Istan Egg Touching 1

An egg touching on Ista's sands.

Ista Weyr - Hatching Grounds
Heat radiates in from the sands, located just north of the entranceway from the bowl; it's uncomfortably warm here, even so close to the fresh air of the bowl beyond. A large, grandly chiseled staircase winds up into the galleries from here, showing carved patterns of dragons and eggs, cut into the smooth, volcanic stone. Northwards, the floor drops off sharply, revealing the wide bowl filled with dark, seeringly hot sands, dutifully protected by one of Ista's queen, whenever a clutch has been laid.

While the sound of coughing dragons has become a common place occurrence around Ista Weyr, the chorus of coughing from the Hatching Grounds is enough to make many people wince, and avoid the place all together. L'ton, however, does not have such a luxury, and for now he's lingering on the edge of the Sands, watching his lifemate as the bronze Dhonzayth is settled, nestled against the also sick Ankhepith, attempting to placate the moody gold.

Alix is wincing as well, his brows knit in a permanent scowl. With his hands in his pockets he looks balefully at the Hatching Grounds, waiting for a word to proceed onto the Sands.

Dimitri meanders in with a few other candidates, straw and dirt clinging to his pant legs, gloves shoved into the rear pockets of his pants. While he does wince at the coughing and hacking, he keeps his expression friendly.

Zorya got the message to meet at the entrance to the hatching grounds and is now standing not to far off from the weyrsecond. A concerned look fills her blue eyes as she sends a glance off towards the sands and the three dragons there. "How's Dhon doing?" she questions, turning back to the bronzerider as the question is directed to him.

Lear is behind all the others, stood back from all the candidates he can see before him. His eyes taking note of all that is going on around him, while his hands tug at the ends his sleeves - his only sign of nervousness to this new experience.

L'ton pauses to look back at the candidates as they gather in the foyer, nodding to his niece and Lisle's son as he recognizes them, and then to the others, giving them a slow smile, the move accenting the dark circles under the Weyrsecond's eyes. "He's… He's okay.." He shrugs a bit, before nodding at the Sands. "The eggs are hard 'nuff ta start touching. But, ya need ta be cautious. Move slow. Be gentle. Ankhepith, she gets fussy, and ya gotta watchout for Umniyath out there ta. If'n there's any trouble, ya ain't touching no more, ya hear?" And then, without waiting for any sort of acknowledgement he's moving to head across the Sands and the eggs buried there, motioning for them to follow.

Ista Weyr - Hatching Sands
The gently convex floor is hardly visible thanks to its filling of deep black sand, nonetheless forming a bowl in which a clutch of eggs can harden in safety and warmth. Heated by the thermal energy of the dormant volcano, the sands are always opressively hot - even through boots, the sand seers and bakes, small rushes of air from above and through from the bowl making little difference. A large outcropping of stone becomes an island within this sea of sand, the resting place of a queen who guards her clutch; a smaller platform of wood is set aside for the queen's rider.
Centuries of eggshells scatter the dark sands, broken down to but pieces of colour amid the darkness. A staircase rises towards the far end of the sands, almost out of view, whilst a small passage leads in the general direction of the weyrling barracks.

Eggs on the Sands
Overhead Critics Egg Big Blue Wet Thing Egg Of Mazes and Monsters Egg
Fulfill The Prophecy Egg Gol Darn Ball of Yarn Egg Weird As a Wherry Egg
Electric Mayhem Egg Contours of Light Egg Use The Force Egg

Alix follows L'ton onto the sands, his expression unreadable as he bows to the dragons and waits for the word to begin touching the eggs.

As Lear was stood at the back of the group, he is the last to follow L'ton onto the sands. He smiles lightly to other candidates about him, as he catches their eyes, but at the moment he does not speak. Lear needs to evaluate and come to terms with the fact that people being here are going to make the sands look sligthly messy, when he has been looking to the sands and eggs, and seeing them in a specific way. Bottling his nerves up and hiding them behind his own smile, and flick of mopped hair, Lear steps up to the egg that has held his glance on many an occasions.

Dimitri is in no hurry to push his way out there, letting the other candidates have first choice while he stands back and watches for a time. When the time comes the teen places on foot in front of the other and moves unerringly towards Use The Force Egg where the boys big hands are laid gently upon the warm shell.

