moral support for the riders

Zorya spends a day at the Infirmary, assisting with the sick dragons and their riders as part of candidate chores.

Ista Weyr - Infirmary
Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the proceedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

Alicia is sitting at her desk, her elbows propped on the desk and her head in her hands. Alicia's hair is scruffy looking as if she's not hat much sleep and is shoving her hands through her hair at random intervals.

Zorya makes her way into the infirmary. Its a quick glance about what's easily visible of the cavern that sets her gaze on Alicia's location, and there that she turns her steps. After all, when looking for instruction on where to go and what to do the person at the desk is probably the best bet on where to start. "You look.. tired," she starts quietly. "Thought ya might be able to use this," the candidate adds, holding out the mug in her hand - klah by the scent, "Wasn't sure how ya take it so Ah just put a bit of cream and sugar.." Beat. "Ah'm Zorya, by the way," the blonde continues, her own introduction almost an afterthought in the matter. "Ah'm supposed ta help out here today, so…"

Alicia raises her head at the smell of the klah. "Oh that is so welcome child. Thank you thank you" she takes the mug and sips deeply and appreciatively. Her weariness is apparent and causes the scarring on the left side of her face to stand out a bit. Lines radiate around her eyes as well. She places the mug down and pulls her hair back into a runner tail. Picking the mug back up she looks Zorya over noting the candidate knot. "Sorry about calling you child, Zorya." she fights a yawn "I'm glad you're here. How are you at dealing with cranky patients?"

Zorya shakes her head, lose blonde locks floating about her shoulders a bit with the subtle motion. "Its alright," she assures, "Ah don't mind, and you're welcome. Ah know you've been busy what with the eggs and the dragons and all." A glance is sent back over her shoulder towards the patients in question and a smile quirks at a corner of her lips, "They.. can be trying." she settles on the answer as she turns back to the woman, "But, alright Ah think."

Alicia chuckles softly "That they can be, especially the male variety. Mostly it's just slight whining and such. Most of the patients are helped by their riders. Mainly what we need to do is figure out a cure which is my department along with the other dragonhealers and keep the beasts fed and watered. As well as carrying out the dung." she looks at the candidate "Just a regular old party huh?

Zorya laughs lightly, "Sounds like it," she agrees nodding a bit in regard to the other's information. "Not exactly anything Ah'd call particularly fun…." Not persay, you know especially when you go and throw in that carrying out dung part which earns a wrinkle of her nose. "But necessary an' all." Beat. "Are.. are ya gettin any closer to figuring out what it is?" she asks, cautious yet curious.

Alicia sighs "We /thought/ we had a cure but the dragon relapsed. We're still working on it though and hope to get an actual cure soon." just then one of the dragons here in the infirmary goes through a coughing spasm, her rider beside her and giving what comfort she can. Other workers wheel a tub over that is filled with fresh water. "That was a small one." Alicia mentions as she watches the rider instruct the dragon to sip the water slowly. Soon the green falls back into a light sleep and the rider slumps down onto the cot beside the green. "The other thing we are doing in here is moral support for the riders." she looks at Zorya, "To me that, other than healing these dragons is the most important thing."

Zorya nods slowly, "Ah heard about that.." she replies with a bit of a sigh. The coughing green causes her to turn quickly to look towards the sound, as it subsides however and Alicia picks up again she looks back to the woman and nods once again, "Well.. if there's anything Ah can do ta help…" she offers. "Ah know Ah'm supposed to today, but Ah'd be happy ta help out when Ah've got free time if it'd be any use…"

Alicia nods "That it would. Any help we can get with this is a boon. This is going to be a while I'm thinking." she finishes off the klah and stretches. "So what say we go about and see that all the dragons and their riders here are settled and need something other than the cough to go away?"

"Ah'd be glad ta do what Ah can." Zorya replies, idly linking her hands together behind her back as she waits for the woman to finish her drink. A nod follows, "Just point me in the right direction, this is all kinda new ta me. Ah mean, Ah helped out back home a bit when people were sick.." But those were people not dragons, and colds not unknown illnesses, that however goes without saying.

Alicia nods and motions to the green who was just coughing<who shall remain nameless for the moment>. "Go and start with them, see what they need and whatnot then continue down the line." there are four dragons in the infirmary right now.

Zorya nods, looking towards the green pair for a short moment before letting her feet lead the way to her side in inquire of her rider. "How are you doing?" she inquires gently. There's the obvious answer of course, but its the logical question to begin with. No? "Can I get you anything?"

The rider looks up at the candidate "Could you get me some klah please? And maybe a bite to eat? I don't want to leave her…"

The green dragon shifts in her sleep and her rider looks over before sighing softly. The blue next to the green stretches his neck as he looks at Zorya and his rider with tired dull eyes.

"Of course," Zorya replies, ducking her head in a slight nod at the green rider's request. "I'll be back with that in just a bit." she assures, offering a soft, subtle smile towards the pair before moving on to the next. The blue rider gets much the same treatment as she inquires as to whether there's anything she can get for him. Easier to make one trip for food and drink than multiple.

The blue's rider nods "Klah and food sounds wonderful. Thank you." the other two riders chime in their thanks and agreement that food and Klah sound good.

Zorya nods quietly, "Ah'll be back with that in just a few," she replies, "And if there's anything else, let me know." she adds before turning to head out back towards the entrance of the infirmary. The candidate pauses at Alicia's desk once again, "Ah'll be right back," the blonde notes, "Just going to run and pick up some things from the kitchens. If there's anything else you'd like while Ah'm goin'.." she offers. Riders need nourishment while watching over their lifemates yes, but so do overworked healers.

Alicia says "Sandwiches are an excellent idea"

Zorya replies only with a polite nod before slipping off towards the kitchens. It takes a good bit of time for the girl to return, but when she finally does its with a food laden tray precariously balanced in her hands. A plate of sandwiches fresh from the kitchens as well as a freshly brewed pot of klah, a the fingers of one hand looped through the handles of a set of mugs as there's not quite enough room for them on the tray itself.

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