Arrival at Ista

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.

The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

The beach has been cleared for the weyrling graduation. A low platform erected for the ceremony itself, rows of chairs set in front of it.

The beach has been cleared, perfect for a summer's party despite the rain that has been steadily falling since dawn. A rather shaky looking platform has been erected at one end of the beach for the Weyrleaders and Weyrling staff, and before it are several rows of chairs for invited guests and the families of the weyrlings. As people file in and take their seats there's a quiet buzz of conversation that only increses in volume as each new rider appears.

L'ton is one of those that is filtering down to the beach, a pair of women on his arms - one the brownrider M'iken, and the other the newer bluerider transfer from Ierne Niah. With a grin to both, he's settling them in chairs, ducking to give them each a kiss, squeezing their hands before tugging his jacket into place and heading up to climb onto the shakey platform, having apparently determined that its where he deserves to be - whether or not he actually does, who knows.

C'nor is standing in his best uniform, it's pristine colours and seams all aligned perfectly as he stands fidgeting nervously on the platform. His eyes glancing constantly over to where the members of Rhinestone wing are forming up at the side of the platform.

Sharix is quite happily planted in her own chair upon the shakey platform, legs crossed and head resting on a hand. She stares somewhat off into the distance, and yet is intently watching the crowd on the beach, the weyringlings in particular. They haven't graduated yet, and she can still get them while they're young….

D'son slouches down to the beach looking a little uncertain in spite of instructions given earlier. He's accompanied by two riders, knots indicating blue and green dragons and the woman is clearly his mother from the strong resemblance between them. Dessana's fussing at her son's jacket, reaching over to brush at it and straighten the garment and then trying to slick his hair back so it lies flat. "Maaaaa," Dels protests, very put upon and ducks away, making a break for where the other weyrlings are lining up. S'don just grins and takes Dessana's arm, steering her towards a seat.

Niah has a small smile on her face as she is escorted in, sitting down and relaxing though she looks slightly anxious at all the people showing up. As L'ton leaves she sighs, crossing her legs and shifting her weight nervously. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she takes to tapping her foot and fidgeting with her jacket.

Dryssa is among the influx of weyrlings gathered for their big day. She's obviously excited about the event, a big happy energetic smile on her face as she makes her way through the crowd, bobbing her head at familiar faces as she passes. No sign of a family here to watch her, but it doesn't seem to have dampened the greenrider's spirits.

Leslyn is wearing a dress for the third time in her adult life, and she seems none too happy about it. She tugs at the short sleeves as if that would make them longer, and fidgest uncomfortably on her seat. In her lap is a scrap of paper - a speech perhaps.

K'ael wanders down to the beach as well. He's looking rather nice for him, a nice button-up shirt and a good pair of pants, even some brand new riding boots. He's carrying his riding jacket over one shoulder, and the other hand is clasped in Lisle's. Behind them follows the oversized bronze Azaeth. The first place that K'ael heads to is the table with all the food, waving to his fellow weyrlings on the way. "You want something to eat Li?"

Zipalla arrives alone, as per usual, and stands near the rear fringes of the gathering. Hazel eyes land on her father and his women and she watches him move to the platform then she looks over the rest of the crowd, watching quietly. A nod is directed at Sharix then she clasps her hands, waiting to see what happens.

As the crowd begins to fill into the seats, Ta'sin makes his way to a vacant one at the end of the row where he can watch the weyrlings graduate. It's felt like only yesterday that he wandered out for the last graduation and the one that was once held indoors. Warily, he peers over to Janneth and smiles, slowly nodding his head at her words. She'll be good. She's not proddy… this time. Atleast Leslyn won't be attacked by children this time, too.

Lyn stands on the platform today next to C'nor, wearing her best. Cargo style pants and a button up shirt. Well she does normally wear shorts! She stands there with her hands behind her back as she watches the group gathering before her. She leans in to C'nor with a grin, offering him a whisper, "DO we have to graduate them all? Just hold one back a few days, keep him on his toes?"

F'yr isn't really fitted in formal wear. Just clean riding clothes as she shifts uncomfortably away from the seats of other weyrlings. She was there with an older and taller version of herself; her mother Rupa stopping by for the event afterall. F'yr was looking every so often towards the other familiar faces, bobbing her head as she gets a few pointers from her mother. But eventually the two make their way to the seats, Fy giving her mom a quick kiss on the cheek before darting off to the other end. Rupa doesn't look pleased but she settles. Teenagers… don't wanna be seen with their greenriding mothers.

C'nor nods his head to Lyn, a rather shocked look on his face. "No we can't do that." He tells her in his best 'no uncertain terms' voice. "Do you think that's everyone here?" He asks as he looks over again at the weyrlings. "Okay then, Call the wing to order please and we can get started." This instruction is given to Lyn before he steps forward to ready himself for this talking thing.

Lisle is wearing a nice shift dress in emerald green and for once her hair worn loose past her shoulders. At the question of food she shakes her head and motions toward the stage, "I think they are about to start dear." She pats his arm lightly as she looks toward the stage waiting for the evening to begin.

L'ton has a great view from up on the platform, and so his gaze is quick to spot Zipalla lingering around by herself, even as he's settling down into 'his' chair, more than happy to leave the formalities to C'nor and Lyn. He leans towards Sharix, as if he's going to say something, before seeming to change his mind, straightening back in his seat with a soft sigh. But then he's looking back at Sharix with a grin. "Ah found a bottle of wine ya may like. Think of it as a gift for this. Ah left it in your office." And then he's looking straight ahead once more.

K'ael spots F'yr in the crowd, kissing an older woman who can be none other than the elusive Rupa. He gives the two a wave, but they're quickly separated. Then Lisle is telling him that they're about to start and he grunts a bit. "Bah, alright. How do I look?" He straightens himself up a bit then kisses Lisle's cheek gently. "I'll see you after the announcements." Then he's off to sit near F'yr.

Dryssa eventually finishes her mingling and takes her seat alongside her fellow weyrlings. Even once she's settled in, she can't resist sharing her enthusiasm with the others. "Isn't this so exciting? Feels like just yesterday all our lifemates were hatching, and now we're graduating!"

Lyn claps C'nor on the back and grins at his reaction, "Just kidding young man, just kidding…" She chuckles lightly before she nods to his request a more serious look touching upon her face. "Members of Rhinestone Wing Stand to Attention." Despite that usual faint slur to her voice, the command carries across the crowd. The serious look holds for a moment before a smile cracks one side as she looks down to the youngins gathered down below. She nods to C'nor before stepping back, "All yours."

Leslyn peers around, trying to see who all has arrived that is important, and more importantly if anyone has arrived who's just plain fun. Every now and then she glances to the weyrlingstaff, just to make sure they're as nervous as they should be. Wouldn't do to have them calm on speech day. As Lyn calls the wing to attention she smiles, tapping C'nor on the leg and offering up the paper.

Sharix's eyes shift to L'ton some before resting back on the Weyrlings. "I appreciate it, Weyrsecond," is the only cold reply that he gets from the Weyrwoman. Eyes drift to C'nor as she gives him a nod, as if to say good luck.

C'nor spares a few more nervous glances over towards the weyrlings of Rhinestone wing as he walks the few short steps to Leslyn and retrieves the bit of paper from her. He pats her hand nervously, more to calm him than anything else. Turning back he steps to the front of the platform and holds the bit of paper up in front of him, eyes fixed tightly on it as he starts to read it out loud. His voice carrying to at least the front few rows of chairs. "Weyrwomen, Weyrleader, weyrleadership, wingleaders, illustrious visitors," at this he pauses to nod at the crowd even if he's not looking at them. "Weyrfolk, and guests. I present you with Rhinstone Wing, those who have been sufficiently prepared to enter the ranks of the wings this fine day."

F'yr catches K'ael out of the corner of her eye, grinning only when she realizes Lisle was beside him. She gives them both an answering wave (once she stepped away from her mother). Then her grin fades a bit to a suspicious narrowed-eye look in the bronzer's direction. But she makes her seat in time, turning to look towards their Weyrlingmaster.

The wingleader turns his gaze to the platform, straightening out in his seat when speaking starts. Now is the time to see who will be progressing into the wings and to which. All could use fresh members within their ranks and Ocean Sapphire is no exception. Whether or not it happens is up to the leaders at this point. Ta'sin glances around to see what other wingleaders are out in watching.

K'ael is standing again as soon as he's sat down. "You guys excited? Finally we won't be weyrlings anymore. Finally be getting paid for chores. This'll be great. As long as I don't trip up the beach or something." He grins to Dryssa a bit, then leans down to F'yr. "Was that your mom, there?" He motions to the High Reaches' Weyrsecond with a grin. When C'nor starts his speech he waves to the crowd a bit.

Zipalla studies over everyone as they file in, hand curling self-consciously at her vest as she looks on to the proceedings. She slips behind one man then around another and finally settles, looking up to the front, watching the wing as she hears them called to attention.

"But of course, mah dear Weyrwoman." L'ton murmurs with amusement before shushing to listen to C'nor's speach, offering a happy round of applause as Rhinestone wing is introduced, giving the nervous bluerider P'tah an encouraging smile, clapping more loudly, though remaining seated for the time being, as his gaze drifts to check on Niah and M'iken, and then to watch Zip's zipping progress.

Niah's attention goes to the speaker, though she looks to mostly be watching L'ton. More people and she scoots so that she is a seat close M'iken and thus a seat farther away from a total stranger. Her purple dress is pulled up just a bit to keep it from touching the ground and she bites down on her lip, uncomfortable in such a public situation.

