...so there's a good kind to eat?

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Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

Ya just gotta love restdays. No chores, no yucky laundry rooms — or worse, store rooms. Freedom! Iroha and a few of her fellows have escaped the hustle and bustle of the bowl, spread out along the beach in singles or pairs, prowling the sands near the surf. The gangly girl herself has wandered a little distant, a small basket held against her side in the crook of her arm. She's bent over at the waist so she's at right angles with the ground, hair falling forward to obscure her face as she stares intently into the water swirling about her feet.

Grumpygrumpy. What more can you expect from F'yr who couldn't even get to her own weyr anymore. Not that she wanted to. The brownrider was in her beach swimming gear, which was really just a big shirt that fell long on the petite girl. Her feet had the thinnest of sandals to help against the hot black sands, though she still had to pick her feet up high as she wandered down it, slingshot in hand. She kicks, looking for a shell, before picking it up and aiming somewhere far out to sea. It's only then that she notices the white-knots, her eyes resting on Iroha curiously. "Can't catch fish by staring at them, you know," she calls out.

K'ael has a restday, too! At least he's like to think so. He's certainly taking one. Or a half day or something. He swoops in on the big lump of bronze muscle Azaeth. Once hopping off the bronze retreats to along the horizon in the water. Far away from any other dragons that might be in the water. The weyrleader is also dressed for swimming, wearing just a pair of trunks and some sandals. He's got a couple of towels draped over himself. He spots a blonde head and heads over F'yr's way, giving Iroha a wave as well. "Hello hello ladies."

Zorya doesn't have a restday today, but she does have a break in her chores for the time being and given that she's found her way to the beach. Blue eyes sweep across the water as she nears the shore, her gaze moving to the sand where she happens to spot F'yr and Iroha. The harper's steps changing direction to lead her towards the pair who's soon joined by K'ael. "'Lo," she greets a moment after the weyrleader, lips curling into a soft smile.

Iroha lets out a sudden whoop and plunges her hand beneath the water, scrabbles a bit, then chases -something- a few strides deeper in. "HA! Gotcha!" She's also soaked to the hips, now. As she's picking her way back out of the water, she tucks the whatever-it-was into her basket with a self-satisfied grin. Her head swivels on her neck as she searches for the source of that call, and as soon as F'yr is located she waves enthusiastically. "Fish?" she calls back. "Who cares about fish when I got this!" A little rummaging in her basket and she triumphantly brandishes a long length of … is it really? … yes, yes it is. Seaweed. Apparently attached to a small round stone. Giving her head a toss to whip her curls out of her eyes, she starts to jog up the beach towards the brownrider. And more company! "Hi there!" is cheerfully chirped, her hand shooting up into the air again to wave at Zorya and … whoever he is.

F'yr is sooo happy to see K'ael! …Not. She just gives Azaeth a snort and him a passing look (maybe a brief nod) before turning her attention out to the water. She pulls back on her slingshot and shoots off a random bit of shell far out into the bay before she focuses on Iroha's behavior. "What?" Blink. "It's… seaweed," she says matter-of-factly in case the girl didn't know that. With her free hand now she gives Zorya a wave. "Plenty of candidates out on the beach today, you'd think they'd find a smarter place to hide. Unless we're having seaweed for dinner tonight." She makes a face. "Please tell me you're not collecting dinner, Iroha."

Tsk tsk! Iroha should recognize that huge kn— Oh wait, he wasn't wearing a knot! So now he's been demoted to just plain old Mike. K'ael blinks a bit at the candidate. "Seaweed? You're… not planning on eating that, are you? Though I heard you can. I wouldn't want to…" Though the bronzer does have a slight aversion to all things green. He gives Zor a wave. "Come out for a swim, right? I know F'yr has." He pokes the brownrider a bit. Pokepoke. "You forgot your trunks, Fy." He snickers at her.

Zorya's gaze narrows on the ribbon of seaweed that Iroha holds up. "What.." she starts, leaving the majority of the question unasked. The edibility of the plant getting a wrinkle of her nose, "Ah'd think it be awful stringy." Or something like that anyway, certainly not something she'd have considered before.

"Yep, seaweed," Iroha agrees cheerfully, turning back from watching that bit of shell go flying out over the water. "And rocks and shells and I think I've got a dead crustaceon in here somewhere." She pulls the basket around in front of her face and sticks her nose inside, as if planning on sniffing out the dead critter. She cackles cheerful then, not even bothering to try to hold in her loud bray of a laugh. No bowl walls to echo off of, it's not nearly so enbarrassing. "Eat it? Oh nonono, this is wrong type! See how it's all scraggly and reddish?" She plucks out a length and offers it for inspection. "You want the wide green fronds, and those you gotta dive for, usually. The big ones are too bitter." Well, she certainly -sounds- like she knows what she's on about. She could also be making it all up. As her string of babbling comes to a stop, she tips a wink at Zorya, "-You- can't peek." And with that, she swings the basket around (with the hand that's not holding out the seaweed) so that's she's holding it behind herself, and out of the older Candidate's view. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe.

F'yr lifts her chin up to stick her tongue out at K'ael. "I ain't a guy, I don't need trunks." She waves a hand over her shirt instead. Covered more than shorts did! She waves her wooden weapon at the pointing fingers, trying to find some defense. "She's attached to plants," Fy tells the bronzer and Zorya in a loud voice even as her eyes were still on Iroha. There's a quirk to her lips upwards though at the girl's enthusiasm, lifting Fy away from her gloomy mood just a bit. "Still sounds like you're making some kind of crazy salad, you know." She shifts uneasily on her feet at the warm sands, moving into the wet sand where she can cool them off a bit.

