No /bubblies/ left?

F'yr wants a bubblie. Only problem… there aren't any left in the caverns. So then the question is how to get one from the kitchen.

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns
Large enough to house the entirity of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandoise, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.

Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the erruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propellor-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.

Afternoon lunch was normally a really crowded time in the living caverns, which was why F'yr made sure to arrive afterwards once the crowds had left some. She obviously took the opportunity instead for a bath while everyone was focused on getting the good food, so now she wanders in with her hair done up in a towel and fresh clothes on. "No /bubblies/ left? How can there be no bubblies left!" she cries out as she stops at the table where the drudges were picking up the mess and leaving what little food was left behind. She stares mournfully at the empty platter where the pastries were normally set.

Zorya has done much the same thing as the brown rider this afternoon. Aside from arriving from the baths that is. A late arrival to the caverns for the afternoon meal was triggered only as much of the crowd who was their earlier passed the girl in the tunnels on their way back to duties. "They might have a few in the kitchen yet.." she offers, drawing up beside F'yr at the table just in time to catch the other's words.

F'yr takes a few steps forward to the table to curiously prod at some of the other plates, some that were hidden under napkins, to see if they might contain a rogue bubbly. No success, of course. Her blue eyes quickly turn around towards Zorya, jumping just slightly at the other girl's voice. "Yah, but if there are any, I bet they'd hide 'em from me cause they're for dinner. Stupid bakers." She sighs, shoulders slumping, before she grabs at an empty plate— first one to hand to Zorya, and then one for herself. "But now that you mentioned it…" Her voice lowers mischievously. "I'll try in a little bit."

"Sorry," Zorya apologizes when F'yr jumps. "Didn't mean to startle.." A nod for the other's conclusion on the pastries, "Guess your right though," she agrees, offering a smile and a "Thanks," for the plate that's handed her way. While there's not much remaining on the food table it does seem more than enough to satisfy the harper as he pulls a pair of vegetable rolls onto her plate. "Maybe if we offer to share?" she suggests, a grin added at the mischief in the brownrider's voice.

"Didn't scare me the slightest," F'yr lies outright to the other teen. No one saw that! Rolls and a mug of klah seemed to be the other lunch that they could find, though she goes for the ones filled with meat (cooled already) and scrapes at some greens that was left in a platter before the drudges took that away as well. Once she was next to Zorya again she gives a look over her shoulder towards the watchful staff before leaning her head in a bit. "Well, 'course I'll share if you help. Though we gotta wait until they don't suspect a thing. Snag 'em right off the trays, I bet."

Zorya slips a plain roll on her plate as well, and then there's a glass of water to drink. Right.. There was no startling there. Sure. But on that she won't comment any further. The girl does raise a brow at the next remark about the bubblie. "Or…" she starts, "we could just ask?" That seems a reasonable option to her at least.

F'yr takes a seat at the closest empty table, still not entirely cleared away by the drudges. Not that the rider cared much at all. She rolls her eyes at Zorya and snorts. "And have 'em tell us that we can't have any? To wait for dinner? I've heard it plenty of times before." She lifts a roll and waves it at the Harper girl. "Anyway, where's the fun in that?" She takes a pause to bite into her first roll, more vigoriously than intended when she finally gets food into her mouth. After a big swallow she glances back up. "I mean, if you're scared you'll get in trouble, than that's fine."

One of the rolls on her plate picked at, the girl tearing a bit sized piece off the end and placing it in her mouth to chew. "No?" Zorya replies, a subtle hint of uncertainty in the answer she gives. Scared? She wouldn't call it quiet that, no. But she'd rather not deal with the possibility of getting in trouble.

"Sure you ain't," F'yr says with a smirk before shoving another half of a roll into her mouth. She follows that with a bit of klah before setting the mug back down on the table. "Well, what do you do for fun, anyway? I know Harpers like to say they're all busy all the time, but you can't /all/ be boring." She levels a gaze on the younger teen curiously head tilted to one side. "It ain't like stealing bubblies will get you kicked out of the Weyr, either."