Zorya nods in silence first for her uncle's reply, an answer which seems to be exactly what she expected to hear. A second nod follows as he goes on to give their instructions though once L'ton is moving on she does so also. Stepping onto the sands she pauses to curtsey towards the two golds and the bronze who call it home for the moment. That formality complete she spares another glance towards the rider before her attention turns to the eggs, her footsteps following leading her with a certain grace across the hot black granules to lay fingers gently upon the hardening surface of the Gol Darn Ball of Yarn Egg and its myriad of colors.

Learhad had one hand on the egg, but now a second hand slowly reaches to touch the shell, as if it was to hold him down to the groud, keeping him where he is rather than floating away. No words are uttered as he seems totally lost in the thoughts of the moment.

Another cough echoes around the hatching grounds, Ankhepith's head sinking slowly back to the sands afterwards.

Dimitri jerks on hand off the shell he stands before, covering the shocked motion by running his fingers through his hair before setting it back on the shell. "I'm not to easy to push around, but feel free to try again." he whispers when his body leans forward just an inch or two at the most.

Zorya hmms quietly. Blue eyes turn towards the galleries, searching for someone or something that might perhaps be there. Her gaze soon enough shifts back to the shell before her, her hand flattening so that her palm joins her fingertips in contact with the egg. The coughing continues in the now and again from the sick dragons nearby, that however is sadly becoming more commonplace as of late and so the girl tries to ignore it and rather focus on the touching at hand.

Zorya remains in silence, blue eyes focused on the whorl of colors contained in the shell beneath her hand. Off to her left however, silence is hardly the word for the behavior of a certain pair of candidates. Dacian and Deynx nudge one another playfully, grinning towards the back of one of the other girls as they plot their next escapade.

Dimitri pets the egg as one might a runner, chuckling softly as he shifts his legs further apart as if readying himself to support a great weight. "Not giving up are you. You remind me of someone I know."

Lear seems to be lost, his heart and mind encaptured in a light that seems to hold him in place and puls brighter with each moment that passes. Suddenly he gasps as the whole of his world seems to shatter, leaving him stood looking towards an egg which still has his fingers held against them. He does not wish to let go while his mind and body seem to still be coming back to normallity, but as voices finally penatrate his hearing he does, Lear steps away with an egg he longs to delv into more.

Slowly, pausing to cough between each movement, Ankhepith gently tends to her eggs.

Dimitri hmmm softly, nodding as his hands withdraw from the shell and he turns towards another. No anger, worry or anything else shows in his expression but thoughtfullness does. Onwards he moves towards COntours of light Egg, greeting it in much the same fashion as he did the first egg, with his palms placed flatly against the shell.

Zorya nods, the movement subtle, a soft smile pulling at her lips. "Work well then," she whispers the thought before pulling her hand from the surface of the shell. The harper moves on to the next, turning her head to send a glance towards Ankhepith and Dhonzayth before she comes to the next, pressing fingers lightly to its surface.

Dacian and Deynx snicker back and forth, the identical pair still chattering even as they share the touching of one of the eggs that take up residence on the black sands of Ista's hatching grounds.

Lear takes a moment before he ateps towards a second leg. His mind seeming to linger with the experience it has just had. Rather than move, Lear turns to watch Ankhepith tend her eggs, looking rather concerned as the coughs echo about the cavern. Finally he comes back towards the eggs and chooses his next egg. This is something he finds hard, as still he glances back at the 'fulfil the prophecy egg, where Zorya now stands.

Zipalla arriving at the sands Zipalla pauses a moment then looks to Dhon and the queen. She bows though her eyes train on each for a moment, waiting, and sure enough, there's a cough and she sighs, brows furrowing. Her attention falls to the eggs, however, and she takes her place among the other candidates and slowly places her hands on an egg. A smile is sent toward Zorya then her focus is solely on the egg at hand, bottom lip trapped in a grin.

Dimitri makes an odd face, "Just like the other one in some ways." he mutters. "I don't mind at all, least your not outwardly pushy." he adds before crouching before the egg. "Feel free to go for what you want, ain't got nothin' to hide in there."

Zorya blinks, perhaps surprised by the feeling projected by the occupant of the Fulfill The Prophecy Egg. Her gaze shifts to find Lear, silently questioning the boy being that he just left the egg moments before. Did he receive the same feeling? Her uncle also finds himself with a perplexed look from the harper. Uncertain? Yes, but even so her hand maintains contact with the hardening shell. Her cousin's late arrival taken in as she looks back towards her hands, a smile flashing in the younger girl's direction.