K'ael raises an eyebrow at Iroha. "I see. Building an aquarium or something?" He moves over to take a peek in her basket. "Er… so there's a good kind to eat? Does it taste like something other than seawater?" He'll even take lettuce over that. Then he grins to F'yr. "Really? Sometimes I wonder…" Peer. Where did she get that shirt anyways. That looks like one of his! "Plants are okay, I guess. Tubers are good. I don't know if they count though…"

Zorya was trying to get a peek at what rests inside of that basket in the other candidate's hand. If only for curiosity's sake, but as Iroha pulls it back into semi-hiding behind her and points out that she, in particular, isn't allowed the knowledge of its contents the blonde recoils just a bit. "Well you can see what Ah've got either," she retorts tauntingly though a smile does remain. Then again, she doesn't have anything with her at the moment either. At least not that it looks like. She laughs as K'ael continues down the path of eating the plant, "Ah dunno about an aquarium, but building something probably…" she comments, keeping an eye on the other candidate.

Iroha's head bobs up and down at F'yr's words. "Someday, I'm gonna have the prettiest garden on Pern!" she announces, spinning around in a couple circles for … no reason, really. Of course, since gravity and physics work the way they do, this causes a small selection of seajunk to fall out of her basket. "Oops!" Hunkering down onto her haunches, she begins to collect things back again. "Oh yeah! Seaweed's supposed to be really good for ya." she answers K'ael's query. "I 'member hearing a Healer talking about it once … or was it a Baker? Anyway!" Shrug. "Helps inflammation or indigestion or foot fungus or somesuch. Maybe is was a Healer…" her musings trail off. She watches F'yr for a moment, opens her mouth, shuts it, opens again, shut, open, shut, sigh. Back to the outnumbered male of the bunch, "I know! I'll ask next time I have kitchen duty and maybe someone will know how to prepare some. Wouldn't that be nifty?" Pause. "Tubers're roots, so yeah, they count." She wobbles a bit as she shifts her attention towards Zorya, the other girl's reaction causing her to grin. She nods, winks, taps the side of her nose and steadfastly refuses to say anything to confirm or deny the guess about building something. Tilting her head this way and that, and wobbling a bit more, she tries to see if Zorya maybe has something sticking out of a pocket.

F'yr kicks her sandaled feet through the shallow water a bit, sighing as the feeling before turning her head back first in the bronzer's direction. "Wonder what?" And in fact, it might very well have been one of his! Her raggedy old big shirts were falling apart and she needed a new supplies, and she always bugged the Weyrleader with how big he was. "Oh, no no no," she says quickly to Iroha, turning to face the candidate and shaking her hand at her. "No seaweed salads! It'll starve out the Weyr, I bet." Her curiosity is perked by both of the girls, though, looking from one to the other and finally moving towards Iroha to peek at the stuff she dropped and her basket.

K'ael blinks at the candidates. What was going on where they were hiding things from each other. Strange things. Gross things. K'ael catches stuff falling out of the basket and instinctively squats down to retrieve the lost items. "Huh? Well.. I don't have inflammation. Or indigestion. And my foot fungus went away after I used F'yr's washroom a few times." Snicker. "I dunno. I'm not a big fan of things that are leafy and green." The weyrleader seems to always be needing t-shirts and clean underwears and shorts these days.

Zorya laughs, ducking down to grab a shell that's fallen from the basket, turning it over in her fingers before offering it back to Iroha. "Well when ya have that garden let me know? Ah'd like ta see it." she says with a smile, standing once again, continuing to listen to the girl babble on about the many uses of seaweed with unchecked interest. "Really… All that?" she sounds impressed by not only the knowledge, but the multitude of options for its uses.

Iroha's grin falls into a pout, directed at F'yr. "Awww, spoilsport!" Judging from the way her eyes remain crinkled at their corners, though, she's not -really- as put out as she's attempting to appear. "Wait … you had foot fungus? EEEEEEEW!" Yeah, she's fourteen. What did he expect, a mature responce? Then she harrumphs, "Bah, those wherry-gulping dragons have you all addled! Why is it that every 'rider I talk to hates veggies?" Okay, so admittedly she hasn't really talked to that many long enough to find out their food preferences. A fierce frown is directed at K'ael, though again it seems like the strange girl isn't -really- serious. "Nah, keep it. Just don't tell anyone I gave it to you." she then chirps are Zorya, with a wave of her hand.

F'yr's attention strays away from random stuff on the beach to stare at K'ael. "When'd you have foot fungus?" She crouches down into the water a bit to try to find something to throw, only succeeding in cupping her hand and splashing towards the Weyrleader. "That's sick, Mike! You stay 'way from my place if you're sick." Cooled feet step back towards the sand closer to the group, smirking at Iroha just a bit. "Maybe cause we got used to our dragons tearing animals apart and it looked tasty to us. I'll take a big juicy steak over greens anyday!"

Zipalla wanders down to the beach barefooted and wearing a halter-style bikini top and wrap skirt. Her hair is caught back in a braid and she has a canvas sack with her, clasped in one hand, no satchel of sketches today, she's treasure hunting. Seeing the group at the water's edge she walks that way then icks, "There's a fungus among us?" she asks, then grins crookedly. "Hey Zor, F'yr, K'ael.. and.." and she smiles, looking to Iroha, "I don't think we've met?" she asks, turning to the girl.

