Istan Egg Touching 2

An egg touching on Ista's sands.

Ista Weyr - Hatching Grounds
Heat radiates in from the sands, located just north of the entranceway from the bowl; it's uncomfortably warm here, even so close to the fresh air of the bowl beyond. A large, grandly chiseled staircase winds up into the galleries from here, showing carved patterns of dragons and eggs, cut into the smooth, volcanic stone. Northwards, the floor drops off sharply, revealing the wide bowl filled with dark, seeringly hot sands, dutifully protected by one of Ista's queen, whenever a clutch has been laid.

F'yr is here filling in for a weyrlingmaster since she had nothing better to do, having been found and dragged to the barracks to help round up some candidates. "Egg touchings, right," grumbles F'yr with her arms crossed and her petite body leading a small train of white-knots. "Alright, you better listen up! You run, you kick an egg, you lick it— you do /anything/ outside of touching it carefully and being nice to mommy and daddy and we'll make sure that Ankhepith eats you. Got it?" Someone was grumpy today.

Iroha's somewhere in that cluster of white knots, clumping along in an unfamiliar pair of borrowed boots. Bare feet plus hot Sands are probably not a very good idea. "Lick an egg?" the girl asks randomly of whichever of her fellows is standing closest. "Why would anyone want to do that?" She looks askance at F'yr at the comment about Ankhepith eating someone, then nods vigorously. "Got it."

Zorya is one of those white knots, her hands clasped loosely behind her back as she waits at the entrance to the sands for their leader's instructions. The girl blinks at F'yr's directions. Right… Valid, but the so called 'punishment' a bit over the top. Thankfully at least she's been through this enough before to know it's more the attempt to scare into submission that a true threat. Still she's not going to comment on it.

"Yes, lick," F'yr replies seriously as she catches Iroha's question. "It's a serious matter, you know. People get hungry, there're big eggs out there…" And she waves a hand towards the sands. With one last sweep of the candidates standing there, she finally turns and waves them out onto the sands towards the little group of eggs. "Go on then, and enjoy yourselves." There's a little quirk of her lips as she follows slowly, keeping well away but close in case of trouble.

Ista Weyr - Hatching Sands
The gently convex floor is hardly visible thanks to its filling of deep black sand, nonetheless forming a bowl in which a clutch of eggs can harden in safety and warmth. Heated by the thermal energy of the dormant volcano, the sands are always opressively hot - even through boots, the sand seers and bakes, small rushes of air from above and through from the bowl making little difference. A large outcropping of stone becomes an island within this sea of sand, the resting place of a queen who guards her clutch; a smaller platform of wood is set aside for the queen's rider.
Centuries of eggshells scatter the dark sands, broken down to but pieces of colour amid the darkness. A staircase rises towards the far end of the sands, almost out of view, whilst a small passage leads in the general direction of the weyrling barracks.

Eggs on the Sands
Overhead Critics Egg Big Blue Wet Thing Egg Of Mazes and Monsters Egg
Fulfill The Prophecy Egg Gol Darn Ball of Yarn Egg Weird As a Wherry Egg
Electric Mayhem Egg Contours of Light Egg Use The Force Egg

Slowly, pausing to cough between each movement, Ankhepith gently tends to her eggs.

Iroha gapes at F'yr for a moment, unsure whether to laugh or check if the brownrider is running a fever. As she files past with the other Candidates, she pauses slightly to ask, "How's Stinkbre" oops "I mean, Zaruath?" The normally exuberant teenager is rather subdued, hesitant about going near the eggs. For now.

Zorya flows onto the sands along with the rest of the small group of candidates once F'yr has given the okay. The harper dips down in a subtle, yet polite curtsey for the parent pair, pausing momentarily to give them a short appraising glance as if she might somehow be able to tell how well they're fairing. It doesn't last long however, after all she can't tell simply by a look and there are other things to attend to, other things such as eggs. A quiet snicker slips out for Iroha's question as the other girl slips on the brown's name. But for now the blonde moves further onto the sands to lay fingers gently on the surface of the egg she'd left when the last touching ended - the Contours of Light Egg.

F'yr shifts a bit uneasily on her feet at the sands and the heat, not having been out there on the grounds in a long time. "Stink?" The brownrider's face falls though and she kicks at the sands a bit. "He… he ain't well. At the infirmary being watched over, or who knows what." Was that a sniffle? Nooo. Fy quickly waves a hand towards the clutchparents, taking a moment to bow to them quickly in case they didn't like her not doing so, either. "Go on. Now's your chance to get used to 'em, 'fore Ankhepith gets all mean and snappy."

Rising from the sands Ankhepith turns her back on the galleries to cough, wings flaring slightly as she does so.

Iroha chews on the edge of her lip a bit, eyebrows puckering. Shuffling her feet a bit, she offers a quick, awkward smile. "I hope he gets better soon." Then, taking F'yr's words at face valuemean snappy gold would be scaryher chin jerks in a quick nod before she plucks up the nerve to approach the eggs. A somewhat spastic flail in the direction of bronze and gold could either have been a confused attempt to bow and curtsey at the same time, or she -really- isn't used to footwear. Tugging on a curl as her cheeks turn pink (it's the heat, honest), her interest is snagged by the labrynthine patterns of the Of Mazes and Monsters Egg. One long finger reaches out to trace the lines along the curving shell.

