Dragon Encounters of the First Kind

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns

Morning at the Weyr means something of a hustle and bustle in the living cavern. D'son's amongst the bustlers, edging into line for food, hands stuck in pockets. That wingrider's knot is all shiny and new on his shoulder and now and then he might be caught peeking down at it with a proud grin while he moves up in line gradually.

Freshly washed Zipalla's hair is bound into a braid and her bright eyes shine bright and awake, scanning the lines and the buffets. She rocks on her heels and bites her lip, hawk-eyeing a plate of pastries that looks to be going down all too fast. "Please be apple, please be apple.." she murmurs.

D'son looks over his shoulder as he catches that mantra from Zipalla. "Uh - I can check if you want? Or you know, save you one." The young bronzerider eyes the rapidly diminishing pile of pastries.

Zorya is fresh and clean as well as she finds her way into the Living Caverns beside her cousin. Her long blonde hair left loose down her back, a small braid running from either temple to join with the other in the back of her head to keep it from her face. The girl, giggles, being close enough to hear the younger girl, and then there's a boy who has her attention as he speaks. Smile.

Hazel eyes flick up the D'son and Zipalla smiles, "Oh..please!" she says in an excited whisper, smiling sheepishly at the man in front of her. She glances up at Zorya, "I haven't met him yet.. he was there last night though.." she says nodding, eyes flicking back to the seemingly chivalrous young man.

The line moves, D'son moves with it and picks up a pastry to check. "Not all of 'em," he tells the girls looking back again. And he checks again, finds an apple picks it and a pair of berry ones up, pops them on his plate. "You were at the party the other night, weren't you?" he asks, looking curiously ove at the blondes. "And um, I'm gonna sit right over there, welcome to come join and claim these when you get done," he notes about the line, then stops by the klah pot to get a mug before sitting.

Zorya nods at his remark about the party. "Yeah.." the older of the girls answers, a bight smile pulling at her lips, "For a little while anyway." Pause. "Thanks." The line moves and the teen picks a bit of this and that to partly fill her plate, most fruit. "See," she whispers, nudging Zip in the side once the boy is out of ear shot and on his way to the indicated seat.

Zipalla grins a little at her cousin and then looks to D'son, "Thanks.. be there in a moment.." or ten, depending on how slow this man moves. Her face pinks at the cheeks and she blinks up at Zorya then smirks, "See what?" she asks, though clearly in a tone that says 'don't answer'. She moves along and gets some meat and fruit then grabs a glass of milk and waits for Zorya to finish before she goes to the table, though a smile finds D'son briefly.

Oblivious to the back and forth between the girls, Dels saves the pastries aside for them while he digs into the rest of the contents of his plate, sips of klah taken in between. Growing lad has an appetite. He looks up briefly mouth full, and offers Zipalla a one-sided, chipmunk-cheeked grin then lends his attention back to his meal. Swallow. "Nope, sorry saving those," he tells a rider looking to sit across from him.

Zorya is close behind Zip, grabbing up a glass of water as the last thing before accompanying the other to to the seats D'son has reserved for them. "Thanks," she smiles, sliding into one once her plate and glass are situated on the table, "It fills up faster than I'd have thought…" she comments, sending a glance around the space before her attention returns to the present.

Zipalla nods her head a little at Zo and shakes her head, moving to sit across from D'son, "Yes we were at the graduation..and party.." she finally answers. "I'm Zipalla..this is my cousin Zorya," she offers, eyes falling to the apple pastry.

D'son passes out the pastries, the apple for Zipalla, one of the berry for Zorya. "Zipalla. Zorya," he echoes and clears his throat, offers a hand across the table. "D'son. Bronze Inimeth's. Nice to meet you properly. That was a pretty good party. Did you have fun?"

Zorya smiles, a subtle flush of pink coloring her cheeks, it could just have something to do with the weather. She reaches out with a hand to complete the gesture of greeting and letting him move on to Zipalla. "Well met. And yes, I suppose… I did have fun." Once she realized it was a party that is.

Zipalla smiles and her fingers curl daintily around the treat, a bite taken while he talks. She takes a sip of milk then glances to his hand, setting her pastry aside to rest hers in it lightly, "Nice to meet you too," she murmurs, then draws her hand back, eyes cutting up to Zorya. "Well.. I got to meet Zorya again after a long time so yes, a good night for me," and she smiles fondly up at her cousin.