Lisle nods to K'ael, "You look fine…" She reaches out to smooth down the collar, before leaving him to take a seat in the stands. She notices the look from F'yr and smiles to the girl, mouthing 'good luck' to her. As the proceedings begin, she takes a seat and looks toward the stage.

Corbuk puts his head in, appearing from a long trail, not expecting a crowd, but finding one, alas.

C'nor is just looking really nervous, this is the first time he's had to speak in front of so many people. "On behalf of the Ista Leadership I'd like to invite each of you on stage to be presented with your rider knots and the patch of the wing you will be joining." He pauses a few moments while he turns the page to get the list in front of him. "First of all can I have Aisling and green Tejath." He calls the rider up on the platform, handing over the knot and patch before calling up the next weyrling. "D'son and bronze Inimeth."

F'yr can't help giggling towards Dryssa and K'ael. "Yah, somewhat excited," she answers as she tilts her head up towards the stage, only half-listening to the speak. She was focused more on her fellow weyrlings around her, even if she wasn't looking directly at them. "No, that's my crazy uncle Tyrrol— 'course that's my mom." But just as she says it, two more people join her mother on the other side that she notices from the corner of her eyes, forcing her to turn and wave towards them, only to snap back to attention when names start being called.

D'son just grins at K'ael's pronouncement, feet shuffling as he listens to C'nor's speech. He murmurs something to Aisling just before she walks up then tugs at the ends of his jacket and tries to stand straight and tall to march on up himself. Up on the platform he salutes properly and tries not to bounce in place.

Corbuk bobbles about, lingering about the edges as he eyes the crowd. He wasn't invited, he may as well not be here. Yes.

C'nor retrieves the next batch from Leslyn and holds his hand out to D'son, shaking his hand and passing over the knot and patch in the other. "Welcome to Ocean Sapphire." He tells him. "Congratulations." He adds before dismissing him back to the lines of Rhinstone wing. "You may rejoin the other weyrlings for the moment." He explains as he waves a hand towards the other side.

Leslyn grins up at D'son as he approaches, staying quiet for the moment and just applauding politely when it seems appropriate.

"No Ja, they're not… maybe a little. Just watch." Dragons always want the play by play when they can see from their own eyes and ask their own riders. When their own rider doesn't respond, they ask another dragon to ask their rider. Ta'sin takes a deep breath and sighs, letting his head hang down with a small shake. Tired eyes finally pan back upwards towards the masses approaching the platform, receiving their knots and assignments. Thankfully, there aren't any fighting children about this time as they both impressed at two completely different weyrs outside of Ista. Though, it's not the same without his siblings. When D'son is tapped into his wing, he takes a deep breath and peers at the young man, nodding his head with a grin towards him before the others. They'll be time for introductions later.

Corbuk eyes the crowd, hanging at the edges, stuck to himself with a small feline that depends upon him, for now. He only keeps her, because she needs him, but she eyes him as a traitor all the same. He ponders speaking, then bites his tongue, and continues to listen.

L'ton continues applaud as first Aisling and then D'son join the ranks, and it seems that the Weyrsecond is listening for which of the weyrlings will be joining him in Tiger's Eye, catching Niah's gaze in the crowd to give her a wide smile, before settling back in his chair to continue to listen.

D'son actually manages a full on smile for C'nor as he gets patch and knot, shakes the Weyrlingmaster's hand. "Thank you, sir." He has another salute and smile for the rest of the leader types on the platform and then down and off and around back to sit with the other weyrlings.

Zipalla rocks on her heels then stills herself and applauds when everone else does, leaning upward and lifting her chin to watch. She looks to her father while he's looking away and watches him too then goes back to looking over the crowd.

Niah has her eyes closed, trying to avoid getting to stressed about the number of people she does not know. Upon opening them she catches L'tons gaze, and gives a very forced smile that comes out more like a grimace. Twirling a loose strand of hair she claps for D'son and Aisling, at least she recognizes someone.

C'nor turns to collect the next batch and check his list as he calls up "Dryssa and Green Vyanath." He waits for her to approach adding on her destination. "Congratulations and welcome to Star Ruby." He tells her with a smile.

Dryssa watches the speech and the first weyrlings called up attentively, applauding along with the crowd whenever appropriate. Her big grin never fades. She takes a deep breath when her name is called, rising up and practically bounding over to accept her knot, snatching it away and saluting with an almost manic grin. "Thanks, sir!" She calls out chipperly, already hurriedly trying to affix the knot.

Sharix is continuing to welcome each of were-weyrlings, now-riders to their wings with a polite, measured clap, the Weyrwoman only sparing the other members of the platform a glance now and again, as she seems to be keeping her gaze on those who are waiting for their new wing assignments.

Leslyn keeps on applauding, a slight pause between each only so that she can hand things up to C'nor.

Corbuk scruffles in the background, trying to find his own place as he watches what happens now in the fore.

Yes, Lisle took her seat on the platform. Yep. (Forgive player for morning brain) She applauds as each weyrling is called forth. Her gaze sent out towards their dragons as well no doubt littering the beach. She smiles over to Sharix, pride on her own face before she looks back as another weyrling is called up. She offers a found of applause as each is called.

Ta'sin? Not applauding as he has fallen asleep slumped over in his chair and snoring rather loudly. No one seems to do anything to stir him as they're more fixed on the event themselves. Flits from various people begin to perch on his shoulders and head along with his own pair just like a statue in a park full of pigeons. Only these guys aren't cruisin for a poosin. The greenrider will wake when he's ready.

The next couple of assignments are announced as Tigers Eye and they traipse back to their places amongst their clutchmates. "F'yr and brown Zaruath." Are the next ones that C'nor calls forward to receive their new knot and patch. "Welcome to Ocean Sapphire." He tells her with a smile.

Corbuk lingers in the eaves, eyes wide, watching, but not expecting attention.

F'yr makes sure to applaud her fellow weyrlings, grinning broadly as their each called up. But she makes sure not to make too much of a racket… her mother was sitting not too far away, afterall. But when her name is called, she hops up on her two feet and tries her best not to run across the sands towards the stage. Her big toothy grin is all but stretching her face as she moves up the stage and gives those present her best salute. "Thank you, sir!" she says to C'nor as she retrieves her new rider's knot and patch, all but giggling as she nods, salutes once more, peeks to the crowd and hurries off to return to her seat and show off her new stuff.

Leslyn whispes a quiet, "Well done." to F'yr as she accepts her knot, having heard all the trouble the other woman had to endure after Impressing that particualr brown. Applause continues, clap clap.

Sharix continues to clap, welcoming F'yr to her new wing while L'ton sits nearby, following suit. However, then he's catching Zipalla, giving his eldest daughter a wide grin, and a waggle of fingers before he's hiding his hand and trying to look professional.

Corbuk keeps quiet in the background, absorbing information, making maps perhaps.

"Jaye and Gold Vaeonath, and no surprises with a welcome to Black Diamond." C'nor says with a grin, shaking her hand as he passes the prized knot and patch over before calling up the next one. "K'ael and Bronze Azaeth, congratulations and welcome to Bay Pearl."

K'ael steps up still clapping when C'nor calls his name. He grins to the Weyrlingmaster, then takes his hand to give it a good shake. "Thank you, sir. It's been a blast. Couldn't have asked for a better weyrlinghood." He moves over then to accept his new knot. Once it's securely in place, there's a brief wave to the crowd before he moves back over to the others graduates. At the wave there's a yell from the back of the crowd, "Yeah Mike!" It can be none other than his old brother R'miel, getting way too excited as usual.

L'ton can't do anything but roll his eyes at K'ael is graduated, muttering something to Sharix about him needing to remain a permanent weyrling - which only gets a grunt of acknowledgement from the Weyrwoman - before he's stealing a look at Lisle to judge her response.

As F'yr is called to the stage Lisle smiles to the young girl. She has grown fond of this youngest Weyrling. "Congrats Rider F'yr.." She calls out for added encouragement. As K'ael is offered she looks towards C'nor, then the bronze weyrling. Applause quick to her hands again. There is a fondness in gaze upon the young man, but no words are spoken.

Corbuk eyes quietly, not knowing what else my take place, and yawning all the same.

After every name called, D'son claps, letting out the odd whoop of congratulations as his clutchmates all get their knots and assignments too.

Niah claps for K'ael, a bit of an awkward smile on her face. She says something quietly to M'iken but then straightens up, sitting very lady like and looking over at R'miel. Spotting him she sighs, shaking her head and chewing on her bottom lip. With D'sons behaviour she frowns, her eyes widen as she notices the firelizard perch that is Ta'sin. Nervously twirling a strand of hair and tapping her foot.

The young teen gets a sweet look on her face for a moment then she lifts a hand and pulls it back down to applaud for K'ael, and everone else too.

Ta'sin stirs, shaking off the flits and muttering a long string of curses that would've earned a backhanding from Lisle if she was close enough. He sighs, straightening up in his seat and scooting off of a second one. He lets his eyes wander to the people in the crowds, peering from one face to another. He spots Corbuk and offers him a nod in greeting and motions for the chair should he want it. Back to the festivities he watches. Janneth catches him up on the two new members.

