I do not /always/ smell.

Ista Weyr - Hot Springs
This cavern off the lower caverns is fairly large, and quite warm. As you step inside, you notice the dominating feature of this room, which is a number of large pools, filled with water from a underground spring. Steam rising from each of the pools speaks of the underground thermal which heats them to comfortably warm temperatures.

Around the room sit various benches and hooks for holding everything from towels to clothing. Near the pools are small containers of sweetsand for the folks that come in to not only relax, but wash. Several of the pools are set back in the wall, within small caverns to give privacy to the occupants. Near one pool, a crack emits a heated steam which mingles with that off the pools to cloud the air.

F'yr doesn't seem to notice Lear right away, since she was focused on getting to K'ael's pool. "Are you not sleeping again?" she asks with her brows drawn down. With her towel around herself she dips a foot into the pool carefully… and kicks some water at K'ael. "Wakey, wakey. And you always sharding smell, so I doubt that's it. See, he's coming in, too." She nods her chin towards Lear and offers a smirk. "Hi," she greets. "Feel free to splash the Weyrleader. He looks sleepy." And with that she drops the towel on the side and gets into the pool, sighing heavily and trying to uncake the mud from her arms.

Lear's towel is not in line, this can never do, so he stops to sort himself out. His head bowed and focused on what he is doing - making sure his towel is tucked in. It was the splashing sound that makes him look up, in time to catch F'yrs offer to join, and the offer to splash the Weyrleader. He chuckles. "What? And have some gruesom duty to do tomorrow?!" He nods a friendly greeting to both before adding. "How about I just don't stop you from spalshing?!" As Lear steps into the water he can't help an 'ahh' of reliefe escaping. Relaxing into the water then he adds. "Thank you for the water space."

K'ael blinks at F'yr. "No I am… I just was up a little late. Had some extra work that needed finishing up and such. Argh!" He shields himself from the splash, nevermind the rest of him is submerged under the water. "I do not /always/ smell." He chuckles at Lear. "Thank you. At least someone is decent around here. Heh, it's not like I own the water. But you're welcome, I suppose. I don't think we've met. I'm K'ael, uh, weyrleader and all of that. Rider to bronze Azaeth. This is F'yr, hater of weyrleaders. She rides the grumpy brown Zaruath. And she says I smell. I suggest staying away from her. She bites."

Zorya is relatively quiet in her entrance to the springs. The sound of voices however draw her attention away from her thoughts, particularly because there are a few that are rather familiar. A bit of a laugh is given for the current conversation as the girl nears the pool which the other's occupy. "Well you know," she starts, throwing in her two cents worth, "The last time I ran into you, you did kinda smell." she teases lightly, a smile pulling to her lips.

F'yr smirks all smug-like at the bronzerider's reaction, and she makes sure to splash a bit with her hands as well once she's in the pool. "As if Mike would give you something bad to do for helping him wake up. /We're/ doing him a service," she tells Lear with a bob of her head. Her mouth opens and then snaps close as she turns towards K'ael to stick her tongue out. "I know my own name, you idiot. And I ain't a hater of /all/ Weyrleaders…" And then she seems to reconsider this and shrugs. "Well, maybe most of them. And Zaruath's the best flier in all of Ista," she makes sure to inform Lear, blue eyes roaming up towards the entering Zorya and she snickers. "See, I ain't the only one that thinks so."

With Lear's towel folded in a tight, small square, by the edge of the bath, Lear lowerd himself into the water. For a moment he is unable to speak, as he feels each muscle slowly relax. As introductions are given he nods and repeats each name said "Weyrleader K'ael, Bronze Azaeth, F'yr and Brown Zaruath." Suddenly he kicks his own, slowly wallowing brain into gear and he smiles. Tilting his head slightly to one side he adds. "I have seen you both from a distance, pleasure to finally meet you." His sentence trails off as he catches F'yr's note on name and flying. He wiggles a bit then adds. "I won't argue with Zarauth's abilites.." well, maybe he will to tease one day, but he has only just met! "Zorya?" He asks this name lightly, as they only met for a moment in passing and he is not really sure. "Well, your clothes all smell sometimes!" is his added comment into the debate! Just as his brain had kicked in, suddenly Lear adds. "oh! I'm Lear, launder.. new in post!" rather an afterthought there!