Lear had been beginning to sway, his hips seeming to wiggle as he begins to boogie away to himself. As he chuckles away he suddenly realises that others might be seeing this, and tries to gain control of himself. As he looks around to note if anyone has seen him wiggling away his eyes catch those of Zorya and the quesioning expression. He smiles ligthly and nods, it had been an enlightening experience. Soon though, the bashing and beating going on his mind has his toe tapping once more and his mind is away with the music and he picks up the beat!

Dimitri is more ready for the examination this time, lowering his head until his forehead touches the shell. "Not much to make me any different from the rest." he murmurs, "Just a simple man doing good honest work." Another light stroke of his fingers and he rises from his crouch.

Rising from the sands Ankhepith turns her back on the galleries to cough, wings flaring slightly as she does so.

After watching for a good while, Alix finally ventures forth onto the Sands. Despite his stony expression his steps are hesitant and shuffled as he drifts among the eggs, and finally touches his finger to Use the Force Egg.

Zipalla lays her cheek to the blue egg and then moves to another, smiling, finding the next, laying her hands upon it. She giggles some then tilts her head to look at the egg then a little gasp and she blinks, smiling once more. "Tease.." she murmurs.

Alix has no reaction as he looks at the egg blankly.

When Lear meets her gaze she gives a soundless nod of understanding as reply before her attention changes focus. The expression that follows ,however, as the inhabitant the Fulfill The Prophecy Egg continues its projection to her is one of uncertainty. Just what is next?

The twins move away from the egg they were touching. Instead of moving on to another like most however, only one does - though his main focus is on his brother as the other boy sneaks up behind a red-headed girl.

Dimitri pats the egg, staying gentle and friendly at the same time. "It's okay, you can look more later.. I don't mind." he offers b efore leaving the egg to another group of candidates and moving on to another. Weird as a Wherry Egg is his next target but he's a little more leery when laying his hands on this egg, almost hesitant but those hands find a place to rest none the less.

As the beat seems to grow in intencity, Lear finds himself hoping for the finale. His mind wanting to add its counterpart to the harmony, his eyes are open for a moment and he smiles at Zorya but his eyes are then closed as he becomes drawn into the phrasing of the melodic lines, which sweeps about him.

Zorya blinks, jumping back at the suddenness of what she feels. Startled, but by what is likely unknown by any but her. That seems like enough of that however as the blonde shies away from the angular seeming egg moving on to another as Zipalla leaves the Of Mazes and Monsters Egg free.

Dimitri is ..well confused by this egg he stands before, brow pulled into a mass of wrinkles as he tries to figure it out. "Ummm…well show me I guess, show me what you wish me to learn?" And from the moment he says those words he almost looks as if he could take them back.

Zipalla grins at Zorya and the other candidates but her attention is soon on the next egg. Contours of Light. At first her hands fall lightly to it then she blinks and her fingers flex to rest more surely. Her expression is somewhat undreadable in that it's neither happy nor sad, perhaps awe, this egg seeming to reach a bit deeper.

As he seems to be jigging away, without wishing to stop, Lear slowly mumbles "no..again!" As he tries to keep hold of the music within. realising the performance has come to and end, he steps away from the egg with a broad smile on his face. Once he has stepped away Lear leaves the eggs for a moment. He wishes to savour the two experiences he has had, and feels he needs to take a moment to find himself before he gets completely confused.

Alix pushes back at the egg with a frown. Figuratively, at least. His touch doesn't increase. But mentally, yes, he's strong enough.

Exhausted Ankhepith tries to curl up on the sands to sleep, but another bout of coughing ruins her plans.

"Would you.." Zorya starts in mild frustration as she attempts to focus her attention more fully on the projection from the egg's inhabitant. And then she.. giggles, biting her lip to cut off the sound even as a shudder runs down her spine.

Alix frowns, taking a step back from the egg. He studies it for a long moment, as if committing the egg's feelings to memory. Then he moves on to the next one, fingers splayed against the shell.

Dimitri laughs softly, his head tipping to one side as she studies the egg. "Your different but in a good way, you'll never let whomever you pick become to relaxed I think." and that is enough to keep the young man there before the egg, soaking in whatever he's getting from it.