Zorya blinks. Well, that's certainly not what she expected. "Boring?" she questions almost uncertainly. ".. Well…" she starts, taking a drink of water to clear her throat. "Between lessons and practice Ah keep busy enough…" And that's exactly what F'yr was getting at, wasn't it. "Ah like the beach sometimes. Sit out there with Zipalla sometimes. And…" she pauses there. "Do you think I'm boring?"

"Some are like Mom: work, work, work." F'yr says with a heavy sigh. She rests her elbows on the table and listen, keeping a roll up to her mouth to nibble on slowly. "Zipalla? Haven't seen that one out an' 'bout in awhile…" Though the blame was really on the brownrider, since she was usually not around as often either. Her shoulders shrug up helplessly. "Nah. If you have fun, I guess it ain't boring, outside of your Harper stuff. Remember that idiot we had here for a bit? He was boring, never got 'way from his work." Wapraven gets insulted, whereever he had gone. "'Course, stealing bubblies out from under the baker's nose is always fun."

"Your mother's a harper then?" Zorya inquires. That's clearly what F'yr said, she's just making sure. Its not something she'd heard before, but then the brownrider isn't exactly one she's spent that much time with either. "She's around," Zipalla that is, "She's been spending time with.. Riley some." she adds before another drink of water is taken. A bit of a chuckle is given for the insult to the journeyman. "He was certainly.. special." she agrees. "Though I don't see how taking bubblies from the kitchen would be 'fun'.."

F'yr shakes her head quickly at the misunderstanding. "Nah, she's a Miner. But I mean that's all she thinks 'bout, like other crafters. Working all the sharding time. If it ain't related to work, it's unlikely she cares to hear about it." Her brow goes up at the mention of the unfamiliar boy's name. "I think I saw him once…" Maybe. "That's nice for her, I suppose." She scoffs into her mug as she tries to take another drink, listening to her comment on the other Weyr Harper that had been around. "Special ain't really the word I'd use. Useless, which is probably why he left." She sets the mug down and then leans forward, all conspiracy like with her a grin on her face. "Cause we ain't /suppose/ to. And they taste so sharding good, and even better when we're not allowed." She ends that with a wink.

Zorya ohs, nodding as her assumption on the brownrider's mother is clarified. "Ah suppose…" she starts to agree, "Maybe Ah do think about it a little much sometimes. Its just… well Ah like it and Ah'm good at it." she perhaps over explains. "If ya don't mind me asking, what'd ya do before ya impressed?"

F'yr purses her lips at the other teen for a long moment before she shrugs. "Well, guess it ain't /that/ bad so long as it ain't the only thing you think about. I guess maybe that's just a way of crafters, after all, and that's why I never made it to it." She rolls a meatroll around on her plate, as if there was a sauce there she could dip it in before taking a bite. "Don't mind. And I did nothing, really. I went to help Uncle Tyrrol in Western a few turns back with his runners and livestock. Weyr Herder and all, but it wasn't really my thing."

Zorya nod slowly, nibbling on her veggie roll a bit more as she listens to the other talk. "Ah guess crafts aren't for everyone," she agrees, "Just like marrying an' everythin' else." There's a long pause then as she ponders before leaning forward just a bit more, "So… about this bubblie business…" How exactly are they supposed to get one?

F'yr makes a face at the thought of marriage and shakes her head slowly. "No, not for everyone. Why'd you bring that up? Got any thoughts on marrying some guy soon?" Pause. "Another Harper? I sharding hope it ain't that ugly Wappy." But enough of the depressing topic, her grin stretches slowly and she nods towards the kitchens. "Those drudges ain't gonna clean our table till we leave. So we pretend to leave, and there're all distracted, and instead we sweep in real fast-like and grab the first tray we see." A full tray, because stealing just one wasn't good enough.

Zorya shakes her head quickly. "Oh, no." she quickly assures. There are NO thoughts of marriage whatsoever. "Just… like Ah said, some things aren't for everyone is all." The thought causes her to make a face, wrinkling her nose a bit. "And that's one a those things, not for me. Not yet at least." she assures before the return to the topic of pastries gets a giggle. "A whole tray?" she asks quietly, "What are we going to do with that?"