K'ael gasps at Zorya. It's not that he's surprised to see her, it's just… she was picking on him! "Well… I do come to the baths when I smell. It tends to be the natural order of things. I smell, I go to the baths. It's sort of like when I itch, I scratch, or something." The weyrleader peers around, then scrubs out his underarms. "There. Smell gone, ladies. Shards. Sorry." He nods to Lear. "Just… just K'ael is fine. There's something… strange about people calling me weyrleader when I'm in the baths. Nice to meet you though, Lear the launder…er." He peers at F'yr. "Weren't you just complaining to me about how Zaru hasn't caught in such a long while?"

Zorya chuckles, nodding towards Lear as he questions her name. "Yes?" A short pause in comment while a gentle smile is sent towards the Weyrleader. "Well, since ya don't smell anymore," she starts, dipping a toe into the water, still content to stand holding the towel around her. "Mind if Ah join ya? Yer more than welcome ta say no." Beat. "And F'yr, Ah suppose we'll just have ta take yer word on Zarauth's talent."

"Except you smell exceptionally bad most of the time," F'yr tells K'ael with a wave of her hand in front of her face. She moves closer to him, though, because he had the sweetsand and she needed help in scrubbing off the mud. She grabs a handful and starts working first on her arms before moving on to her hair next, plucking straw out. "Well met too, Lear. And yah, no better brown around." She trails off to glare at K'ael. "I said that was /bad/ luck. He was /right/ there with the others, even in gold flights." Pout. "Come on in, Zorya. You can help splash Mike with me when he gets too annoying, too."

Lear cant help but chuckle. "Just K'ael is fine, for just Lear!" he has to agree, it is rather odd to be formal in the bath. For a moment he dissapears, his mop of hair the only thing floating above the surface. Popping back up, and removing hair and water from his closed eyes, he joins back into the conversation. "Ladies?!" He suddenly adds, looking slightly horror struck before clearing his throat he adds. "oh, sorry Zorya, just checking I had your name right.. i did!" He looks pleased about this before he turns to F'yr. "It does look like Zarauth's flying skills have ground you into the ground though.. your caked!!"

K'ael grins at Zorya. "Hm? No no, plenty of room for another girl, right Lear? One for me, one for you. I'll be gentlemanly and let you have F'yr." He chuckles a bit. Then he slides over next to F'yr and tries to get her into a headlock. "How's the smell in there? Hm?" He laughs a bit. "Too bad I already washed them out." He snerks a bit as Lear picks on F'yr a bit. Ha! He instead turns his attention back to Zorya. "How's it going? We always seem to run into each other here. I think it's a sign." He winks at her.

"Ah don't know about splashin'" Zorya replies, nodding once again to Lear, "Ya were." She smiles, merely rolling her at the bronzerider's commentary. "Oh?," she questions him, sliding into the pool, leaving the towel on the edge in a neat pile, "What do ya think yer weyrsecond'll think of your gentlemanly offer?" Hmmm…? "Can't you two just get along once?" Blink. "A sign?"

F'yr makes sure to splash K'ael again for that comment, sticking her tongue out at him. "I ain't no one's girl." To Lear she chuckles and picks another straw from her hair, tossing it at the launderer. "Zaruath would never. There was just one too many runners with a bad mood today." She gets a good lather into her hair, having been distracted to notice the bronzer's attack. "Aah! Shells, that stinks!" she jabs at K'ael's side to help let her go before she pushes away, face wrinkled up at him. "You'll always be a smelly perv… perv. Ugh." She takes the sweetsand and scoots a little bit to one side. "Whose side are you on?" she asks Zorya, jutting her chin out for a moment.