F'yr beams towards the Weyrwoman, a slight tinge of red to her cheeks at their congratulations. After all, they were finally /riders/. Something she didn't think would happen at the start of it all. "Thanks," she calls back towards Lisle, probably lost in the crowd. She claps for K'ael, only glancing back in surprise when she hears his old nickname used instead. Huh, weird person… The rest of the weyrlings called finally get a woop from her, and she gets a stern look from her mother greenrider in the crowd

C'nor seems to be getting a bit more relaxed the more he does this and "Lanis and brown Pleggath entering Star Ruby." Is called out amongst the last few names to be called out. With a deep breath he checks his instruction sheet and turns to face the reassembled weyrling group. "Today you are weyrlings no more, having survived the rigours of training each of you are now moving on to join your new wings. I wish you all my own congratulations and the best of luck in your new positions." He tells them all proudly. "So for the last time weyrlings of Rhinestone wing." He brings his hand up to salute. "Wing Dismissed."

Leslyn's hands are aching now from too much applauding, but she manages one last surge of applause for the whole wing and adding, "There is food and drink laid out in the living cavern, if you would all like to make your way up. Dancing will follow either in the caverns or here if the weather decides to be nice."

Zorya, having found the beach through following the sound of the gathering of people, ambles out onto the sand with purposeful stride, and yet something about her radiates the fact that she's out of place. Perhaps the awkward glance towards the many dragons of the weyr, or perhaps the fact that no one can place ever having seen her around before. Pausing at the edge of the crowd she hesitates before joining in the applaud, not clear on the reason for it, but doing so all the same to keep from standing out like a sore thumb.

That dismissal earns a pumped fist and a loud whoop from D'son as he leans over to offer the nearest former weyrlings a high-five at the pronouncement. "We did it!" he says laughingly.

As the last weyrlings are introduced and assigned to their new wings, L'ton is getting to his feet to escort Lanis back to her seat with a round of applause, grinning broadly, and then including C'nor in his applause, waiting for the proper time to flee from the wobbly platform, though he does take a moment to offer an arm to escort either Lisle or Sharix off the deadly contraption.

Sharix needs no arm to descend from the platform, simply passing by L'ton and heading towards the Weyr itself - congratulations will be offered there, it seems.

Dryssa joins D'son in the whooping, high-fiving, and generally excitedness over the proclamation. "We really did, didn't we? Go us!" She breaks into a fit of laughter, then asks the important question. "So, we get free drinks now, right? There's a party?"

Lisle stands and adds her applause to the others as the class 'officially graduates' and is dismissed. She looks over to her sister, Lyn, who is already heading down the steps to greet the new riders. Lisle looks down to the arm offered her then up to the face and smiles to L'ton, "Thank you sir, I would hate to fall off and that seems a fair likelyhood with this stage." She offers in her usual light voice, though there is some amusement touching it. Yes she sorta made a joke.

K'ael gives D'son a high-five. "Whoo! Finally we're full riders! Break out the beer!" He wraps an arm around D'son's shoulder. Then he looks down at F'yr. "Gonna introduce me to your mom? Or should I go over and introduce myself?" He chuckles a bit to her.

Niah is waiting for her escort to return, applauding where appropriate and forcing out small smiles. For most of the ceremony she tried to avoid having a panic attack. Once they are dismissed she cringes everytime someone walks past her, attempting to sink into the chair and not be touched by total strangers.

D'son ducks his head, chortling at K'ael's remark about F'yr's mother. "Bring on the beer, man," he says to his fellow bronzerider and thumps at Mike's back in manly fashion. "Where /are/ they hiding the drinks anyway?" he asks, craning his neck thattaway. "And here comes /my/ mom. She's going to want to fuss with my hair again." Long-suffering sigh.

L'ton grins, and escorts Lisle down the steps. "Ah'm honestly surprised we didn't end up in a pile of splinters, with the way some of 'em were up and down the stairs." Always a good thing to avoid that. Once they're back on firm ground, he's giving her hand a squeeze, willing to free her for other pursuits if she wants, while moving to motion Niah over, though his gaze is scanning the crowd for Zipalla, spotting a rather unusual, yet strangely familiar young teen girl there as well.

F'yr is too excited to give a proper salute back to C'nor when he finally dismisses them for the last time, earning her a sharp "Fyra!" from her mother and then a roll of her eyes. "I'm free, Mom!" she shouts back while sticking out her tongue at the greenrider, who is turning back to a conversation with her siblings. She laughs at K'ael and shakes her head. "Fine, I can. Hey, Mom!" When she gets the Reaches's Weyrsecond's attention, she points a finger right in the bronzer's face. "K'ael, Mom, Aunt Sol, and Uncle Tyrrol. This is K'ael," she calls back, and then crosses her arms. "There."

Slowly from his seat, the greenrider stands and straightens out his jacket. He turns to the side and finally begins making his way down the aisles like a creature roused from it's sleep before hibernation was supposed to be over. A hiss and mutter ocassionally escapes from his lips, only speaking loud enough to utter an apology to Niah as he passes her by after brushing her as he passes. Ta'sin cracks his knuckles and makes his way to the caverns. Klah first, and then he might approach his newly tapped.

She rises up to tippy toes when people begin rise and move about, trying to keep an eye on those she might know and quietly pondering the whole party announcement. She looks up at L'ton and nods her head a bit, people passing between and around, somewhat keeping her in her place.

Niah stands quickly, almost a jog to escape all of the people, looking around and bending her body as best she can in between others so that she at least doesn't rub up against anyone. Once near L'ton she relaxes a little, looking around and saying "I think I am skipping dinner, it's going to be busy." That probably won't fly, but she attempts and stays close shifting every now and then so that someone can get by without getting to close to her.

As people begin to head out towards… somewhere else, Zorya questions the first person to pass her by and give her attention enough to inquire, "I'm looking for Pallaton…?" Well that's what she's used to calling him at any rate. He's got to be here somewhere right? It seems -everyone- is here, and this is so not the setting she was hoping to have come across. It'd be far easier to find him were there less people, no?

K'ael grins to D'son. "Heh, at least my brother has other things to do then come over here and mess with me. We'll look for the drinks in a second." Then he grins to F'yr as she calls her family over. "Nice to meet you, Weyrsecond, Aunt Sol, Uncle Tyrrol. F'yr's told me a lot about you. Nice to finally put faces with names. If you'll excuse me, then." K'ael pats F'yr's shoulder, then wanders off to look for Lisle. He spots Zip on the way, giving her a wave.

Lisle hears the call from Zorya as she passes her and motions over her shoulder, "L'ton is right there…" She responds with the name correction, knowing the lad since before his impression. She smiles over her shoulder at the bronzerider before she is looking through the crowd, steps taking her toward the new riders. She moves first toward F'yr to give her a hug, "Congratulations dear, it is a good wing." Then there is K'ael to find, "Congratulations Rider K'ael…" She says holding her hands out to him.

D'son shoves his hands in his pockets as he gets pulled aside by his parents for more fussing. And then there's grandparents too and the bronzerider's a little occupied with the whole family thing for a bit, then he makes a break for the drinks table.

L'ton loses the company of the goldrider, it seems, for she's meandering off. But then someone has said his name, and he's left to stare, attempting to figure out just where it came from, more than a little baffled at it all. Meanwhile he just pulls Niah to his side, shaking his head. "That ain't gonna fly, lil'bit.. But we'll get ya something ta go, if ya'd rather." At least he's distracted right? It means no lecture for Niah, as he waves Zip over as the crowd thins, gaze settling on the oddly familiar teen as the sort of his oddly unfamiliar name.

Zipalla hears her father's name called and she looks to Zorya, brows wrinkling, "I'm the oldest so that isn't my sister.." she murmurs to herself, then automatically glances to the girl's abdomen for a moment. Her eyes flicks to L'ton and she just watches, K'ael's wave getting her attention, which she returns with a wave and a smile before looking back to L'ton, weaving a path nearer him and Niah.

Zorya sighs hearing Lisle's notice of the location of said 'L'ton'. That doesn't help her though, not being a name she's familiar with. Assuming the response was meant for someone else the girl tries again as others continue to pass on their way to food and drink, "I'm looking for…" and then it hits her that that is a name she knows, turning slowly to look in the direction indicated by the gold rider.

F'yr blinks after K'ael and leans towards her family. "I've never said a word to him about you, I think," she tells them, but then chuckles. They only smile politely before ducking their heads together. F'yr gives her mom another hug before she finds Lisle there, grinning broadly again. "Oh, you think? I'm excited already." She returns the hug, giggling all giddily as she fingers her new wing patch. "I just hope Zaru can keep up." Thankfully the brown was out of earshot and napping. "Better attack the table before it's all gone," she notes to the goldrider, slipping away momentarily to do just that.

Niah stands by L'tons side, at the talk of getting something to go she nods, "Alright." She sticks besides him, avoiding people and saying very little. When Zipalla looks at her she scoots so she is nearer to L'ton and places a protective hand on her stomach. "You want me to go?" She asks, glancing around but Celiketh is nowhere to be found.

L'ton spots Zorya turning back in his direction, and after a moment's hesitation he's waving her over to join the small group that is gathering, before looking from Niah to Zip, and back to Niah. "Relax, sweets." He mutters, shaking his head, looking at Zip with a toothy grin. "Didja enjoy yerself, lil one? See them all get their new knots? Ya know it can be ya, soon, if'n ya want." Always back to the dragonrider thing with this one.

K'ael is going around in circles as Lisle is heading towards him as he was heading towards her. He frowns to the goldrider. "No hug for me?" Too late, Lisle is already being pulled into a hug by the bronzer. Topped off with a peck on the cheek. He grins to F'yr. "Heh, Zaru will be fine." Then back to Lisle. "Ready to get something to eat? Where are the food tables, anyways?" He peers around.

