more."

Zorya pulls her knees up some, digging her toes in the sand in the process. "So.. maybe you could show me around sometime? Introduce me to some people?" she asks. Not that she can't meet people and explore on her own, just sometimes its better with another. "I mean I have Zipalla, but I'm sure you know different people."

"Um sure, some, I can introduce you to most of my clutchmates. K'ael. Aisling. F'yr. Dryssa you met I think. Lanis. Jaye." D'son ticks off the names from his clutch, adds a few more in. "And there's some friends from when I was growing up."

"That'd be great!" Zorya bubbles excitedly. Yes, she's a people person. "I think… yeah. That one sounds familiar." she agrees as he mentions Dryssa. "I think I met her at the party after the graduation." There were just -so- many people around then that she can't be sure 100%.

"She was out in the Bowl the other day too, Dryssa. She uh - she teases me about Aisling a lot," D'son says with a little wrinkle of his nose. "She's got us practically married and we only just graduated." But he's nodding. "Okay, I can help out with that when I'm able."

Zorya wrinkles her nose at that mention. "Well at least she's your girlfriend." she comments. "That's a plus, right, if she's going to tease you about it."

"I guess I just get a little sensitive about it. I mean it's our business, mine and Aisling's. I don't get why it's gotta be anyone else's big deal," D'son says, reaching down to curl fingers into the sand and let the grains run free through his palm.

Zorya shrugs. "Maybe she's jealous?" the girl suggests. "Or maybe she just likes teasing you cause it bothers you so much." Girls do that. People do that.

"Jealous?" D'son looks flummoxed at the concept. "Of what?" And then he wrinkles his nose up. "That's not a nice way to be."

Zorya laughs. "Cause Aisling's your girl friend and not her? Or because you have a girlfriend and she doesn't have a boyfriend." Of course being that she doesn't really know Dryssa at all she's just guessing from what she knows of girls, being one herself. "Or I could be completely off base." she admits with a shrug.

D'son shakes his head. "Oh I don't think so. Dryssa's into girls or something," the bronzerider claims with a shrug. "Anyway. I think we worked it out, she's going to lay off it a bit."

Zorya ohs. "Well then maybe its that she's your girlfriend and not hers.." she grins. "But good that you worked it out though." Beat. "I, for one, am happy just being me."

"Yeah, me too," D'son says agreeably and falls silent for a little while, looking out over at the water. "Feeling better about dragons?" He asks Zorya after a moment. "And I should probably head back up to the Weyr."

Zorya nods slowly, sending a look toward the bronze behind him at his question. "A little maybe." she agrees, pushing herself. "That's alright. I'm sure you've got things to do. Thanks though." she adds, still smiling, "I should probably go find Zipalla anyway."

"Good," D'son says simply and pushes up to his feet. "Want a ride back?" And he tilts his head towards Inimeth.

"Ride?" Zorya questions, looking from D'son to Inimeth and back to D'son. "Oh, umm… No thanks. I'll just walk. I'm not really sure where she is right now anyway." She being her cousin, who just happens to be a good excuse why not to take the offer of a ride.

"You sure? Flying is fun," D'son notes with a smile and he holds his hand out to the girl. "C'mon, it's faster than walking too. Who knows, you might like it?"

Zorya shakes her head, "If I was suppose to fly, I'd have wings of my own." she comments, pulling her arms in to wrap across her stomach least he pull her into taking the ride. "I like walking anyway."

D'son just nod and stuffs his hand into his pocket. "Okay. Think about it sometime though," he says with a little grin, then turns to pull himself up onto Inimeth's back by the straps, settles between neckridges. "See you around, Zorya." And Inimeth scoots over where his wings won't toss sand on the girl from the downdraft before leaping into the air and winging back to the Weyr.

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