"A long time? How long?" D'son asks curiously shaking hands with each in turn, then busying himself with breaking off bits of pastry from his plate again. "It was um, well it was good to get a drink finally. Weird though being a full rider in some ways," Dels muses and reaches for his klah mug.

A swipe of her tongue over her lips and the apple pastry is gone then Zipalla glances to Zorya, "Hmmm…ten years?" she asks, "I know it's that long at least.. I ah.. I don't remember things that young.." she says with a sort of awkward shift in her seat. "A long time anyway." She smiles at D'son and nods her head, "Weren't allowed to drink huh.." she nods.

Zorya nods, swallowing a bit of her fruit before she speaks. "Yeah, about that…" she glances upward, counting to herself, "…I think. Yeah. Ten turns." Yep looong time, when you're only a teenager. Taking a drink of water she listens, "That had to have been rough.?" Or something, a hint of question hanging in her voice. Because you know, like she knows anything about drinking.

D'son boggles a little at the girls. "Ten turns? Seriously?" Hazel eyes shift between the two. "Um … you must've been awfully little back then?" he guesses then ducks his head, pokes at a piece of bread on his plate. "Yeah. You know. Weyrling rules. And I got Searched right before my sixteenth turnday. So even after I was old enough, had to wait until we got tapped." Beat. "Well um. Mostly." He shoots a sidelong look across the table. "Couple of us uh, cadged some beers a couple of times."

Zipalla glances up at D'son and nods her head, "Well yeah.." she answers simply, taking up a bright red piece of fruit. She bites into it and then nods as she listens to him explain. "Oh…" and she grins, flicking a glance to Zo.

"Yeah, I think I was like four or five." Zorya replies, unsure of the number when the last time they saw one another actually was. It was a long time, and being that little she doesn't really remember it, just being told it. "Oh.." she echoes her cousin, tucking strand of hair behind her ear and sending a 'what?!' glance towards Zip.

The dual 'ohs' earn the pair another quizzical look from D'son. "What?" he asks outright, fork toying with a little bit of leftover scrambled egg on his plate.

Zipalla looks between the two then giggles softly, "Nothing.. just…oh'ing.." she says with a quirked grin, munching on her fruit. "You must be really excited..to be graduated and all.. and not just for the drinking," she says with that same grin.

"Just.. nothing." Zorya replies, lifting her glass and taking a long drink to keep from having to say anything. Cousins! She'll just have to get Zip later. "It must be real exciting." she agrees, placing the water glass back on the table. "I mean a full fledged rider and all now, huh? I've never even see a real dragon up close before."

"Well yeah, I mean, now other than duties, I'm on my own time again. Got my own place, got a new wing, spot in it, you know. No extra rules, just you know, chain of command that kind of thing," D'son says with a little bob of his head. "Just kind of weird how fast it suddenly seems to've gone." Then he blinks at the two. "You haven't? Seriously?"

Zipalla blinks over at Zo, "Never?" she asks then smiles at D'son, "Sounds neat.. like it makes you real happy, like you know it's what you are supposed to do." She smiles, "Oh I've seen one.. been on one.." she nods, "Ton wouldn't let me go this long without seeing dragons."

Zorya nods a bit, picking at her fruit as she listens to D'son explain. The girl shakes her head at the question however, a bit hesitant after his reaction to her having said it. "No… I mean I've seen one, yeah. But always from a ways away. Never up close or anything." she explains. Why is that such a shock? To her its the most normal thing in the world and his reaction to it has her confused.

"Um. Well still figuring out how Inimeth and me'll fit in really, but yeah," D'son nods to Zipalla then switches focus back to Zorya. "Well just you know, there's so many dragonriders out doing transport duty and stuff, it just surprises me. So um …" he scratches at his chin thoughtfully. "Want to meet Inimeth?"

A grin finds Zorya and then Zipalla looks to D'son and nods her head, 'Oooh, please?" she asks, alread picking up her plate. "Inimeth.." she repeats, eyes alight.

Zorya blinks. Wait… what? "Um.. well…" she glances to Zipalla. Dragons are just… well they're big. And she's not sure about this, but then her cousin seems to be right on it. "Yeah," she settles, turning back to send a nervous smile back to D'son.

"Okay," D'son says agreeably and reaches down to finish off the last bitlets on his plate, drink down his klah. "He's uh — just out in the bowl. He's the friendly sort."
Zipalla beams and stands, moving to put her dishes where they go to be washed and she turns, looking at the other two excitedly. "Goody!" she chirps, eyes sparkly bright, hands clapping together once.