Zipalla looks curiously at Niah for a moment then shakes her head, "It was nice.." she answers, like a dutiful teenager. She does smile however as she adds, "Oh yes, I plan to follow your footsteps.. as soon as possible, the younger I start the better." She looks back to Niah and smiles, "Feeling ok?" she asks her, tilting her head.

Zorya's gaze narrows as it settles on the bronze rider and his companions. Studying him as it were. Yes, yes that must be him and the wave he gives her only assures her of it more. That decided she weaves a path in the opposite direction of the crowd to meet up with the man. "Thanks be your alive." she starts coming up in front of the small group about the bronze rider, "I got here and no one was around until I found the beach. Everyone all in once place and I thought for sure you'd died and they were having your funeral. But then there was the clapping and everyone was excited so that didn't seem to fit so I figured it must be something else. You've no idea how happy I am to see you Palla — I mean L'ton." she corrects herself, remember of the name change this time. "You are him, right?" she adds the inquiry after a moments pause. Cause if he's not that she just sounded completely crazy.

An elderly man with beady eyes and a hunched back turns to Zorya, having caught the conversation and he licks his toothless mouth before grinning and offering, "I be Palla! Ye gonna take me home? I needs mah bath."

Niah looks wary at Zoryas introduction, taking a deep breath to settle herself and smoothing the fabric of her purple dress. It takes her a moment to stutter out an answer to Zipalla's question and the answer really does not answer much, "I-I think so, maybe. I do not know" Saying it very quickly and blushing, another deep breath, just letting the family talk. At the old woman Niah cringes, looking at L'ton eyes big but saying nothing.

Lisle smiles as K'ael embraces her and gives her a peck, her own arms sliding around him, "Of course I got a hug for you K'ael.." She responds before stepping back and looking over the knot. "Transport wing, I think that will suit you nicely." She responds before patting his shoulder and looking over the crowd, "It was a good ceremony." She comments casually before she motions toward the food tables with a laugh, "Only thinking about food now that is all over with?"

D'son comes away from the drinks table with a mug and ambles out amongst the crowd, taking a sip now and then. He threads through knots of people, making his way back towards where he last saw some of his clutchmates. "Hey Dryssa," he says as he approaches the greenrider. "Almost seems weird to be done, doesn't it?"

"Ya best mean it as a rider, cause Ah dun wanna be a granddaddy fer at least another… 5 turns." L'ton hurriedly decides, giving Zip a narrow glare. "Remember, boys are bad. Boys do this." And thankfully Niah is right there to serve as an example. But then Zorya's there, and she's hurriedly explaining some elaborate misconception and L'ton is left to stare at her. After a moment, and a disdainful look at the old man, he's nodding. "Aye, Ah'm L'ton.. Pal, whatever." He's left staring at her curiously, before shaking his head. "Though, Ah have ta say that ya're a step ahead of meh, cause Ah dun think Ah know yer name. Though, Ah'd have ta guess yer related ta Zip here.." Especially given the use of his old name.

Brows crease over her hazel eyes and Zipalla studies Niah as she stammers and blushes then looks over to Zorya. She keeps quiet however, she's used to it, just a weyrbrat, and her expression likely betrays that very thought in her head, whatever other answers she has for her father trapped inside a polite smile and unwillingness to speak them at the moment.

True to her word, Dryssa wasted no time whatsoever in getting herself a nice big mug of ale, which she's already halfway done with by the time D'son finds her in the crowd. She gives him a big cheery grin. "I know! It's amazing, isn't it? I can't believe it's already over… you and Aisling have any big plans?"

Zorya turns to look over her should and eye the man as he speaks. "Eww! No, way. Take your own bath old man." she scoffs, her attention quickly turning back to L'ton and company even as she takes a step away from the creepy guy. The girl flashes a pleasant smile towards Zipalla and Niah. After all she did sorta step into the middle of things. As the rider notes his lack of name for her she frowns however. "How can you -not- know who I am?" That is just soo not right! "Oh… right… It's been awhile. Zorya." Ring any bells? Queue bright 'please remember me' smile.

D'son has another long swallow from his mug. "For all the times it seemed like it was going slow, all of a sudden it was too fast," the bronzerider tells Dryssa with a sheepish grin then lifts his shoulders a little. "Yeah. Gonna go fishing. Maybe take a trip to Paradise River. See if I can get beat up by her brothers."

K'ael grins and nods to Lisle. "Same wing, only this time I'll be a part of it instead of just a drudge lifting boxes. I'm a full fledged rider now." He puffs up his chest a bit. "Isn't it great?" Soon he's pulling her over to get something to eat. "Heh, well, I gotta eat. Been fasting all day for the fantasic food and beer they always have at these functions." He's stacking up a nice plate full. "You going to pick off mine or getting your own?"

L'ton narrows his gaze at his own daughter for a long moment, before his attention is stolen once more by the other teenager, and there is finally a name to go with it. "Zorya?" And then, he's looking at her a bit closer. "Ya can't be Zorya, yer dad would never agree ta ya coming here. Specially not if'n he knew ya were looking fer meh." That is one brother in law he could definitely do without.

Dryssa also continues gulping down her ale, still grinning somewhat manically over at D'son. "Paradise River, huh? Sounds romantic. Are you guys gonna be weyrmates right away, or are you just waiting for the right moment ot pop the question?" She asks with a giggle.

D'son shakes hie head. "Romantic? Uh, not really. That's where Ais' family lives," he explains further and shoots Dryssa a sidelong glance, digs his heel into the sand a little. "Not at all, actually," he tells her, shoulders hunching a little as he has another drink.

Niah blushes, her cheeks flushing bright pink and she nudges l'ton as he makes an example of her. Then to Zipalla, in an attempt to maybe smooth it over she says "I did not even touch a boy tell after I was out of weyrlinghood." She watches the exchange and fidgets with her dress and hair, nervously her bottom lip is being bitten at.

Lisle smiles up at K'ael and shakes her head with amusement as he puffs up, "It is great dear, you can impress all the ladies with your shiny knot." She responds as she follows him to the food line. At his query she arches a brow and grabs a plate, "I would not dare take food away from you on this special day. I am lightly to get my hand bitten." Her plate as K'ael insinuated of her diet, is just lightly filled with a dish or two, taking nowhere near as much of the plate as the bronzerider's.

F'yr got lost in the background after getting food and trailing off with her mother and her mother's siblings. Though they pretty much got along, there was still the occasional bickering from the older generation before F'yr finally rolled her eyes and wandered away, a bubbly in one hand and a glass of juice in the other.

Dryssa looks a little worried at the reaction from D'son, lowering her mug for the moment and taking a step over to talk at a slightly quieter volume. "Sorry, is everything okay? You two just seemed like such a great couple, I sort of assumed…"

D'son shoots Dryssa another puzzled look. "Everything's fine, just you know, neither one of us is in a rush, that's all. Don't really know why everyone else is," he continues with a shrug. "Anyway, happy with your wing assignment?"

"My father," Zorya sniffles, turning on the tears. "He…" she switches, the tone of her voice changing from the crushed teenage girl to the one who could care less about anything, "No not really. -He- doesn't agree with much of -anything-. Soooo… I kinda left." the girl replies, looking down at her feet as she brushes the toes of one sandaled foot across the dirt, "To come see you…" Mental cringe as she smiles. Just a long as he doesn't send her traipsing back home this very minute everything should go just swimmingly.

K'ael chuckles at Lisle. "Yeah, the ladies like shiny knots, hm? Good to know." He looks down at his plate, then to hers. "Aw, don't want to share? And I don't bite ladies… unless they ask for it." Of course K'ael was quite a bit bigger than the weyrwoman as well. When F'yr heads back his way he gives her a poke. "Tired of your family already, hm? Your mom didn't see too mean. Not that she really said anything."

Zipalla looks from face to face then she nods at Niah a little and folds her hands before her to listen to Zorya. She frowns some but keeps quiet.

L'ton can't do anything but sigh at Niah's attempt at smoothing the situation over, but he doesn't say anthing to contridict her words, instead being left to stare at Zorya as the tears are suddenly turned on. "Ah.. Ya.." And Ton is left to stare before giving the two females in his group a surprised look, and then giving Zorya a hug. "Its okay, Zorya-dear. Ah ain't gonna send ya back, Ah promise. Ah mean, Zip's here.. Ah bet ya dun remember Zip, do ya? But, ya can be here with her and us, and all, if'n ya dun mind ya know?" As if L'ton could ever say no to a girl in tears, particularly one who is apparently related to him. And then he's looking to Zip for help, hoping that the girl will help step in with her cousin.

Dryssa peers at D'son with some degree of confusion, then shrugs back and has another swig of her ale. "Well, if you say so… I just want to make sure! I feel bad for filling your head with ideas before. Anyways, I'm quite happy with my wing assignment! How about you?"

Niah listens intently watching Zorya and forcing out a smile, attempting to look comforting but ends up closer to 'if I smile will you not touch me' almost a grimace. She just lets her hand wander to her stomach, stepping away at L'tons moving to hug Zorya. Even when it's necessary she looks around, nervously sighing and moving away to the side. "You want me to go L'ton?" Asking in the most pitiful voice, shakey and innocent, "You need a family moment?" She is to nice for her own good.

Pi wanders onto the beach fashionably late… well, maybe it's a good deal past that point but at least she made it to the graduation afterparty? Maybe she can still catch any of the poor souls that got stuck in her wing. One would think a wingleader would show up at the ceremony but obviously one would think wrong. Grabbing her shirt there's a tug to straighten it, she's in her nicer rider clothes for the occassion. Time to insert herself into the crowd.