K'ael chuckles and flexes for Iroha. "Do I look like I'm a veggie-man? No way. Veggies are for girlies. Like you. I dunno. I eat them because if my mom finds out I'm not she'll come down here and pinch me." He peers in a northwardly direction. Then he laughs at F'yr. "I was kidding, shards. And bloody herdbeast /does/ look tasty." The bronzer gives a wave to Zip. "You look cute. Come out for a swim, too?"

Zorya wrinkles her nose, "Eww," she states, her own reaction to the fungus much the same as Iroha's though a little less exaggerated. K'ael gets a slight roll of her eyes for his commentary on veggies, but she nods her agreement with the younger candidate. "Ya know, Ah'm starting ta think that too. It's always steak with them," she continues, tossing a glance towards K'ael amusement shining in her blue eyes to showing that yes, she is picking on him there. Zipalla's greeting catches her ears and the harper turns in her direction, a bright smile coming across for her cousin. The bag is picked up on quickly enough, "So are you going to hid 'treasure' from me too?"

"Iroha!" said person declares, falling backwards onto her butt as she waves. Eep! A quick check to make sure her basket of stuff hasn't been toppled, then her grin reappears under a cascade of curls. "My group or hers?" is next asked, with a long finger thrust out in Zorya's direction. F'yr is being blatantly ignored. Bloody carnivores. Well, almost ignored. A little bit of rummaging, a peer and a poke, and *flip*! A small, many-legged crusty-shelled -thing- goes sailing in the general direction of the brownrider's sandalled toes. Oops. Whistle. "Ooh, your mum likes to pinch too? What -is- it with mothers and pinching!?" Apparently having a scary mum keeps K'ael in her good graces."

F'yr waves a hand towards Zipalla's arrival, like everyone else. "Hey." She squints her eyes all suspicious like at K'ael though, pursing her lips out a bit. "Were you /really/ kidding? Sometimes I wonder about that one myself." Her turn to poke at the bronzer, though she does so with the end of her slingshot before turning towards the others, just in time to catch something sailing her way. Her reaction? Jump in surprise and cover her face! "What the shards was that?" Her blue eyes turn down and she nudges the thing with her foot carefully before her tongue sticks out at Iroha. "Ha. Ha. Very funny."

Zipalla grins a bit at all the comments then waves at K'ael, "Thanks..yeah, I thought I might get some swimming in, have infirmary duty later," she answers. Eyes on Iroha, "I'm Zip, nice to meet you, we're on the same team for the challenges..you collecting things?" she asks her. She waves to Zorya then to F'yr and smiles, digging happy bare toes into the sand for a moment where she stands. She turns to the bronze then grins wide and heads for him, putting her hand out to rub at his side, "Hello, handsome," she says to Azaeth.

K'ael grins to them. "And soon you both will be craving steak all the time, too. I never really gave it much thought. Maybe we just can't separate our own cravings from our dragon's? Hm…" He rubs his chin a bit. "Iroha. I thought that was your name." Sure. "I'm K'ael by the way. Uh. Weyrleader or some such. Rider to bronze Azaeth. And yeah, my mom does like to pinch." Peer. "She says it's my dimples." Azaeth has waded in to say hello to Zip. But after the short rub he's wading back out to the far ocean. He's not supposed to be around any of the other dragons that might show up.

From the earlier light taunting in regard to the challenges Zorya's fairly certain she's not going to get anything out of Iroha about it, but Zipalla - there she might have a chance being cousins and all. Right? "So, speaking of those challenges, what are you thinkin' of them?" F'yr's reaction to the crustacean has the harper peering towards it as well, "What in the…"

Bahahahahaha! Hahaha! Haha! Ha! Iroha cackles gleefully, sounding more than a tiny bit deranged, F'yr's reaction being everything the young girl had hoped for. "Yep, it sure was!" A wicked grin is directed up at the brownie, the Candidate either uncaring or completely forgetting that F'yr could probably quite easily assign her laundry duty until the day the eggs crack. Knowing Iro, she's likely forgotten. Curls fly every which way as she then nods exuberantly at Zipalla, "Oh yeah, I been picking up all sorts of neat things! Wanna see?" She offers up the basket, tilting it slightly so that Zorya can't get a good look inside. And then she almost drops itagainas she stares at K'ael, wide-eyed. Here she's been making an utter arse out of herself in front of the -Weyrleader-? GULP. "Well, um … they are cute? Your dimples, I mean." Oh Faranth save her. Her blush seems to start at her shirt collar and creeps slowly up her face, all the way to her hairline and the tips of her ears. Please, sandy beach, open up and swallow her. NOW. She darts a frantic glance at Zorya, silently begging the older and more experienced Candidate to save her before she swallows her foot to the knee and gets herself kicked out of the Weyr or something awful like that. Squeak.

F'yr toes the dead thing a bit more, looking completely interested in it for a moment before she eyes the candidates. "You should be sneakier than that if you're trying to hide something! I think Zorya's peeking!" Or trying to get hints, obviously. She stares at the young teen before it was her turn to break out into giggles. "Mikey! I think she didn't know you were the Weyrleader." She elbow-nudges the bronzer with a grin. "Silly girlie…" And then after one more toe she kicks up dead crab up towards Iroha this time.