Lear finally decided to touch another egg, but it takes a moment for him to pick which one. Once he looked towards the big blue wet thing, he wanders towards it, holding out one hand and wishing to dip his fingers into its surface. As his fingers dabble upon the surace Lear enjoys being swept away from all about him, feels his mind being pulled ina different way that the other eggs, a way that seems to wash him towards a great adventure, one he wants to follow.

Alix shakes his head slightly. The hand not touching the egg reaches up to press against his chest, feeling his heartbeat.

Alix steps away from the egg, massaging his temples. He wanders through the clutch some more, glancing at his fellow Candidates as he walks. He finally settles his hand against Electric Mayhem Egg.

Lear feels his mind wanting to grasp onto the conga line and to follow it, hold onto it and let him dance away to the adventures within. It seems rather refreshing after the light that had glowed before his very eyes and then the dancing beat. Each one, though so intence at the time, now seem to have been washed away and now this deep egg holds his attention.

Ankhepith's cough causes little puffs of sand to race away from her snout.

Alix jerks his head back, frowning at the egg. "This is no time for that," he says firmly, quietly. But he doesn't step away.

Zorya bites her lip a bit harder as the egg continues to prod her thoughts, her reaction changing from a smile to a frown and various expressions in between as memories are touched each in their own turn. The girl's fingers linger on the shell a bit longer however, not quite ready to move on just yet perhaps.

Alix is immune to the egg, staring at it and looking perplexed. He sighs, shaking his head, "I can't," he whispers sadly.

Alix looks faintly relieved as he steps away from the egg.

Dimitri nods to the egg before stepping back and turning, his hands dropping to his sides as he looks around at all the other candidates and the eggs. He meanders around for a while before stopping just a little ways away from the clutch to watch the others in earnest.

As the tolling bell echoes in his ears, Lear steps away from the egg, once again holding a smile. He looks about at the candidates and eggs about him, and cannot bring himself to touch another one at this time. He wants to hold onto each feeling that had over taken him during his time on the sands. Stepping away from the eggs, He walks towards L'ton. Afer A moment he clears his throat, wishing to get the WeyrSecond's attention. His fingers are held before him, their tips touching each other in a rather thoughtful way.

Zipalla lingers on the egg for a time then slowly rises and steps back, collecting herself a bit. She steps to an egg and lays her hands on it, more tentatively this time, then inhales, eyes closing. "Yes.." she answers, and again the fingers curl. Her eyes open and she stares down at it, hardly breathing, waiting, as if enduring something then with a slow sigh she exhales, nodding.

Alix tilts his head curiously. This is something he likes. Unobtrusive.

L'ton was leaning against Dhonzayth's side, settled with the brassy bronze as he weezes a bit, but then as there's a clearing of a human through, he's starting a bit, straightening to grin at Lear. "Yes, candidate?"
What the twins are up to, only they know. But whatever it is, chances are it's probably not productive in anyway. Its safe to say that someone is most likely keeping an eye on them, especially being on the sands.

"Ack!" Zorya starts, but the sound is cut off rather quickly as the girl sends a glance about. No one heard that. Right? She gives the shell one last look, shaking her head as a smile pulls at her lips before her fingers finally leave its surface. Her quiet steps lead the harper across the sands, her tender touch next finding the muddied surface of the Contours of Light Egg.

Alix likes it that way, as he quietly continues to 'watch' the egg with his mind, his eyes even sliding closed for a few moments.

Zipalla blinks from a sort of reverie at the sound of her father's voice. She steps back from the clutch a bit and turns to stare at him. Her eyes cut to the eggs briefly then back to him and she starts a slow path in his direction. Very slow in fact, not sure if the clutch parents would want her as close as L'ton is.

Lear tried to fight with a smile as he noted the effect his question had caused. "Sorry, I did not mean to startle you." Lear bobs his head in apology to Dhonzayth too before he continues with his question. "I have touched three eggs today sir, and have had three very different experiences." His face turns to look at the eggs for a moment before he turns back to L'ton. His hand moving hair out of his eyes before he contines. "I don't want to have those experiences become foggy by touching more eggs. Would it be possible for me to come back again at some point, but for now just watch and not touch any more?" Lear is not sure if this is something people do, but its how he feels right now.

Dhonzayth isn't overly fussy, but Ankhepith is, though the gold seems settled for the moment. Its the bronze's gaze, however, that falls on the wandering Zip, crooning before its degrading into a cough. "Ah.. Ah should have been paying more attention." L'ton says with a bit of a chuckle, ruffling his hair up, before nodding. "By all means. Y'all'll be out here plenty."