At his pout over shared plates, Lisle smiles up at K'ael before placing a few more items on hers, "There you can share from mine…if you have not eaten all day, you will surely get through yours in no time." There is definately a lightness to the banter between them. Perhaps the most relaxed the goldrider has been at a social gathering in a long time. As F'yr nears she smiles to the girl, "Enjoying the party?"

"Yep," D'son confirms for Dryssa's first question. Shrugs again. "Cleared that all up with K'ael." A nod towards said bronzerider then he's grinning. "Yeah, me too, ought to be interesting. I'm looking forward to the new training."

Zipalla watches L'ton with a sort of wicked pleasure, his discomfort bringing out a true smile. "Right, what's one more in the brood.." she says with a smile to Zorya. "I don't think Ton would turn any female away…" she remarks, then smirks, "Even family." She pats the girl's arm a little, "I'm Zipalla.. if you call me Zip you'll fit right in.. no one uses my full name."

F'yr's wanderings were aimless, but eventually she starts to pass those more familiar faces. She stops in front of K'ael, brows arched. "You didn't really speak to her," she says with a roll of her eyes. "And she's in a good mood, of course. I think." She scowls back at her family, where the two greenriders were now in an obvious argument. "Well, she was, now Aunt Sol goes and ruins it all." She takes a bite out of her bubbly, turning to nod up towards Lisle. "Oh yah, it's going good. Lots of… people. Great food," she quickly adds with another bite.

"Well, that's good to hear." Dryssa says with a smile back at D'son. "I really am sorry about all that. I should just learn to keep my mouth shut about those sorts of things! It was all a very silly misunderstanding."

K'ael chuckles to Lisle. "Well, we'll see. I'm watching my figure. With my new knot I gotta make sure I look good for all those girls who are gonna be chasing after me." There's another peck for Lisle, then he turns his attention to F'yr. "Yeah?" He blinks over at the arguement between the two greenriders that seems to be escalating. "Huh… Well, I'll talk to her a little later." There's a friendly light punch given to D'son's shoulder. Bronzer props and all of that.

Zorya's tears are as quick to disappear as they are to appear. A smirk crossing her features as she's folded into a hug by her uncle, which of course she returns, her face hidden in its folds. Sniffle for effect as he releases her and the smirk disappears from view, "Zip?" the girl shakes her head, "Who's..?" she starts before the name is recognized. "Oh!? Zipalla's your," and she stops herself, literally bitting her tongue. "Ow. No. I don't remember her. But thanks so much Uncle Pal-L'ton." That's still going to take some getting used to. As Zip introduces herself though she turns towards the younger girl. "Nice to finally meet you again." Smile.

"Don't worry about it, Dryssa," D'son says to the greenrider. "Old news and — ow". He eyes K'ael then gives him a friendly punch back, aiming for the shoulder too. "Got a drink, K'ael?" and he lifts his mug in a little 'toast' towards the other bronzerider.

Dryssa grins when K'ael makes his way over to her corner of the party, raising her mug in his direction and downing more ale. "Well, speak of the devil! Hi, K'ael. So, you and Lisle going to be weyrmating now? I figure there must be at least one desperate couple planning to shack up, and apparently it isn't D'son and Aisling."

"Yer fine, Niah, yer fine. Yer practically part of the family." He is not going to let Niah escape and leave him alone with the… Z-uo? For then he's giving Zipalla another unamused look, shaking his head. "Ah'm sure they can set ya and Zip up with lofted beds, so ya can be all silly tagether. Then at least Ah'll know where ta come find ya, when Ah know yer causing trouble." But then he's letting the two girls introduce thsemselves to each other, taking a few steps back to watch them somewhat nervously. Not just 1 teenager, but now 2? Fear. Perhaps there will be a bit of cramping to L'ton's style.

Lisle smiles at K'ael as he gives her a peck before, placing a light hand on his arm for a moment before she turns to F'yr again, "Ista does know how to throw a party, though I was pretty worried over that stage…I thought I would be in the sands before the ceremony finished." As Dryssa joins the group and asks K'ael 'the question' she glances up to him to see his response.

Pi seems to spot at least one conversation she can infiltrate, and it's always fun to cause more problems for a certain bronzerider anyhow. The greenrider heads towards the Shipton reunion and slips in next to L'ton with a grin and a peck on his cheek. "How come Ah always seem ta find ya surrounded by girls?" She at least knows Zip is his daughter, Zorya is too much bigger to assosciate with that little girl she knew back home.

F'yr eyes K'ael and Lisle's interactions carefully before she snorts. "Don't bother talking to Mom. She doesn't know you." Her tone isn't hurtful, it's just fact. "Mom's not kind to strangers or… well, anyone else." She makes sure to clear up and then turns her attention, moving to shuffle towards Dryssa and D'son as well. "Weyrmates, weyrmates… Seriously, right out of the mating flight lesson and /everyone's/ getting together. If I didn't know Aisling went straight to you," She nods towards D'son. "Then I might've believed when K'ael joked around that he slept with Aisling." Then she tilts an apologetic grin to Lisle. "Course, you're a weyrwoman and not a weyrling… You two might as well already be weyrmates." She'll shuffle to the side now and munch on her pie.

Zipalla nods a little, glancing at her father, her brows crease some but she looks back to Zorya for the moment. "Nice to meet you," she says with an easy smile then she turns back to L'ton, "YOu've always known where to find me.." she remarks then looks to Pi and smiles a little. She shifts and tugs at her vest, obviously a little uneasy for whatever reason.

Dryssa goes wide-eyed, edging over towards F'yr and speaking in a hushed voice. "Ixnay on the whole Aelk'ay and Islingay thing. Bad topic to bring up right now. Trust me." She then looks back at the bronzeriders and smiles nervously.

Niah stands by with a nod, inching slower to him as her steps back. She doesn't move to introduce herself, glancing around again and spotting the food she says, "Mind if I got something to eat here? Celi isn't around or I would go back to the weyr." She waits for his permission, as Pi approaches her nervousness increases and she says, "Hello wingleader ma'am." She shifts and pulls her dress out, fretting over how she looks.

"Ow." K'ael chuckles to D'son as he returns the punch. "Not yet, getting some food in me first so I don't wander home tipsy." Then he blinks at Dryssa. "Um, weyrmating? I don't think so, no. At least not right now. I just moved into my weyr and got it all nice looking, I'd like to live in it for a while." Then he peers at F'yr, laughing. "You'll believe anything I tell you. Of course everyone knows that Zaruath is going to catch Tejath in her maiden flight. Then we'll all see what happens after that. Speaking of which, how'd things go with S'ya, D'son?" He grins to the other bronzer.

Contrary to Dryssa's apparent concern, D'son doesn't look fazed by F'yr's blurt at all. "Not getting weyrmated," he repeats with a hint of frayed patience in his voice, though. Ale. Ale is good. Have some more. Except then K'ael's asking him that and Dels swallows that mouthful down the wrong pipe and starts coughing.

"Thanks again." Zorya sends another of her sweet innocent smiles towards her loving uncle. "You won't regret it." Of course he will. Give him two days, a sevenday tops. He'll be wanting things different. And then Pi arrives and the girl turns a smile to her as well being that the woman seems to know everyone else in the group. "Cause he's," Zorya bites her lip, cutting off her reply to Pi's question. Just you all never mind what she was going to say.

L'ton suddenly has a greenrider to rest his elbow on, all friend-like. With a grin, he shakes his head, dropping his voice to a murmur. "Ya'd never believe it, but this is mah sis Petra's lil Zorya… Ya remember Zorya?" And he's stealing a glance out the corner of his eye at the older of the teens. Then he's glancing at Niah, with a grin, giving her shoulder a soft push. "Go eat! Ah never thought ya'd actually ask fer food. Eat up!" And the clearly pregnant woman is given another gentle nudge, and he's left staring at his now doubled problem.

F'yr sticks her tongue out at K'ael laughing at her. "The way you said it, coming from /you/… well, I didn't /really/ believe it." She quickly ammends that, finishing off her bubbly and licking her fingers. "And he's definitely not going to catch. Plenty of other dragons that have the chance, I don't see why you keep saying Zaruath will. And alright, not weyrmates, but together. Same thing." She shrugs her shoulders at D'son and frowns at his reaction to a simple question, or what she thought was a simple question, from K'ael.

Pi leans in against Pal with a little bit of a smirk, oh she's guessing where this is going. "Takin' in another? Ah guess it's yer turn, ya stuck meh with Zh'ae." Or Zh'ae sort of stuck himself on her but that's besides the point. After a moment of truly pondering the newest addition to Ista's infiltration by their clan she finally gives a nod. "Yeah, Ah think Ah do…" Though really, there were always a lot of kids around.

"Actually, Vyanath was telling me the other day that she thought Zaruath was rather cute." Dryssa says with a mischievious grin, glancing over at F'yr as she takes another sip of her ale. Whether she's joking or not isn't immediately obvious.

Niah walks over towards the food, grabbing a plate and avoiding people as she goes. Some wave, but most ignore her just as she likes it. She gets the plate and moves back so that she is near L'ton. Nowhere near the amount of food K'ael can eat, but it seems her appetite is picking up, she eats while standing. Gazing at the people and taking a bite, as if someone might just attack her while she eats.