Zipalla smiles and watches Azaeth go then turns back to the group and nods, looking down into the basket. "I have a few ideas.." and a glance to Zorya, "Which we won't be sharing.." she says with a giggle. Dead crab incoming! She darts away from the target, hey it's every candidate for themselves when it comes to dead things in the air. "I'm glad ours is nearly done.." she says, winking to her teammate.

K'ael blinks at Iroha's reaction to his little introduction. He grins to her, and viola! His dimples appear. "I dunno. You tell me." Aw. He feels a little bad for her, but it was her right to know! About him being weyrleader, right? He bends around to poke his head in her view. "What do you think?" He looks at F'yr then. "Heh, yeah I don't think she did. Sorry, Iroha. Didn't mean to make you nervous. I'm just a regular guy! Unless I'm in my office.

Zorya giggles. Iroha is digging herself a nice hole there, isn't she. Zorya will speak up for her though, tossing a smile towards the weyrleader, "Well you're right," she agrees with the younger girl, "His dimples are kinda cute." And yes she is trying to peek in that basket, and get hints. Thank you. "Hey!" she scoffs when F'yr rats her out. No fair!

Iroha points an accusing finger at K'ael's bare shoulder. "No knot! Not my fault! EEP!" Hands flail as she tries to catch the re-tossed crab, succeeding in bouncing it off her palms a couple of times before she finally secures her fingers around it. Clutching it to her chest, her face still bright red, she glares at F'yr. "It's a seaweed salad for you, missy! Just wait until I'm on kitchen duty next…." Blink. Oh dear, Weyrleader face. "I'll avoid your office then. Um … want a crab?" she asks, thrusting the poor dead thing at him. It's been out of the water long enough now that it's sure to smell … appealing. Unfortunately the girl is a little overwhelmed, so she's stopped paying close attention to Zipalla and Zorya. The wink is completely and totally missed, and she scrambles after anything that will call attention away from her social blundering, "Oh! Are we really? What did we pick? Was I asleep or something? Lear hasn't tried to clean it, has he!?" Maybe if she asks enough questions, someone else will become the centre of attention.

"If you ignore the rest of his ugly body, maybe," F'yr points out in regards to K'ael's 'cute' dimples. Though she doesn't appear to think the same as the girls around her. Instead she grins brightly at Iroha's reaction to the crab, giggling a bit more. "I'd like to see you try to sneak that into me. I dare you!" Cackle. "I'd hunt and eat 'snakes than eat seaweed. Just sounds awful." And she probably will, unless she didn't know what she was eating. She waggles her slingshot at Zorya, tsking loudly. "Cheating candidates. You ain't suppose to look, like Iroha said. Right? Careful there, Zorya's gonna take your stuff if you'e not careful!" The last to the youngest candidate, of course.

Zipalla laughs at Iroha's antics and K'ael gets a smirk too then when the youngest girl blows the cover on "ours is already almost done" Zip covers, "Right, almost done, I'll fill you in later.." nudge nudge wink wink. "Azaeth is the cute one.. K'ael's just lucky to have such a handsome mate.." she says with a grin to the Weyrleader. "Makes the dimples and all tolerable.." She grins over at F'yr then nods her head to Iroha, "I've seen her eat a live snake.." not, but hey, F'yr is easily the fiercest rider she knows, sounds reasonable.

K'ael laughs at Iroha. "I didn't wear it today just to confuse you!" He grins at her. "Sorry about that. Usually I at least wear a shirt down to the beach, but not today. I just sort of assume everyone knows me. And now you do." There's a nose wrinkle at the crab. "Er, no thanks. You keep it for whatever it is you're all doing." He pouts at all the other girls though. "Only /kind of/ cute? I must be slipping in my old age. Bah. You all are just mean to me." He gets up and head out to the water. "I'm going to hop in the water for a bit. I'll visit you ladies a bit later."

Clean it? That's perhaps the bit of Iroha's statement that catches Zorya's attention the most, though the younger girl's continuing reaction to K'ael being the weyrleader earns a lingering giggle from the harper. That is until the brownrider is accusing her of cheating. "How is wondering how they're doing cheating? Nothing said we couldn't know what the others are doing." Or did she just miss that part. K'ael gets a laugh for his unshown 'pout' about his cuteness factor, sending a wave after him as he heads out into the water, "Later K'ael," she calls after him before turning back to the others. "Don't mind him," she notes, almost as an aside to Iroha, "He's just full of himself." she finishes with a smile.

Wait, what? Thoroughly distracted now, Iroha grabs her basket and pulls it into her lap, hunching her shoulders as she folds her upper body around it to hide the contents. Grrr, mine! Wrapping protective arms around it, she scowls playfully up at Zorya. "Sneaky! Shoo!" She waggles her fingers as laughter finds its way back into her voice again. And suddenly the clue sinks in. "Wha— oooh! Oh! Right, gotcha!" She slants a glance at F'yr then. "No! Really? Now, -Stinkbreath- I'd believe that of, when he was a baby, but F'yr? She squealed about a dead crab!" She tugs on a curl as the Weyrleader departs, looking relieved. She smiles up at Zorya's words, grateful for the reassurance.