Zorya isn't nearly as excited by the prospect as her cousin. She does move to her feet, picking up her dishes to return them to where they go. "I guess, um, lead the way then?"

Collecting his dishes in turn, D'son eyes both reactions and just shakes his head for 'chirpy'. "Sure, just out this way," he says with a tilt of his head towards the BOwl. The bronzerider dumps dishes into bin and stuffs hands into pockets. "So um, where're you from anyway?"

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl

"Shipton." Zorya replies to D'son's question, slipping into step beside him as he leads the way to the bowl and Inimeth. "Its just a little cothold." On the northern end of the island. Zip just gets a look. She's -far- too chipper about this.

Zipalla follows D'son out and she blushes some then looks away and clasps her hands together, fine fine, she exhales. Her gaze moves between D'son and Zorya and she quirks her mouth then turns to the dragon, waiting for the okay to approach, she looks him over slowly.

"Oh, so Ista, not um, someplace else on Pern," D'son says with a little nod for Zorya. "Me I'm from here. The Weyr. Folks're riders. And um, spent some time at the Smithcraft with my grandparents." He points out Inimeth as they go. "That's Inimeth there." Said bronze looks up curiously and moves to meet the trio. Then settles down, head lowering for Dels to scratch at headknobs.

Zorya nods. Yes, Ista, not as far as some places she could have been from. The girl jumps back a bit to partly hide behind the new rider as the head swings towards them. "Are you sure he's not going to bite or something?" she asks unsure, biting her lip nervously. "Father says dragons are…" Well he doesn't like them all to well, that much is clear from the way she says what she does.

Zipalla glances briefly at Zorya and D'son then she reaches to touch the dragon, delicate fingers gently touching. She looks at him, right in the eyes, well, eye, then the other one and she smiles, content to just meet the bronze.

"Bite? Shells no," D'son says with a surprised look. "It's not like he's a dog or a cat or a wher or something. He's a dragon. You know. Smart. Dragons don't eat people." And the bronzerider reaches around for Zorya's arm. "C'mon, he says hello." And Inimeth warbles softly, eyes whirling pleasantly blue. "You can always tell what mood their in too by the color of their eyes. Blue see, that's happy. Orange is hungry, red's angry." Inimeth noses gently towards Zipalla, tilting his head so her fingers land where he likes to be scratched.

"Um… hello..?" Zorya says awkwardly, returning the greetin D'son relays. She just ran away from home and yet this is the most nerveraking thing she's done? "I don't know, maybe this was a bad idea." she says, turning, though that could prove troublesome with the boy having hold of her arm. Dragons are just… big! "Your sure blue is happy?"

"Zorya.. he won't bite you.." she says with a grin then when Inimeth lifts his head Zipalla scritches him softly, "Aren't you wonderful," she says to the dragon, tilting her head to watch his eyes. She cuts her eyes over at Zorya and then looks back to the dragon, "If he was unhappy you'd know it."

"Positive," D'son says with a nod. "Here, really, he won't hurt you, Zorya. He likes people." And he gives her arm a light tug, like he means to draw her hand up to hand. Inimeth meanwhile is humming happily and settling down further, leaning into Zipalla's attention.

Zorya doesn't resist D'son's tug, but she's not going and touching the bronze on her own just yet either. "They're just… they're -huge- up close. I mean from far away they don't look like they could squash you so easily."

Her hand moves easily over the dragon scales and she smiles, watching the contrast in size, color and texture between her dainty hand and the dragon's simply massive size. "But they are so smart," she says with a nod, "They don't need to squash you.." she comments.

"Yeah, he's a big bronze," D'son says agreeably, "but I /swear/ he's not going to squash you. Especially not with me standing right here," he promises Zorya. Dels has a little grin for Zipalla. "He says he likes that one spot there and that you have good hands. And um - he's a lot better at saying nice things than I am."

Zorya hesitantly reaches out to touch the bronze, pulling back a bit just before she does. Head turned back so she can see the 'beast' out the corner of her eye if she had them open, she finally rests soft fingers against Inimeth. Her expression somewhere between a cringe and a smile the girl opens her eyes to peek in the dragon's direction.

Zipalla looks over at D'son and smiles then after a moment nods and looks to the bronze, "Thank you, and you have lovely scales," she answers in kind. She smiles over at Zorya and nods her head, "Go ahead.. they are amazing."