Lear chuckles. "Too right, always room..but..but.." He makes a show of leaning towards K'ael and whispering. "..you said she bites!!" His face the mirror of concern, before he schoots out the way so not to get spalshed while the headlock-attack is happening. He almost splutters on the water as he laughs. "Don't wind F'yr up, and then be gentlemanly and let me.. she might snap!" Lear then points at the straw that had been thrown at me. "See!" he smiles broadly then before becoming curious. "You work with runners F'yr?!"

K'ael laughs at Zorya. "You're over sixteen. I think you can make up your own mind without getting your uncle involved." He nods to Zorya. "Mm. A sign that maybe we ought to be naked together other places." He snickers a bit. "I'm just kidding. And I am /not/ a perv, F'yr." He grins to her. "At least not to other people. Just to you." Then he grins to Lear and gives him a nod. "That she does. She's fiesty, but fun," he whispers to him. "F'yr comes pre-wound. I don't wind her up at all." Liar.

Zorya simply shakes her head as she settles herself in the water. "Ah'd prefer not ta take sides," she replies to F'yr. Doing so, especially with F'yr and K'ael, is jut asking for trouble. "Not over, am. But Ah know," she replies in regard to K'ael, "And doesn't mean he won't get himself involved though." … Right… The girl raises a brown, looking to the the Weyrleader for a long moment before she lets her attention return to F'yr, "Taking sides will just get meh in the middle of all.. this." she finishes with an idle wave of her hand towards the two riders, if only to make it clear for Lear.

F'yr narrows her eyes at K'ael, rolling her eyes at his comments. "Not a perv? Yah, right." Another splash. "I'd tell you to cool down if we weren't all in a hot bath. And I ain't always wound up! Don't listen to him, Lear. He's just going to turn you into another perverted jerk." Though she eyes the launderer all suspicious-like. She rolls her eyes and sighs at Zorya's reluctance. "I thought us girls had to stick together and all that crap… Whatever." She dips down into the water, taking the opportunity to wash out her hair.

Lear was listening to Zorya and noted the point of not getting involved, but part of his mind was also noting K'aels comments - he might have been only joking, but Lear imagined himself make the same comment, and he almost laughed at his own immage, though this is stopped as he noted the suspicious like look from F'yr. Though it takes some control Lear moulds his face into some sort of innocent look. "Me a perv?! I wasn't thinking any such thoughts.. squeaky clean me!" but on the other hand he is also nosy. "Who's your uncle Zoyra?!"

K'ael grins and nods to Zorya. "I thought you might be. He'll only get involved if he finds out about it. Right?" Wink wink. "Ah I'm just kidding around with you, Zor. Plus F'yr is here, so I have to act like a perv." He leans over to poke at F'yr. "Hey now, be nice to the neutral party. Just because you hate me doesn't mean that she has to." He grins to her with a chuckle. Then he goes back to washing, he'll let Zorya answer her own questions.

Zorya glances from one to the next. Why did she decide to join them again? "There are times we do," she agrees with the brown rider, "But this time Ah think it's safer ta stay out of it." she adds with a wink. She'll back her up if push comes to shove. An uncertain gaze, something of an echo of F'yr's suspicion, is settled on the launderer for a moment, and then his question is asked. "L'ton.." she replies, as for the title he holds, she doesn't elaborate. That's already been said. A brown raises momentarily as her blue eyes shift back to K'ael, "Only cause F'yr's here, huh." Somehow she doesn't quiet believe that. But then she's apparently finished on the topic as she leans back, resting her head on the edge of the pool, letting her eyes close for the time being.

All Lear had wanted was a warm soak to get rid of the grime and stresses, but what he had got was 'havin a laugh' which helped just as much. Though he had asked questions, and was curious about the answers, and though he wanted to find out how this would pan out.. the wallowing, and his relaxing muscles was winning and he was slowly slipping away. His eyes open for a moment as he nods to hear he understood the name "L'ton.." he echoes as he nods, but his eyes are already dropping, relaxing as much as the rest of him. Before long all that can be heard is the slow rhythmic breathing of someone asleep.