F'yr shakes her head a bit after K'ael's retreating back. "They're nice 'nough to even included 'cute' to describe you," she mumbles after him, though he probably didn't hear. To Zorya she grins at and winks, waving a hand at Iroha's reaction to emphasize her next words. "You see, she didn't want you to look. Which means you were cheating in /some/ way, so… I dunno." She flips a bit of blond hair out from her face, not really paying too much attention to her own tangled mess. "Hey, Zaruath's got a real name!" Pout. Zipalla gets a head-bob and she makes a slurping sound with her mouth. "They're real good, too— hey! I didn't squeal! I was gonna /hit/ it." She jumped, but even that she'd refuse to admit.

Zipalla grins some and waves to K'ael then she laughs softly and nods to Zorya, agreeing. She looks to Iroha and yay, she finally gets it! A conspiratory nod. She finds a spot to sit and starts digging a bit, though she mostly stretches out and relaxes, enjoying the company and the lack of a chore to have to be doing at the moment. "Did you see the eggs, both of ya?" she asks, then looks to F'yr, "It was the most fascinating thing I've ever done."

Zorya blinks, pulling back a step from the group as she's shooed by Iroha. "Well ya know we don't have ta talk about that either," the competition that is obviously, and thankfully Zipalla gives her the perfect opening for a new discussion. There's a giggle at the youngest's use of her nickname for F'yr's brown but no comment to compliment it. "Ah did, yeah. They're definitely nicer than the ones that were at Eastern." which is a good sign in her mind. That was just.. well it wasn't the best first experience. "You know Umniyath's hatched the other day…" Of course they'd have heard by now. Right.

Iroha comes to Zorya's defence, "Not cheating, peeking!" The distinction is important. Firm nod. Relaxing her protective pose, she tugs at the dangling tail of her shirt. Once, twice, thrice and riiiiiip. A good sized chunk of shirt tears free, which she then places across the top of the basket. There, all safe. "Yeah yeah, sure sure," she remarks to F'yr's protests, grinning. She tilts her head as she considers Zipalla's question and statement. "Fascinating … and kinda creepy," she chimes in. "And I still can't believe Florena tried to lick one! Is she even gonna be allowed back on the Sands before the Hatching?" She pats the sand next to her, smiling up at Zorya. "Aww, I didn't mean it! Come sit." Pause. "I sure hope they don't catch the cough." Gee, sounds like that needs capital letters.

"Right, right. Same difference," F'yr says now in regards to the cheating/peeking. She moves back closer to the water, though it was only a step away from the dry sands the candidates were on, so that she can cool her feet again in the incoming waves. "She might not be allowed back for awhile," Fy answers Iroha, turning her head that way. "But the dragons forget so she'll be allowed sooner than you think! Don't go thinking that'll give you ideas, cause angry golds are scary." Her frown returns at the idea of the hatchlings getting sick, and she turns back to the water to silently kick around now.

Zipalla smiles at Zorya and nods her head, "I heard.." she answers regarding the other hatching. She grins at Iroha and then keeps digging around though at the mention of the cough she deflates some. Her brows furrow and she looks away then shakes her head, "They're ALL gonna be just fine, every last dragon, every hatchling, every..everyone.." she says firmly.

Zorya nods. Peeking, yes. Cheating, no. Yes, F'yr, there is a difference between the two. "I know," she replies, laughing to herself at the memory of it now as she settles to take a seat beside the younger candidate as she offers. "I mean Florena has done some weird things, but that she'd actually try to -lick- it…" Its almost mind boggling really considering they were specifically told not to. "Ah don't.." she starts, but then F'yr is chiming in on the girl being allowed back on the sands and she simply nods. The harper too frowns at the mention of the cough, "Ah hope so too, the last hatchlings they got off the sands like right away. Ah haven't heard anything about them.." Which is a good sign.

"Sorry," Iroha mumbles, digging her toes into the sand. She'll get that brain-to-mouth filter working one of these Turns. The younger girl falls into listening, fidgeting with the torn corner of her shirt.

F'yr turns her head slowly away from the water towards the candidates, frown still there. After dipping her feet in her water for awhile she nods towards them. "Yah, they'll be fine…" Fy's gloomy again. She moves away from the waves and nods towards the white-knots. "You… do whatever you were doing or something. I think I gotta go." Or rather she definitely did have to go. The brownrider makes her way away from the group and back towards the weyr, heading back to the infirmary where she was spending most of her time.

Zorya nods again, "Later then F'yr," she calls after the older teen as she takes her leave from their group. The harper is seated on the beach, a foot or two from the water's edge, Iroha beside her, the basket now covered with a torn scrap of the other girl's shirt. Zipalla is still nearby as well. "So.." she starts again, "What'd you think Zipalla? Ah know you were excited about bein' a candidate." Perhaps more so before the disaster with the dragon sickness, but still.

Zipalla turns a sympathetic look to F'yr and then nods softly as she wanders off her gaze falling back to her cousin. "Dhon's real sick, Zor.." she says with a little furrow of brows. "I mean I guess you know but.." It's Dhon..so it has to be mentioned. She smiles and then her face brightens, "I am.. I can't believe it.. I mean I can.. but.. the eggs..I just know I felt one meant for a.." and she doesn't finish. It's prolly bad luck to say what she'd have said. A dancer. The happiness is balanced by a somber expression, however, remembering the one that never responded. "You excited too?" she asks her cousin and the other girl, if she's listening.