Zorya hmms, her attention drawn momentarily back towards the brownrider to hear her reply. She frowns a bit to hear that Zaruath is yet among those at the infirmary before blue eyes drift back to the shell beneath her fingertips. The girl cocks her head to the side slightly, as if considering the feelings exuded by the inhabitant of the egg.

F'yr tilts her head after Iroha. "Thanks," she says after a moment's consideration, keeping her voice just a bit low. Her blue eyes flicker towards the clutchdam, checking to see if she wasn't miffed all of a sudden for some reason. But each cough from the gold makes her wince. She paces around the edge of the sands, keeping an eye on the candidates and the dragons.

Iroha lets out an involuntary squeak, snatching her hand back to her chest, fingers curling into the fabric of her shirt. Her head whips from side to side as she glances nervously over each shoulder, then peers distrustfully through tendrils of hair at the egg in front of her. Unwilling to turn her back on it, she sidles sideways. Creepy thing.

Zorya expression shifts the longer she spends at the Contours of Light Egg. From frown to smile and even a few in between. A slight shake of her head here and there as she whispers regarding the thoughts in her head as if considering some of those same things herself. Her concentration on such broken, as well as contact with the egg, at Iroha's squeak - the harper turning towards the sound. But deeming nothing too terrible has taken place she quietly moves on to the next, sending Iroha a silence smile.

Stalkstalkstalk. F'yr wasn't going to stand still just yet. "You okay?" she asks with a bit of concern towards Iroha, blue eyes first on her before darting towards the ill queen. The brownrider was probably more nervous about the touching than most of the candidates out there, it appeared. She was definitely not the usual stand in for helping out on the sands for a reason.

Florena, perhaps one of the youngest candidates, a trader girl from Benden way with dark black-brown hair and coffee & cream colored skin peeks about the stands. Checking on where their sands guides are - where the clutch parents are watching. A mark is fished from her pocket and given a flip from her half hidden position around the side of the Overhead Critics Egg. And then … wait for it … the girl tentatively sticks out her tongue towards the crimson shell. Perhaps she just has to test the limits.

Ankhepith's shoulders hunch as another cough irritates an already sore throat.

Dhonzayth may be coughing but the sound coming from him now is most certainly a growl, as he shuffles after that girl near his egg. Out! He declares with a raspy trumpet.

Oh shells, people noticed. And Iroha's cheeks had just recovered, too! Hiding her face behind one hand, she flaps the other in F'yr's direction. "Er, yeah, just … got a chill." A chill? She starts to wander about a bit, skirting around eggs that already have Candidates attached. Her courage starting to return, she's only just paused near a riotously coloured egg when Dhonzayth starts hollering. Eep! Wide-eyed and keeping her hands well away from any shell, she looks around to see who's causing trouble.

Zorya jumps, spinning on the toes of one foot towards Dhonzayth at his announcement. She's heard him trumpet before, yes, but not with that … tone of voice so to speak. Eep?! She was just about to place fingers to the Use The Force Egg when she was startled. Relaxing a bit with the realization that it wasn't directed towards her however, one hand does slip down to her side once again, brushing against the egg's shell.

"A chill? On the sands?" F'yr was not convinced! But the girl just gets a soft little giggle and a nod before the brownie continues her nervous pacing. She jumps about as high as some of the candidates at the bronze, staring up to him. "Oh, Faranth," she hisses out and then scurries closer, carefully, to get to Florena. "What'd I tell you?" she snaps, ready to shove her away with the help of an assistant weyrlingmaster there to escort her out so Fy can concentrate on making sure no humans get eaten.

Florena squeals, clearly startled by the reaction of the bronze. And here she thought no one was watching and she just MIGHT manage to get away with testing the theory. The girl jumps nearly as high as the egg she was attempting to lick (though really, why anyone would WANT to try…). "I didn't mean too," she tries to plead for a second chance as the assistant weyrlingmaster leads her off the sands. Well, she knows better now for next time. Right?

Iroha starts breathing again, shaking her head as she watches little Florena being ushered outside. She also, however, bites the insides of her cheeks in an attempt to prevent a grin, the action causing the corners of her mouth to pull downward. It's a disapproving frown. No, really! A bit of a snort, as she swallows a giggle … what cheek! Turning her attention back to the egg nearby, she reaches out towards the shell. Emboldened by her humour, or perhaps bamboozled by the cheerful colours, she gently rests her whole palm against the side of the Gol Darn Ball Of Yarn Egg.

Exhausted Ankhepith tries to curl up on the sands to sleep, but another bout of coughing ruins her plans.

Zorya is nearly as startled by the presence of another floating into her thoughts as she was by Dhonzayth's raspy trumpet at the young candidate on the other side of the group. It was more an accidental brush this time than a purposeful touch of inquiry as to the growing hatchling inside. But the initial shock wears off soon enough and the blonde returns her hand to its surface, silently reaching out to the manifestation within.