"I would hate to cramp his style." Lisle responds to F'yr's comment on their weyrmating or lack thereof. There is a lightness of tone there at least. She raises a brow at the mention of K'ael and Aisling and glances over to the Bronzerider with a questioning look before looking back to Dryssa and F'yr, before D'son's choking is noted by the weyrwoman, "Are you alright there rider?"

Zipalla looks up and around at all the people then she glances to Niah as she's trying to escape, waving a little though her expression is that of a bit of confusion. Her arms fold over her middle and she looks up at Pi with a sort of wide-eyed look on her face before looking away, fingers curling at one arm.

More coughing on D'son's side of things and he waves a hand, nodding at the same time. Yes. Just fine. Once he's stopped coughing there's some throat clearing and a deep breath and he shoots F'yr a look, nods. "Yeah. Together. Just not you know. Moving /in/ together," he clarifies about Aisling. "And uh — well I guess it's anyone's game in any flight … um … right?" Which doesn't really answer K'ael's question, but it doesn't seem to really be something Dels wants to get into.

Zorya glances towards Pi as she and L'ton speak, unknowing of who the woman is she'd rather not pick the wrong comment for the time. "Sorry I don't really remember you," she doesn't exactly apologize to Zip. "But we were both little when you left to come here." Remember the girl she doesn't, but she has heard about her.

F'yr shrugs again at D'son's look. "I didn't really /say/ the to of you were moving in together. Doesn't sound like Aisling wanted, either, but definitely together. Whatever." She drops her mouth open when she snaps her head towards Dryssa. "/My/ Zaru?" She looks in the direction of the sleeping brown, someone out there in the shadows of the forest, and back towards the greenrider. "Uh… Any dragon's catch," she quickly notes again, snapping her mouth shut. She had two greens to fear from now.

"Man down! We got a bronzer down!" Always prepared, K'ael moves around D'son after handing his plate to Lisle. He pats him on the back hard to help him dislodge the food. Then he looks to F'yr. "Suuure you didn't. Anyways, there's a difference between being weyrmates and being together. We're obviously together, just not living together." Clearly that whole talk makes K'ael nervous and uncomfortable. Which is probably why F'yr kept on it. He just shrugs a bit. "Zaru and Tej are pretty close. I'm just saying that it's a pretty good possibility."

"Ah can't believe it, but.." He shrugs a bit, before making a face at Pi. "Ah'm not stuck with her. Ah'm perfectly happy ta help her out, ya know?" And he smiles at Zorya to try and reinforce his words, before leaning something to Pi along the lines of, "Ah'm gonna have ta get ya ta… talk ta 'em, if'n ya know what Ah mean. Just.. Just in case." And then he's straightening, pushing at his jacket, and looking from one to the other. "Why dun ya go get some food, and some sweets, and Zip, ya can introduce Zorya ta all yer friends, ta, so she has someone ta talk to. And Ah'll get another bed and all set up." And then it seems that he's attempting to dissect himself from the group, putting immediate action to words, though he hesitates to pat Niah's shoulder lightly.

Dryssa can't help but giggle a little at the reaction from F'yr, that mischievious smirk remaining on her face. "I wasn't aware there were too many other Zarus about… but don't worry, I was only kidding, F'yr. You're still just like you were in candidacy!"

J'vry walks in with Leoth following him. He's not alone with his dragon though, He's got Audria at his left, with her holding onto his arm. As they enter, they take note of the happenings, and quietly enter just to make sure they can leave quickly if they're not welcome.

Zipalla looks up at L'ton and blinks, her cheeks going crimson. "All my friends?" she simply nods. "Right.." then she watches him leave, a frown evident. "So.. well…welcome.." she says up at Zorya, smiling at the older girl. "You'll meet everyone soon enough.. you'll be fine here."

Pi elbows Pal in the ribs, gently of course (relatively speaking that is) at the bit about speaking to the girls. "Zip's yer one ta talk ta, ya ain't fully gettin' out of it." Pi just runs crisis control, or something. At least Zorya he has the excuse of 'not my kid' but /Zip/ he can give the talk to darnit. Both the girls get a bright smile though as she tilts her head. "Well, nice ta meet ya again Zorya, last time really didn' count as ya were too young ta remember. Ya'll like Ista." Niah gets a smile as well and as Pal flees she moves over to the poor woman, see getting involved with that bronzer is a bad thing. "How're things goin?" Hey, gotta take care of her wingriders.

Audria is clinging tightly to J'vry's arm, and can't help blushing at the crowd. She looks around, and when she sees Dryssa, she can't help but direct a smile and a wave to her friend.

And there's K'ael thunking him in the back belatedly and D'son closes his eyes for a moment, takes a deep breath. "M'okay man, thanks. M'okay." Then he's nodding along with what his fellow bronzerider says. "Big difference." Beat. "Big." Committment-shy bronzeriders? Say it ain't so. "Anyhow, yeah, I don't think Tejath'll ever really let Ais be that serious about anyone anyway." Shrug.

Lisle takes the laden plate from K'ael as he goes to 'save' D'son. Her hand dipping a bit at the weight. At Dryssa's comment on F'yr Lisle smiles over to the pair and shakes her head, "No…she has changed…you all have." Her tone then sounds more like a mother thinking whistfully on her children growing up.

K'ael finishes up what's on his plate then gives a nod to everyone. "Well, if you guys will excuse me, I think I'm going to wander off to see if I can track down my wingleader. See what I have in store for the next few days." He kisses Lisle on the cheek. "You'll stop by later, right?" He says to the goldrider in a hopeful tone. "Anyways, I'll see you guys later." Maybe a tad commitment shy, yes.

F'yr probably won't ever drop it since it's fun to make someone like K'ael uncomfortable. Especially since he teases her all the time, too. "But together still means, together… What's the difference whether you live with them or not? You just sleep in seperate beds occasionally." There's Fy's reasoning. But this was most directed towards K'ael, though she grins and winks towards D'son. "Whatever you say." She seems to fall back to her own defenses, coloring a bit at K'ael. "That doesn't matter in a flight." Dryssa gets a pout at her comment.

Niah shifts to the side eating at her food and jumping slightly at the pat, once L'ton is gone she looks a bit like she has been abandoned and moves a bit farther away from the group. Her hands goes to what is clearly a baby bump, she looks about five months along. "I am alright, I don't like these social affairs. Then I come out and all the people, and they all get way to close and right now celiketh is out on the ledge asleep, and I'd really prefer to go back to my weyr but I don't wanna wake him and" And sigh, eating a bit of her food and her words all come out in a really fast ramble, quiet nervous little voice.

Zorya eyes her cousin. "Not many?" she asks, inquiring about friends, "That's alright. I didn't have many back home anyway." Then again most all her friends were cousins and they don't exactly count in the same manner. "We'll get to know each other soon enough and then we'll have plenty of fun." she grins. Oh yes, L'ton is going to love having two teenage girls. Hey, its good practice for him for later. Right? L'ton takes his leave and she sends him a wave before looking to Pi. "I'm sorry, I don't.. remember.." BUt then she had to have her uncle pointed out to her too.

D'son reaches out to knock knuckles with K'ael as the other bronzerider head out. "See you, K'ael. Catch up for that drink at the Sands sometime," he tells him, then looks back over at F'yr, shrugs. "More like the other way around," he notes and retires behind his mug again, eyes roving the crowd. Probably looking for Aisling.

Pi tilts her head slightly, slipping hands into her pockets as Niah gives a rather rambling reply. "Hey, Psy'd be happy ta give ya a lift, Ah'm sure." Zorya gets a wave as well and a shrug as she half leads Niah away, mostly corralling and no actual physical contact. "S'all right, Ya were too lil'" nope, not holding it against the girl at all.

Dryssa arches an eyebrow slightly at Lisle. "Really? I don't feel like I've changed that much… I mean, I have in certain ways, but I'm still the same basic person." Her mischievious grin pops up again. "If you believe K'ael and D'son, I think it's Aisling who has changed the most." She winks and giggles, then notices Audria and J'vry arriving. She greets both with a happy wave.

Lisle looks up to K'ael, leaning up her cheek as he comes to kiss it, "Of course, just send one of your little dears to find me when you are free. I have not given you your graduation gift yet." She smiles at that and leans up to kiss his cheek as well, "Don't let Leona work you too hard." She looks back to the girls and smiles, "You have all grown up, become riders…surely you must count that as changing?" She asks lightly.

Niah perks up at the offer of a lift, "That sounds really nice. Umm, wingleader. L'ton wanted, well I wanted to talk to you about maybe possibly, please keeping M'iken on the ground for a little while." It seems odd for her, the mistress to be arguing a case for her lovers weyrmate. Oh well. A tense smile, forced and a lot more like a grimace. "See they want to have a baby, and it would really help me if M'iken got pregnant and because I feel really, really, guilty about getting pregnant before her and she really wants to have one and oh I probably should just be quiet, but." Big, puppy dog eyes and a slightly pleading look on the little blueriders face.

J'vry sends Leoth to a distance away from the graduation of course, and then walks with Audria over to where the food and the other people are."You want anything my dear?" He asks Audria,"You go talk to people, I'll get the food…" He smiles at her and waves politely of course responding to Dryssa's wave. He passes one of the recent graduates on his way to the food, and says,"Congratulations."

Zipalla looks up at Zorya then lifts her shoulders, "Oh..some.." she says softly, her expression a little sad for a moment. "Sure..we'll have fun.." she nods, then glances to Pi with a smile and Niah as well. She looks up at Zorya, "It's noisy in the dorm get used to'll know a lot of people."