Iroha stops picking at her shirt and leans back on her elbows, crossing her legs at the ankles and wiggling sand-covered toes. "Who's Dhon?" she asks curiously of Zipalla. Green eyes remain focused on the play of light over the ocean. "Excited? Yeah. More so now after gettin' up close to the eggs. It was so -weird!- Though I'm still half-convinced that Zaruath was only trying to show up that prancy bronze that Searched Lear." She smiles at the memory.

K'ael comes out of the water finally. He's a bit out of breath and looks half drowned, his hair all matted down and dripping wet. He moves back over to the gaggles of candidates, minus the one rider and picks up one of his towels to start toweling off. "Scared off F'yr, hm? Guess I ought to thank you guys." He winks to them, then invites himself to take a seat next to his new favorite person to embarrass, Iroha of course. "You guys like the eggs then, hm?"

Zorya nods solemnly at her cousin's remark on Dhon. "Yeah…" she sighs the word in reply. She knows, perhaps trying to ignore that fact where she can, but she knows. "L'tons Dhonzayth," she clarifies for the other on the identity of the bronze, "He's the clutch sire." And her uncle, but that's something she tends to forget to mention at times. She gives her cousin a questioning look when she doesn't finish her though, yet she doesn't push for it either. Something to discuss at a later time perhaps. "A little… Ah'm still not sure right now.." But then there's another voice finding its way into their conversation and blue eyes lift to find K'ael. "Ah think she needed to check on Zaruath."

Zipalla nods to Zorya, "L'ton's my da.." she adds, her sad look darkening for a moment in concern for her family, and all the dragons affected. She smiles to see K'ael returning then nods again, "She had to go.." is all she says, letting Zorya finish. She pulls a half a shell from the sand and looks it over slowly, only a half but a big one, not a single chip, shiny inside, and she turns it this way and that to look it over. Mind. Elsewhere. What if that little egg is a dud.

Iroha snickers a bit, "You look like one of the laundry attendants mistook you for a stablehand's week old overshirt." K'ael's obviously much less intimidating when he's that bedraggled looking. She glances between Zorya and Zipalla then, enlightment dawning. "Ahh. Well!" she chirps. "The DragonHealers are obviously trying real hard, and they thought they were close once, right? So they'll find a cure, I'm sure of it." Optimism at it's best. "C'mon, let's not be so glum! Happy thoughts, right?"

K'ael nods. "Yeah… another one affected. Being on the sands with the others it's only natural that he'd pick it up as well. That's why Azaeth has to be anti-social for a while. Poor guy. Not that he's too social anyways, but he's sort of been stuck inside for a while." He nods to Zor about F'yr. "Zaru is sick, too. Which means I can't bug F'yr too often either." He blinks between the two cousins. "Find an egg you like?" He laughs at Iroha. "Shards, mean to me." He rubs his hair so it goes back to normal a bit and he wraps the other towel around his already dry neck.

Zorya nods, "Right," she agrees, even if she doesn't sound a hundred percent convincing on the matter as she digs her toes into warm sand. A grin works its way back to her lips for Iroha's teasing of K'ael. Quiet consideration follows as she thinks on the weyrleader's question, "Ah dunno.. Ah mean there's a few that Ah like, don't know that Ah have a favorite though.." she replies, lifting her gaze to meet his as she adds, "Startin ta think Azaeth doesn't like me though." This is said with a bit of a smile, lightly teasing though there is a certain seriousness to the comment beneath the attempt at amusement.

Zipalla snaps from her thoughts and glances to Iroha then smiles, nodding, though quiet for the moment. The shell is dropped into the sack and she leans back on her hands, a somber look falling to the Weyrleader. "Is it.." and she hesitates then finishes, "..normal that I'd touch one and nothing happen?" she asks, wide-eyes trained on the bronzer. She glances to Zorya and grins a little then looks right back to the Weyrleader.

"Not in your office," Iroha points out, that logic apparently justifying the teasing. She yawns then, wiggling herself a bit deeper into the warm sand. "Don't you Zor? You were pretty well entranced by that mucky-looking one." She quips with a smile. "I kinda like the one that's bright white at the base, like a flare of light." The girl turns towards Zipalla then, shifting all her weight onto one elbow as she peers across at her. "Oh… which one was that?"

K'ael nods a bit to Zorya. "Your lifemate might be out there. Too bad you gotta wait until the day they hatch to find out, right? Anyways, no point in having a favorite." He grins. "Azaeth? He doesn't like many people. But don't take it personal. He just doesn't know you. He's used to Zip." He blinks at Zip. "Hm? Yeah, sometimes. Maybe they just didn't feel like talking or something. I don't know exactly. Could be a dud. Who is to say?"

Zorya nods slowly. "Was meaning more than was left for two of his clutches now," she notes with a smile that says she's mostly teasing. But the sire might have an influence on the hatchlings. Right? "Ah know.." she sighs, leaning back a bit, propping herself up with her hands as they sink slightly into the sand. Blue eyes then shift back to Iroha, "Was… interesting yeah, dunno if its my favorite though," she replies in regard to the egg. "What about you? Favorite?" she goes on to question the girl before turning a look back to the bronzerider for his answer to her cousin's question.

Zipalla waits, then when K'ael answers she nods her head a bit sadly..wait..maybe it was tired! "Oh it'd reacted to others.. before so maybe it was tired.." she says, hopeful. She brightens, then, and nods her head, "Hard to wait.. but exciting still.. turning sixteen and being a candidate at the same time is about to make giggle nearly continually." Aside from the blasted cough, of course.