F'yr makes sure to eye Lear some more, too, through her narrow eyes. She knew what he was thinking! But when she gets back out of the water, pushing blond hair out of her face, the glare is gone. "Sure you are, Lear. Sure you are." Fy didn't believe it for a moment. "He'd act ten times worse if I weren't 'round here, Zorya. And then you wouldn't have been to break his face if he gets out of line. That's why we gotta stick close." So she can have a reason to hurt K'ael, apparently. But she's quick to focus on cleaning up the rest of herself.

K'ael chuckles a bit as poor Lear falls asleep on them. Ah well! He was likely exhausted from a long day as well. The weyrleader will make sure that he gets him out before they all leave. No one needs to soak over night, after all. Then he sticks his tongue out at F'yr. "Blah blah. That's a lie and you know it. Well, maybe you don't know it, since I'm a perv whenever you're around. But don't believe it, Zorya." He continues to scrub as well with a bit of a sigh.

Zorya sighs too herself, finally beginning to relax as the warm waters work their magic. Lids fluter just a bit, sending a glance towards F'yr, "He's not always so bad…" she offers as if the subject of their conversation weren't there. She'll give him the benefit of the doubt anyway, there have been rare occasions he's been .. non-pervy? Settling back once again, she smiles quietly, "Ya know Ah don't," she teases back. Doesn't believe it that is.

F'yr looks like she was about to splash the sleeping Lear but instead decides against it and lets the boy sleep on. Which means she had to go back to scrubbing and rinsing off. Splashing her face she moves over to the edge to lean against it for a short while. "I don't lie." That's a lie, of course. "Once a perv, always a perv, and you ain't 'bout to change anytime soon." She looks from one to the other and then gives her head a little shake. "We'll see… I gotta get back to Zaruath, anyway." And with that she pushes out of the pool where her towel was at, grabbing at it and wrapping it around her damp body.

K'ael smiles to Zorya. At least someone thought he wasn't… that… pervy! Though the bronzer probably isn't entirely convinced. "Heh, you better not." He pokes at Zorya's ribs a bit, then raises a brow at F'yr. "You've lied to me before. Aw, heading off so soon? Bah… Maybe I ought to as well. Starting to wrinkle up a bit." He gives F'yr a wave. "See you later then, I guess. Say hi to D'son for me." He winks to her, then looks back to Zorya with a smile. "So what you been up to lately?"

Zorya cracks an eye once again as someone leaves the pool. "Later F'yr," she says quietly, a smile forming for the other girl. "Have a good one, Ah'll see ya later." The girl squirms, shifting away from K'ael at the poke he gives her. "Hey," she whines turning a bit of a glare on the young man, not that it hurt or anything, but it was more than unexpected. "..Practicin'," she replies, resituating herself, "Bein' promoted…" Nothing special. "You? Keepin' busy Ah suppose."

"When did I ever lie to you?" F'yr makes sure to look all wide-eyed and innocent at that. Because she was, right? "Get out when you stop stinking. Which is never, probably." She does manage to get a foot into the water, though, and splash water again at the bronzer. "You go say hi to him yourself," she grumbles and moves to grab the clothes she discarded earlier before waving a few fingers their way and then making her way out of the baths.

K'ael grins at Zorya's reaction. Was that… annoyance? Usually Zorya just seemed… shy. "Ooh, you were promoted? What rank are you now? That's always exciting! Not quite a journeyman yet I would figure… what's your specialty with the harpers, anyways?" K'ael sticks his tongue out at the departing F'yr. "Let's see.. about D'son, about your name, about other stuff I can't right think of now. I will say hi to him myself, but you'll see him before I will." He gives her a patronizing wave as she leaves.

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