F'yr watches as K'ael retreats, before rolling her eyes at D'son. "Suure." She looks between Dryssa and Lisle. "I guess you can count that as changing. Besides a few turns old, I haven't felt much different." She looks herself over, sips at her juice and then sighs. "But if you say so…" She smiles faintly at Lisle and then there's a loud "Fyra! Get over here!" And the newly-knotted brownrider winces as she nods to the group. "Gotta go. Mom calls." She downs her glass and runs over to the taller woman and the rest of her family, probably to say goodbyes.

Pi blinks and actually can't help but smile as the concern pours out about M'iken. "Ah'm alerady doin' that.. meh And Pal had a talk. An if'n she wants ta have kids Ah ain't gonna make her between an' all." She's a nice wingleader! "Come on, Psy's down the beach. An' don' worry bout M'iken, allrigh? Tha's meh and Pal's job."

Zorya giggles. "You obviously haven't been to Shipton in a long time." she teases her newly met cousin. "Its always noisy there." And that's not the reason she decided to get out of there. Noise she can live with.

D'son just shrugs again and gives a nod. "I'm gonna go find Ais," he finally states aloud. "Have a good evening," he tells the group near and takes a step back, gets lost in the crowd, drink still in hand.

Big eyes upturn to Zorya and Zipalla nods her head a bit, "I.." but she doesn't finish, her voice cuts off and she looks over toward Pi and Niah for a moment. Her gaze returns to her present company and she looks around, "Hungry?" she asks her.

Audria nods. "Some meatrolls, please, dear." She lets go of the Bronzerider's arm, and makes her way directly to Dryssa, hugging the younger woman. "Congratulations, dear.

Niah puts her plate in the proper place for cleaning, adjusting the dark purple dress she has on and saying to Pi, "Alright, I would wake Celiketh, but he is really tired and he would do it just." Shrugging slightly and putting on her jacket. "Celi and I would even take all her between work if needed, I mean I do not know how much longer i will be able to fly but." Motioning to her belly with a small lift of her shoulders. "Alright" She agrees, preparing to follow Pi.

Zorya nods. "Starving." she agree, her stomach taking the moment to growl it's agreement. The girl makes a face, "Sorry.." That wasn't exactly lady-like or anything.

J'vry slips through the crowd, gets the meatrolls and a couple cups of klah. He wends his way through the crowd, congratulating some other graduates as he makes his way through the crowd. He bobs his head in greeting to the Weyrwoman as he passes her."Hello Weyrwoman

Pi gives her head a little bit of a shake. "Nah, ain't neccissary, Ah got work adjusted so it ain't a problem." See she /is/ a nice woman behind that somewhat rough exterior. "Ya got yer own uh…" she can't say problem, a pregnancy isn't a problem to everyone after all. "stuff ta worry bout." Right then, anyhow Psylenith is indeed down the beach and waiting patiently. After all, this gets Pi out of the party as well, though admittedly parties /can/ be fun, she's not really into it right now.

Dryssa returns the hug and smiles brightly at Audria. "I was wondering if you were going to make it! They put me in the Star Ruby wing, so I'm going to be helping out representing the weyr. Isn't that fantastic?" She glances over in J'vry's direction. "So that's the famous J'vry I've heard so much about, right?"

Zipalla nods to Zorya then smiles faintly and eyes the tables, " then.." she nods, leading her newly acquainted cousin to the plates. She takes one up and hands it to Zorya then ushers her ahead, "Get all you want..there's lots.."

Audria nods, face flushing pink. "Congratulations. I somehow knew you'd do well." She smiles, and whispers something into the greenrider's ear, then motions for her to come meet the bronzerider.

J'vry steps up to Audria's side with the food, meat rolls and some sweets as well he found on the well stocked tables, and the klah as well."Here you are… and Congratulations to you…" he nods his head at the greenrider that Audria is talking to.

"Thanks," Zorya smiles, taking the plate from Zip as they reach the tables of food. Passing up some things, others get a bit added to her plate and perhaps surprisingly the vast majority of what goes on it is veggies. "I'm glad your here," she admits, "Uncle Pallaton's great and all, but he's still .. ya know." He's not a kid like them, exactly… And like she would know what he's like, she hasn't seen him since she was 5!

Niah walks along with Pi, nodding and placing a protective hand over her baby bulge. "That's nice of you, thank you." Looking at Psylenith she says, "She's yours so you first. You sure you don't wanna stay for the party I mean, it's ok really I don't wanna be a bother." Bluegreen eyes wide, biting down on her lower lip which already bears the scars of past torture by this very method.

Pi laughs a little and shakes her head. "Nah, And if'n Ah really wanted Ah could come back down ta rejoin, ain't really a problem." She'll clamber up (gracefully mind you, well, maybe) and then lean downwards after strapping herself in to offer a hand. "Come on, no second guessin' meh help, allrigh?"

Dryssa smiles as she is led over to J'vry, greeting him with a pleasant wave. "It's nice to meet you at last. I've heard a great many things, mostly from Audria. How're you doing tonight?" She takes a long sip of the ale mug she holds in her hand.

Niah spends the moment making sure none of the guys at the party get a peek at what is under the dress. Eyeing Psy and then taking the hand, the plants her foot gently and with suprising speed for someone who's pregnant and in a dress she manages to get up. "Thank you again." She stammers out, smoothing the dress again so that there is no chance of any accidents.

J'vry smiles, and passes Audria her food plate and cup. He offers a hand to shake, balancing his food plate carefully on the crook of one arm."I'm well, and yourself?" He then adds."What wing are you going to be in? I'm in Tiger Eye…"

Audria smiles, and makes the official introductions. "Dryssa, this is J'vry, rider of Bronze Leoth. J'vry, this is Dryssa, rider of Vyanth." She takes the plate and cup, blushing slightly, although these are the two people who she's more comfortable with than anyone else on Pern.

After a time, Lisle slowly makes her way out of the crowd and back to her waiting dragon. Perhaps to meet with K'ael, perhaps just to escape the party for now.

Zipalla smiles a little and her own plate bears bread and cheese but she turns and looks for a place to sit, "Well yes..he's Ton.." she says with a lift of shoulders. "And he mostly cares about making sure I stand and making sure I don't like boys.."

Zorya frowns, following the other girl as she searches for a seat. That just burst one of the little happy bubbles about Ton that she had. "Well at least you don't have my father." she notes. "And besides, at least you have boys here." she adds, pulling a smile to her lips once again.

Zipalla frowns some as she sits then bites into a roll. She nods and then swallows, "Not that it matters.. I'm only thirteen turns.. no boys really pay attention to me like that..they will you though," she says with a sort of pained smile.

Dryssa transfers her mug to her other hand so she can shake the offered hand from J'vry. "They just posted me in Star Ruby. Going to be working with them as of today. I'm looking forward to it." She has another swig of her ale.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Zorya questions, having taken a bite and swallowed while listening to Zip. "I had boys like me before., and I'm only just fifteen turns this sevenday. There was this one," she begins her voice hinting and the dreaminess of said boy before she wrinkles her nose and frowns. "He was a cousin on my mother's father's brother's wife's uncle's side or something like that." Go figure, right.

J'vry toasts Dryssa."Best of luck with that. You have any questions, do pester all the riders necessary." He chuckles, and then takes a bite of one meat roll on his plate."If I remember right, the wing I am in is a police wing and solves mysteries… What does Star Ruby do?" He smiles at the young lady, and then looks for a seat."Should we sit down somewhere, the three of us?"

Audria nods. "I believe that would be a good idea.

"Star Ruby is the Weyr relations wing." Dryssa explains as she follows along, sipping her ale. "We go on diplomatic missions, act as guides for visitors, things like that. Just my kind of work!"

Audria nods, as she leads the way to one of the tables set up around the area. "I can believe that, dear. You're one of the nicest people I've ever met." She pulls out a chair for Dryssa, motioning for the greenrider to sit.

J'vry sets his food down, and pulls out a chair for Audria, and then his own chair. He motions for Audria to sit as well."So Dryssa, where are you from?" Yep Mystery lady is gonna get grilled until J'vry is satisfied with the answers."If you want to ask me any questions, please do… unless Audria's told you everything about me." He chuckles.

Dryssa takes her seat when it is pulled out, giving J'vry a friendly smile. She doesn't seem to mind the interrogation. "I'm not really 'from' anywhere. I was born on a ship in the middle of the sea, been traveling most of my life. How about you?"

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J'vry looks at the younger woman."I'm from the Walk Trader train… was apprenticed in the Tanners, before I was Searched."He takes a sip from his klah."You could say I've travelled a lot as well… I have lots of children at different Weyrs. Here, Western, Xanadu."

Audria grins, and waits for J'vry to answer, since the question was directed to him. She looks from one to the other, as she sips at her juice.

Audria nods. "He's got a huge family. Lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, and kids." She thinks for a moment. "Where's Jei, anyway, Dear?

J'vry shrugs."Not sure." He tilts his head at her."Probably off doing something."

Dryssa can't help but snicker a little. "I have to admit, I've heard stories about the big family. Well, the children at least. Even before I met Audria… is it true you've got fifteen children? Are you planning to have more?"

Dryssa can't help but snicker a little. "I have to admit, I've heard stories about the big family. Well, the children at least. Even before I met Audria… is it true you've got fifteen children? Are you planning to have more?"

Audria shrugs. "Well, we've not discussed it, but since I likely can't have children, it may be a moot point.