K'ael blinks. "You've been left at two of his clutches? Heh. He doesn't make up his kids' minds, you know. Az isn't much of a daddy, honestly. Though I think he would have been more for Umni if I'd let him. Too risky with the cough going around though." He nods a bit to Zip. "If it reacted to others then it's not a dud. Probably just didn't feel like talking much that day or something." He grins to her. "We'll need to discuss your turnday present later. Right now I should head back to the office." He gives Iroha a poke in her side, then gets up. After a few seconds Azaeth comes in from overhead. "See you later, ladies."

Zipalla nods, looking relieved about the non-dud egg. She grins some about her turnday and nods, "I'll make a list!" she chirps at K'ael. "Shards..I got chores.." she says with a leap to her feet, sack in hand. "I'll see you all later.. Iroha.. we gotta talk later.." nudge nudge wink wink. "See you guys!"

Iroha opens her mouth to say something, but her stomach beats her to the punch. GURRRRRGLE! "Ooh! Guess I've been out here longer than I thought." A squeak is directed at K'ael for the poke, and then she scrambles to her feet, trying -not- to toss sand on anybody, and picks up her shirt-covered basket. "I'm gonna go get some food. Enjoy the beach, y'all." With a small wave, she trots off towards the stairs leading up to the plateau.

Zorya nods, "Ah know," she replies. Well, she's more certain now anyway. "But yeah… Umni's and then at Igen." she reminds the man, nodding once again for his continued reply. "See you Zipalla," she says, sending a wave after her cousin as she runs off to make her list. "You too Iroha," she adds as the other candidate heads off as well. Once they're gone however her attention returns to the bronzerider. "Suppose you've got things ta do too…"

K'ael gives a wave to the departing candidates. He gives Azaeth a rather loving pet, which looks a bit funny considering Azaeth's massive size. Then he looks back to Zorya. "Not running off as well? I'm always looking for an excuse to keep out of the office a little longer. You wanna walk the beach with me and Az? Before the crowd comes in?" The bronze sticks his big snout down near Zorya and wuffles her a bit.

Zorya shakes her head, "Ah've got a bit of time before Ah have ta be back." she replies, pulling her feet in closer. She stretches out a hand to give Azaeth' muzzle a pat before she stands. "A walk.. would be nice." she agrees, turning a smile from bronze to rider. Beat. "So… Zipalla's turning sixteen soon." its something of an idle comment on the topic that was touched a bit earlier, used to fill an slightly awkward silence.

K'ael offers a hand up to Zorya, then his arm once she is on her feet. He smiles back to her, showing off those dimples of course. He gives her a nod. "Come on, we'll head down the beach. It'll give Azaeth a chance to get to know you." And that's where he's headed at least! Azaeth follows as well, stumbling along at a slow speed. "Yep, the bit one-six for Zippy. She always seems older, I forget she's only fifteen turns. Any big plans for her turnday? I bet her daddy is going to spoil her rotten."

Zorya laughs lightly, giving K'ael an uncertain glance between dropping his hand once she's on her feet and him offering his arm. Its only momentary hesitation however before she accepts linking her own arm loosely through his and falling into step beside him. "Ah dunno..," the blonde replies with a slight shrug of her shoulders, "Ah haven't heard anything from L'ton about it, but Ah'm sure he will." she agrees. "Ah was going to try and get her some new paints from the hall, but with being a candidate and everything that's going on with the dragons Ah don't think I'm going to be able to."

K'ael starts a pretty slow walk down the beach once Zorya hooks arms with him. Azaeth stays in the shallows, looking at the two of them as they talk as if he was going to interject some of his own opinion. K'ael nods to her. "I'm sure he will, too. His eldest is already sixteen." He chuckles a bit. "Ton is getting old. I wonder how much longer he'll be able to carry on with all his bedroom shenanigans." He grins to Zorya. "Well, you do know someone that could… I dunno… push through a bit of paperwork." He looks at her. "What do you say? I won't take credit or anything, but I think Zip would like that. I know she plans to paint pictures of the eggs or something."

Zorya easily enough falls into pace. "Old enough yeah," she agrees with a laugh, "Though Ah'd rather not think of him in the same sentence as bedroom shenanigans." He is still her uncle after all. The girl pauses in her steps to more fully look towards K'ael, "You'd.. do that? Ah mean Ah'd really appreciate it, and Ah know Zipalla would." But still.

K'ael grins and nods. "Sorry. I'd rather not either. Moving on." He chuckles a bit. Then he blinks and stops to turn to her. "Well, sure. It's not too hard. Maybe some things got 'mixed up' down at the office. But this is time sensitive. I'll take care of it tomorrow, just to be safe. No clue what I'm going to get her, myself. I've been trying to track down that Riley fellow. Think he's been trapped outside the weyr because of the cough."

Zorya laughs, nodding. Yes, moving on. "That'd be wonderful!" she exclaims, though perhaps not quiet exuberantly as say Iroha might be. "She'd like it if he was here, yeah. Or maybe, since you're going you could pick up some brushes or something for her too." she suggests, looking off beyond him towards the water for a moment. "Speaking of birthdays, Ah haven't heard of any mass drinking parties so yours must be a ways off yet. Hmm?"