F'yr rolls her eyes one last time at Florena. "Sure you didn't," she says to the girl's back. "What kinda stupid person thinks the parents would like it if their eggs are tasted." She gives her head a little bit of a shake and then turns to eye Dhonzayth warily, as if making sure he wasn't going to go after someone else and she was going to have to dive in the way and get eaten instead… Nope. Back to pacing.

Dhonzayth has settled back down with Ankhepith, wings drooping as the pair watch over their clutch, and the weird candidates that seem to be there.

Iroha tilts her head as if listening, first to the left, then to the right. A small furrow appears between her brows, and she hunkers down on her haunches, her hand sliding softly over the surface of the egg. Once she finds her balance in this new position, her other hand is raised and placed near the first, as if in hopes that the extra contact might improve the connection.

Exhausted Ankhepith tries to curl up on the sands to sleep, but another bout of coughing ruins her plans.

Zorya's blue eyes send a curious gaze downward towards the Use the Force Egg. The girl moves slowly, hand never leaving the shell, as she circles it in quietly. Considering its coloring, the hatchling that dwells within and the presence it projects. Curious, yes.

Iroha's lips stretch into a grin. "This is so neat," she murmurs to herself. Standing up straight again, she lets her hands fall away from the shell, albeit reluctantly. Who knows how much longer sire and dam will allow them all to stay, and there's still many other eggs to pet. Another little ramble commences, as the girl watches the reactions of her fellow Candidates. Zorya in particular catches her attention, and she makes note of the egg the older girl is near. But it's lovely shades of blue, not swampy greens, that lure Iro next, her fingers reaching out to skitter along the surface of the Big Blue Wet Thing Egg.

Zorya winces, squinting against the sudden brightness of light that's not really there. She turns her head away, as if it might help deaden the brilliance, and in doing so her hand follows suite, pulling away from the egg and in so doing, ending the clash of color. The disappearance of the sensation results in a slight shake of her head, blonde locks bouncing lightly against her shoulders as she does so - clearing her thoughts. For the moment she continues to stand silently in the middle of things, taking a moment to consider which of the orbs on the sands to visit next.

Another squeak from Iroha, though this time it's one of glee if the lopsided grin on her face is any indication. With laughter dancing behind her eyes, she runs her hand along the blue shell, taking a few small steps around the egg, as if chasing whatever sensation was there.

Another cough echoes around the hatching grounds, Ankhepith's head sinking slowly back to the sands afterwards.

Zorya turns slowly, taking in the whole of that which surrounds her piece by piece. Having turned halfway, she pauses again - her gaze settling on the dame and sir for a few seconds before finding F'yr along the edge of things. Its towards the brownrider that the harper's steps lead her now. "Ah think," she starts, having come close enough to the other to speak quietly, "If that's alright, Ah've had enough for today." Time to think on the unique personalities hidden within each hardening shell is sometimes needed after all.

ACHOO! Iroha blinks rapidly and frantically scratches at a suddenly itchy nose, thereby breaking contact with the egg. A nervous glance is sent dragonward; hopefully they won't get cranky about involuntary sneezes. She does start to move away from the egg, just in case, though she just can't resist giving it one last gentle pat before she steps away entirely.

F'yr is still pacing, but she immediately stops as she turns her head to gaze at Zorya curiously. "That's alright," she says with a faint hint of a smile and a bob of her head. "Can't stay out on the sands too long either. Feel free to head back to the barracks and take the rest of the time off 'till your next chores… or something." She'd say just skip everything if there weren't other ears present. Instead of returning to walking she stops, hands clutched behind her, as she surveys those still around.

Rising from the sands Ankhepith turns her back on the galleries to cough, wings flaring slightly as she does so.

Zorya bobs her head in a subtle nod at F'yr's reply, turning to dip a graceful curtsey towards the gold and bronze once again. A soft smile turns once again towards the brownrider, "Thanks, and… And.. well Ah hope Zaruath is feeling better soon." she adds her sympathies for the rider's lifemate, waiting a second for acknowledgement before slipping towards the exit and off the sands.

Iroha starts to sing, a skippy little random tune: doot doo de doo, amanamana. She sings quietly, thankfully, as her voice has a tendency to wander off in search of new, more interesting notes. An eyebrow quirks curiously as she looks in F'yr and the departing Zorya's direction, and she turns her own steps thataway. Well, it's actually more of a shuffle, really. "May I leave too?" she asks F'yr as she comes within easy speaking distance, scuffing hot sand over the toes of her borrowed boots. She doesn't say anything further, but anyone with basic observation skills could probably tell her feet are hurting.

Ankhepith's shoulders hunch as another cough irritates an already sore throat.

F'yr shuffles her booted feet a bit uneasily in the sands as she returns Zorya's head bob with one of her own. "Thanks. He'll be fine I bet," she says, though not quite convinced of it herself. Blue eyes now turn to Iroha and she nods quickly again. "Sure! We can't force you to stay out here either. Go get some water or something." F'yr waves a hand towards the exit to the two candidates, waving them off afterwards before turning to those remain. It's only a moment later that she helps in calling them all back to get off the sands.

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