Alix actually smiles as he gives the egg a fond pat before stepping away. He wanders some more, not stopping at any eggs just yet.

Rising from the sands Ankhepith turns her back on the galleries to cough, wings flaring slightly as she does so.

Zipalla just nearly cries at the sound of Dhon's cough. Shan had been right, even if he didn't know it. She draws near L'ton and hugs him around the middle, but her eyes linger on the bronze. She looks to the queen when she shifts and coughs but her gaze goes back to her father's mate then up to her father, "How is he..and you..and her…any ah.. progress with the healers?"

Dhonzayth croons again at Zipalla, stretching to nudge her gently, even as the girl is throwing her arms around him for a hug. Gently patting her back, L'ton nods with a smile. "He'll be okay, Ah know he will…" And he shakes his head. "That.. cure they found, it didn't work." Unfortunately, however, it seems that Ankhepith's coughing fit has set off a bit of antsyness, and the gold is beginning to shift and glare at the candidates on the Sands.

Lear smiles and nods. "Thank you. It certanly has been an experience I would like again, but I think there is only so much you can take…" He realises he is whittering, and gladly finds a distraction as Zipalla gives a hug. It is an act that makes him smile. At the croon and cough Lear turns towards the gold and his expression changes to concern. "They will try and find another cure won't they? Even though this one failed?!"

Zipalla takes the chance to turn and pull from L'ton, reaching for Dhon. She closes her eyes and hugs against him, "Aww… Dhon.. I'm so sorry you feel so bad.." she whispers to him, among other things too quiet for other ears. She looks to the gold and winces, "I'm sorry for her too.. you tell her ok? We'll go if she would rather rest.." she offers, then looks up to L'ton.

Zorya giggles softly, the laugh falling off to nothing at the sound of her uncle's voice in the background. Her hand lifting from the shell to turn towards the weyrsecond, his lifemate and the queen nearby. A wary gaze settles on Ankepith for a moment longer than the rest. Her antsyness is something that the harper recognizes having stood before, and being that her focus on the eggs has been interrupted already she moves away from them and towards her relatives.

"They're still looking, but.. Ah dunno when they'll find something. They ain't even as bad as they could be, yet. Ya should see poor K'ris's brown…" He shakes his head, glancing sidelong at Ankhepith who is now beginning to prance a bit, despite the coughs that results. "We.. We should let them rest." And then he's looking to the other candidates still lingering with the eggs. "Alright, y'all, that's enough fer today. Back ta the barracks, with y'all."

Lear nods and his face shows the concerned echoed by all at the discussions. "I only hope that they do not get as bad." He looks about the group as L'ton calls for all to go back to the Barracks. Lear holds back for a moment, bowing his thanks to Dhonzayth and Ankhepith. He finally begins to head back to the barracks. While he is walking his hands are slowly putting his clothes back into place, making sure his sleaves hand correctly, his shoulder seams are in line and seeming to sweep out all the creases in his shirt. actions showing that his mind is still thinking about the time he has just spent on the sands.

Alix pulls himself out of the reverie he apparently slipped into, walking to the edge of the sands and standing, hands in his pockets and watching the others.
Another cough echoes around the hatching grounds, Ankhepith's head sinking slowly back to the sands afterwards.

Zipalla nods too and nuzzles Dhon once more before hugging L'ton again. She pulls back then bows toward the gold, smiling softly at her, though as the queen's head lays down she frowns and glances up at her father briefly, "I guess we oughtta go.. chores and all.." she murmurs, then turns, waving to Zorya, "See you in the infirmary later I'm sure.."

"Thank you," Zorya starts towards L'ton. The words obviously being for taking the time to allow them on the sands. "Ah do hope they find a cure soon," she adds, echoing the sentiments of the others. "If you need me," she offers towards the weyrsecond. Well he knows where to find her, as the others take their leave of the hatching grounds the harper dips into a quick curtsey for the parents before she too follows off. "Later," she agrees with Zipalla.

The twins are perhaps some of the last off the sands, being that they weren't quite paying as much attention to the weyrsecond's comments as they perhaps should have been and needing to be shooed by one of the older of the candidate group.

Dimitri moves off the sands with the main group, keeping in with them only to pause at the edge of the sands and look back over the eggs one more time before vanishing out into the bowl.

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