K'ael chuckles a bit. "Alright, that's settled then. I'll make sure things get settled tomorrow." He nods to her. "I know she misses him. She was hoping he'd stand with here here, too. So I think she's also a bit disappointed. If he were around for her turnday I know it would mean a lot to her. But I'll pick up some brushes as well. In case we can't track him down." He looks out at the water for a moment, then laughs. "I don't celebrate my turnday. I don't like to advertise how old I am."

Zorya nods again, "Ah know she was fairly disappointed when me and him didn't exactly hit it off on the right foot, but… well thank you. I know she'll love it." she smiles, laughing as he goes on to comment about his own turnday 'tradition'. "Oh? Is that so?" she half questions, the words paired with a teasing grin, "Then just how old are you?" Well she's curious.

K'ael blinks at her. "Oh? You and Riley didn't get along? Just at first? I've never really met him, but I doubt he thinks very highly of me. Given Zip and I's… history. Maybe he'll change his mind if I can sneak him into the weyr though." He smiles back, then chuckles. "That's so." He stops for a moment to peer around a bit, then he leans down to whisper to her. "Twenty-three. My turnday was a couple of months back. Not long after Aryll left." Happy turnday to him.

Zorya shakes her head, blonde hair swishing gently around her shoulders with the movement. "Not exactly no, Ah met him when Ah came back from Igen and he was worried about me taking up too much of Zipalla's time." Or something of that sort, the though of which receives a short roll of her eyes. His glance causes her to do much the same. What? "That's no so…" Old, would be the final word of the sentence but rather she trails off at the mention of Aryll leaving just prior. "Oh.. Well Ah'm sorry about that. Why'd she go anyway? Ah mean, if ya don't mind me asking or tellin me. Ah won't be offended if ya don't want ta say." she adds this last quickly.

K'ael blinks a bit. "Huh. I see." He frowns a bit. "Jealous type, I take it. Awful bold for someone who isn't around a lot." He raises a brow a bit, then… moves on. He can question Zip for the details later. "No? I think it is. Most of my friends here are turns younger. And all the staff is turns older. It's quite a weird age." He sighs a bit. "Aryll's uncle is sick. Though by the sounds of it I think she's decided to stay at landing and take up his craft. He's the only relative she knows that's alive so… really it's best for her. She'll be happier there than working as a drudge or a barmaid here." But still… pout.

"Something like that," Zorya agrees, falling back into step when he starts walking once again. "But no, Ah don't think its. Ah mean a little older than me, but not as old as Uncle L'ton or some.. other people Ah used ta know." she notes, hesitant to say just who else she might be including in those 'other people'. Another nod follows for his explanation of the other girl, "Its good to have family around, yeah. But Ah can see where you'd be disappointed by her leaving."

K'ael shrugs and nods to her. "You're what… 18? 19? I can't keep track either, honestly. I know you're older than Zip. I dunno. Sometimes I wish I was older, sometimes younger. It's a bit strange really." He pouts a bit about Aryll. "Yeah. But it wasn't for me to hold her back. There will be other girls." He smiles a bit to her. "So this will be your third time on the sands. Third time tends to be the charm they say. I'll be pulling for you, at least."

"Seventeen," Zorya corrects, "One turn and two months," she adds as far as how much older she is than her cousin. She falls silent for a moment then, a foot idly scuffing through the sand. "Fourth," she finally replies, "Eastern, Igen and then Umniyath's last sevenday. But, this'll still be the third weyr… And besides that Dhon's the sire this time around so maybe that'll be good luck?" she suggests as an attempt to look on the brighter side of it, "But Ah'll be alright even if Ah don't this time around either. Ah just don't want to let L'ton down, you know?"

"You're only seventeen? Shards. See? I'm six turns older than you, too. I'm old." He blinks a bit. "Ah, well. Third, fourth. I forgot about Eastern. And Umni's doesn't really count, I guess. Or something. It hardly felt like a hatching, so quiet and unspectacular." He rubs his chin and chuckles. "Well, you haven't been doing so well with Az's clutches, so maybe this is what you need." He chuckles, then blinks. "I didn't know L'ton was counting on you to impress."

Zorya laughs, "Six turns is hardly old. Jadrien was a turn or two older than L'ton." she replies, lifting a shoulder in a slight shrug. "But, you're right. About the hatching Ah mean, and no… Ah guess he's not so much counting on as well… he seems certain Ah will. So.." She feels like he is perhaps more than her uncle actually is. "We'll see though. Ah mean, if Ah'm suppose to Ah will. Right?" Right.

K'ael blinks. "Who is Jadrien? Wait, you have a boyfriend older than your uncle!? Zorya! Tsk tsk!" Of course he's mostly teasing her, but that doesn't mean he knows who Jadrien is. Some old perv? A Shipton? Who could tell. "Ah… Hm. Well, I wouldn't worry too much about it. You've got your craft and all, even if you don't impress, right? The dancing. We still need to go out someplace, if we're ever off quarantine. And you'll impress if you're meant to." He smiles to her, then sighs. "Azaeth is pestering me for a feed. I suppose I ought to get to that then. I'll see you later though. As soon as the paints come in."

"Boyfriend?!" It's Zorya's turn to be shocked here. Some old perv? Yes. A Shipton? Might as well be. "Hardly," she scoffs, "He was the one my father thought Ah should marry. Ah found him rather creepy, but that's all the past." She nods, "But you're right. Ah have my dancing and if I'm meant to Ah will." she agrees, a smile pulling once again to her lips, "Thanks for the talk though, and the walk. Go take care of him, and thanks again about the paints."

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