Inimeth doesn't seem liable to make any sudden moves though he does lean just a little into Zorya's hand now. "Well see, now he's happy, I mean what's to complain about right? Tons of attention." Dels rolls his eyes a little and gives Inimeth's side a fond thump. The bronzerider props hands on hips and squints up at the morning sky.

"I guess its not so bad.." Zorya agrees, clearly still hesitant though she does run her fingers lightly over a small area. Inimeth is still an it, as are all other dragons. This is something that's going to take a bit of time. "Just stay here." she adds quickly, almost panic, reaching out for D'son when it seems like he might move.

Zipalla squints over at Zorya then just shakes her head and continues to rub over the smooth scales. She pauses a glance over to D'son then her gaze follows his to the sky and she grins, glancing to the dragon.

"He likes it," D'son points out, chin dropping back down. "Uh — not going anywhere," he assures Zorya. "Just kind of checking the time. Got duties a little later this morning."

Zorya nods. "Okay." As long as he's there. "It's kinda… soft.." she says, trying to find the right word. "Can you tell it thank you?" she asks, pulling her hand away and taking a step back as she looks to the bronze rider. She's done now. That was more than enough dragon for one day.

Zipalla smiles a little and then nods her head, "You'll get used to them, Zorya, living here.." and she gives her a reassuring look.

"Him. He's a he. Bronze and all," D'son says with just the faintest hint of pride. "And he says 'no, thank /you/'" with the emphasis on the pronoun marked. A little nod Zipalla's way. "Yeah, if you're staying, you know, it'll get easier. Being around dragons," Dels agrees. "Me I can't imagine them /not/ being around." And his hands jam down into his pockets again.

Zorya nods. "I suppose. Both you had 'em around all the time your whole like." For Zip most of what she can remember at least. If they both say it, she'll agree. It only makes sense. "Thanks though," this directed towards the rider with a hint of a blush at her cheeks. "For letting me meet him and all.."

Zipalla nods her head, "He.." she agrees then she nods to D'son. "Everything would be wrong..if they weren't around," she says with a gently rub to the bronze. She nods to Zorya and smiles then watches her blush and look at D'son and the younger Shipton looks to the dragon.

"Sure," D'son says with a little nod for Zorya, eyeing that blush with a hint of puzzlement. "He says he was glad to meet you both too," the rider goes on and rolls his shoulders forward, hunching a little. "So, guess you'll be doing general chores around the Weyr if you're staying?" Trying to make polite conversation.

Zorya nods. "Yeah, I guess." she agrees. That's the way things usually go, then that's probably what she'll be doing. The girl keeps her distance from the bronze but where she can see him, D'son between them.

Zipalla grins and listens to the two talking then she turns around, her hand still on the bronze. "Chores and exercise..and you can come to the stable and meet my pony too!" The younger girl smiles at D'son, "Was great to meet him, and you too," she says with a nod.

Vyanath has arrived.
Dryssa dropped Vyanath.

A young green dragon makes her way down out of the sky, coming in for a landing a short distance away from her bronze brother and giving him a friendly croon in greeting. Once the dust settles, Dryssa unstraps herself from Vyanath's straps and makes her way down carefully, grinning and waving to the familiar faces. "Hi!"

"Um - there anything in particular you're um, good at? Helps to not get stuck on the not-so-nice chores," D'son points out helpfully. Zipalla's statement earns a lift of brows. "Your pony? You brought a pony? And yeah, likewise." Not the most fluent with the manners, Dels. Dryssa's approach brings his head up and he waves. "Heya Dryssa." Inimeth meanwhile just croons happily, though he sits up at Vyanath's approach.

Audria strides across the bowl from the north.
Audria has arrived.

"Well I helped out with alot of things around home." Zorya replies. Things will hopefully fall into place sooner rather than later. "It was nice meeting you," she adds with a smile, "But I should run. I was supposed to be meeting my uncle." Which Zip has certainly heard nothing about. "I hope I'll see you around though." And then to her cousin, "Later Zip."

Dryssa waves to the departing girls as she walks over toward D'son, smirking a bit. "I show up and half the crowd vanishes. Some weyr hospitality agent I turned out to be." She says in a jesting tone. "How're you doing? I thought you were off to Paradise River."

Her hazel eyes flick up to Zorya briefly then she wrinkles her brows and waves, "Oh.." and she nods. "Later.." She turns back to the dragon and smiles, "It was lovely to meet you.." she says then looks to D'son, "I should go too I guess.. get some work done.." and she smiles at Dryssa, waving, "I'm Zip..hope to meet you better next time!" the teen chirps as she follows her cousin out.

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