J'vry says "Fourteen children… and I'd like more, but every time some other person brings it up at one of the family visits, Shellie, my youngest brother's weyrmate, says."Snip Snip, J'vry…" He adds."Rumor has it, that L'ton has more… but I've never seen them all, or at all."

T'ev comes out of the beach and he stops at the edge to take off his boots. He walks out onto the beach barefoot and he nods politely to those all ready at the beach.

Dryssa peers at the bluerider she spots approaching the beach, giving the familiar man a smile and a wave. Dryssa, Audria, and J'vry are all seated at one of the tables left over from the graduation party, where the crowd is now largely cleared out. Dryssa smiles at Audria. "You sure? I've heard healers can do amazing things these days."

Audria shrugs. "They say that there's a chance, although it's likely very small." She sighs, and smiles. "At any rate, I'm already in love with J'vry's kids and granddaughter, plus I have my duties as a nanny.

Zorya's cousin has since wandered off, leaving the teen to stand just off to the side of the majority of people still lingering on the beach. Being new at the weyr on such an occasion has its ups and downs.

Zorya's cousin has since wandered off, leaving the teen to stand just off to the side of the majority of people still lingering on the beach. Being new at the weyr on such an occasion has its ups and downs. <re for Audria>

J'vry nods his head at Audria and Dryssa."All my children and grand-daughter approved of Audria when they met her. My parents did too." He tilts his head."How old are you, Dryssa?"

T'ev waves back as he moves towards the others. He just looks around for now. He nods to a couple people he knows.

Dryssa smiles to J'vry. "I'm eighteen turns old. Going to be nineteen soon. I impressed at a pretty young age…" She trails off as she spots the teen looking out of place, giving her a friendly smile. "You're welcome to join us! It's a party, you know. We've got ale!"

Zorya smiles towards the newly appointed rider as she invites her to join them, moving to do just that. "My father doe…" she starts, but then her father isn't there is he. "That'd be great. Thanks!"

T'ev moves over towards Dryssa and the others, "Thank you for the offer." He gets a mug of ale and sips it.

Dryssa gives them both grins, pouring herself a new mug of ale and pouring one for Zorya, which she hands over. "Nice to see you again, T'ev. And nice to meet you… visiting a graduating relative?" She asks Zorya, curiously.

Corbuk blinks, shaking his head, clearing his senses, trying to remember what he was doing. What was he doing? That's a good question. He looks around, it can't hurt him to be cautious, right?

Zorya's smile dances brightly on her lips. "Zorya." she supplies, shaking her head to the question. "And no, just visiting a relative. No graduating involved. Just happened to show up the right night is all."

T'ev looks over at Dryssa as he lowers his ale, "It's nice to see you again." He opens his mouth to reply to her question when he realizes she isn't asking him. He replaces it with his mug and drinks down the ale.

J'vry looks toward the newcomer to the party."Hey join us… we're celebrating some new weyrlings getting assigned to wings, if you wish."

Audria giggles, although she blushes slightly at the new arrivals, and leans over to whisper something to Dryssa.

Corbuk blinks a bit. "Who, me?" he asks, thinking he is meant. He eyes those gathered, shuffling side to side a bit.

"Well, you picked a great night for it." Dryssa says to Zorya, smiling wide. "How do you like Ista so far? What've you seen?" She has another sip of ale and turns to Audria, grinning and leaning in to whisper back.

T'ev nods, "Thank you for the invitation. Congratulations to all those that have graduated." He goes to refill his ale.

Zorya sips at the ale, making a face. So it's new to her…. "Not much really." she replies, "The beach? I got here just as things were ending," she adds, motioning to the stage to clarify what was ending.

Corbuk shifty-eyes, flicking left, right, yawning a bit. Still, he is uncomfortable, and it's known as he shuffles about.

Audria nods at the whisper, grinning, as she once again replies. She's a bright pink, but at least she's not hiding away like she would normally. She squeezes J'vry's hand, then takes Dryssa's and does the same.

Dryssa gives Zorya another smile. "Well, the beach is particularly lovely this time of year. Have you been in the water yet? Oh! Before I forget…" She gives Audria a smile. "This is my good friend Audria, and these riders are J'vry and T'ev. I'm Dryssa, rider of green Vyanath."

J'vry smiles, innocent look on his face. He better not be the one whispered about. He gently squeezes Audria's hand back, and then pays attention to his food and drink for a moment, then."Do you have brothers and sisters, Dryssa?"

Zorya shakes her head, continuing to sip at the ale in her mug. "I haven't had time to test the water yet." she replies. Having only just gotten her didn't leave much time for that. "Nice to meet you." she adds to the others, giving a nod of recognition to each along with a smile as the others are introduced.

T'ev nods, 'It's nice to meet you all." He finds a place to sit down after he refills his mug of ale.

Dryssa smiles up at J'vry. "I have three sisters and three brothers. All older. How many do you have? Must be a lot." She smiles at Zorya as well, taking another sip of ale. "You should give it a try later, it's fantastic this time of year. Right Audria?"
Audria giggles and blushes again, but nods. "Absolutely wonderful, nice and warm.

Zorya nods. "I'll have to keep that in mind." she agrees as Dryssa mentions to try the water later. "So… you're one of the ones who just graduated. Right?" she asks, trying to begin to sort things out in her head.

Audria giggles and blushes again, but nods. "Absolutely wonderful, nice and warm." This time, she leans over and whispers something into J'vry's ear.

"That's right!" Dryssa says chipperly, a big smile on her face as she has more sips of ale. "And thank goodness, too. You know this is the first time I've been able to drink in over two turns?"

Zorya giggles. "This is the first time I've been able to in… well ever." she laughs, taking another drink, still not anywhere near used to the taste, but hey, everyone else is doing it. Why not.

J'vry says "I'm the oldest of eight… And seven of my brothers and sisters were with Mom… The other sister of ours was a fling Da had, but we still love her anyways."

T'ev just listens for right now, not wanting to interrupt as he slowly drinks his ale.

Dryssa looks rather amazed at Zorya. "Really? Wow. Overprotective parents? Well, cut loose! This is a time for celebration, after all!" She snickers as she refills both her own mug and Zorya's, clearly already a bit tipsy. "Anyone else for more?"

J'vry finishes his klah, and then gets up."Audria, m'dear, would you like me to get you some other thing to drink?"

Audria smiles at Dryssa. "Can I get some wine, dear?" Her eyes sparkle as she leans up against J'vry for a moment. "You stay here, love.

Zorya nods. "Father." she notes, mother too, but mostly father. "And thanks." she giggles as the older girl refills her mug. "Might as well celebrate." she agrees, "Here's to you!" the girl raises her glass for a second before lifting it to her lips.

Dryssa tilts her chair back to lean and snatch a wine bottle from the serving table, sitting back upright and putting it on the table in front of Audria. "There we go." She grins and raises her mug to Zorya's toast. "Thanks! Here's to you having a great time at Ista, too. Part of my duties is making visitors feel welcome now."

J'vry smiles at the lady that won his heart, and hugs her before going to get some wine."Benden please…." His voice goes quiet as he talks to the kitchen helper with the wine skin. A pair of cups are produced, and poured into. He then comes back to Audria and Dryssa, and hands Audria her wine."A toast, to the newly graduated Weyrlings. Success!"

"And you're doing a wonderful job if you ask me," Zorya giggles, the bit of ale she's had clearly going to her head rather quickly. "I feel more welcome already." Grin.

Audria pulls the cork from the bottle, and pours some wine for both herself and J'vry, then tastes it. "Thank you, dear." She can't help grinning as she watches the youngsters, and one hand finds J'vry's as he settles back down, while she raises her mug in a toast.

J'vry smiles and takes the hand Audria gives him, and sips his wine. He does toast the newly graduated though.

T'ev raises his mug of the toast to the weyrlings before he brings it back down and takes a sip of it.

Dryssa downs her ale very, very quickly so she can replace it with some wine. No sense being the only one left out! Quite tipsy now, she grins to Zorya again. "You're very welcome. Be sure to tell my wingleader that if you get the chance!"

Corbuk goes home.

Audria laughs, as she pours some wine for Dryssa, filling her mug about a third of the way.

Zorya nods. "For sure." she agrees. At least she will if she remembers come morning. "Who's that anyhow?" Since she's visiting after all and knows… well next to no one. "So I can tell the right person."

"Her name is Pi. Pi Shipton." Dryssa answers Zorya. She smiles gratefully to Audria for the refill. "Thank you!" She immediately takes a sip. "Mmm. Tasty!"

Zorya nods again. "Oh! I know her. Kinda…" she exclaims. Yay for her, at least it helps being able to remember to tell the wingleader when you at least know who it is.

T'ev hmms, "What wing have you been assigned to. I have met Pi a couples of times. She is a fair wingleader."

"Really? That's quite a coincidence." Dryssa says to Zorya, smiling. "Well, it helps to get off on the right foot! I'm in Star Ruby now." She answers T'ev.

Audria finishes her wine, then kisses Dryssa's cheek. "Dear, I need to go to bed. I've got to be up early to take care of the younglings." She turns, and kisses J'vry's cheek as well. "Love, could you ask Leoth to take me up to the weyr, please?"

J'vry nods."I can do that."

T'ev hmms, "What wing have you been assigned to. I have met Pi a couples of times. She is a fair wingleader." He ahs a little bit, "Well good luck being on that wing."

"It was nice to meet you," Zorya smiles, "But," she stifles a yawn with the back of her hand, "I'm getting pretty sleepy. Its been a long day." That said she waves, heading off to find some much needed sleep.

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