F'yr chuckles lightly the girl's answer. "Well, guess you got plenty of time to think on that, anyway. Too young, all that, and it's not really anything that's important." Of course, being a rider, Fy doesn't even think about marriage at all. She smirks, finishing off the last bits of her real lunch before she sits back in her seat casually. "Well, it doesn't matter what you do with your half, but I'm gonna eat it all. It's only the natural thing to do, you know? And I haven't had one in awhile. I take it you're game, then?"

Zorya nods her agreement on the first issue at hand, leaving it to fall by the side of the rest of the conversation. "Well… I guess." she agrees. "Something different…?" she says, though she seems unsure about it over all. "Ah can't be boring all the time.." she teases in reply. "So.. can't hurt to try?"

F'yr bobs her head as if she were the only right person in the world. Of course she barely knew anything, really. "And no, you can't be. Which is why I'm here, and it's destined that we spice up your life just a little. I'd suggest setting off a little popper in the kitchens, too, to frighten the staff," she says with a snicker, making sure to keep her voice down. "But I ain't got anything on me this time around." Sorry, no explosions today… She lifts her bows and then jerks her chin. "Care to wait a bit more, let 'em think we're not plotting? Then we'll give it a shot."

Zorya giggles and nods, though a questioning look crosses her face. "Popper?" Clearly not something she's hear mention of before. She does nod however. "Whatever you think'll work best." she agrees, "You're the expert here." she says with a teasing hint to her voice.

F'yr picks up a napkin to demonstrate as she answers, "Just a little bit of black powder stuffed nicely in some fabric, with a little wick. You light it, toss it, and… Pop!" She drops the napkin with a fond smile before glancing back up to Zorya. "I guess that's what I like to call 'em, at least. But I'll get things thrown at us if I did." Doesn't mean the idea still wasn't in her mind. She bobs her head, the teasing only going to her mind. "'Course, course. In just… a little bit." She glances back to the drudges once more before pretending to settle down. "So got any exciting news, Harper Zorya?"

Zorya ohs, watching the demonstration with interest. A nod follows, "I see… Seems a good name to me. Bein' that they go 'pop' and all." she giggles just a bit. As for news, this first earns a shake of her head. "Oh! Well.." she hesitates, "I was promoted just a few days ago.." That's news!

F'yr giggles softly. "Well, yah. Others tend to go 'boom' but I really don't call 'em boomers. And those definitely make more of a mess than one of the little bombs that I still got stored 'round my place." A mess that apparantly makes an evil smirk stretch across her face for a moment. She stares at her for a moment, blinking, before she grins again. "'Course that's news, congrats! And I know just the thing to celebrate… well, might as well get over it, right?" She gets up and pretends to stretch out, honestly wincing when she hits a nerve that didn't want to be stretched.

Zorya isn't sure about all that, but she chuckles all the same, her uncertainty showing through however. "Thanks," she replies given the congratulations, a bright smile pulling across her features. "Still only a Senior Apprentice, but well…" Its a promotion all the same and she is proud of herself, just not as much so outwardly as some might be.

F'yr waves a hand over at the other teen. "It ain't /only/ that, cause you're just one step closer to Journeywoman and all. Right?" She had to make sure afterall, never having been a crafter or had a Harper relative. Once she was through with that, the brownrider finally pulls the damp towel off her head to drape it over an arm, jerking her head towards the lower caverns to Zorya. "What say you help me drop this off and you can tell me all about it. Leave this mess to the drudges." Subtle? …Of course!

Zorya nods, slipping from her seat to fall into step beside the other on their way to the lower caverns. "Yeah, still a ways to go till Ah get there though.." she replies. "Will take alot of work yet, but… someday." she sighs contented even as she leaves one of the rolls behind on her plate untouched.

F'yr was moving oh so painfully slow, and not entirely on purpose either. "Sharding legs still ain't up to the task of moving. I owe Mike a good kick for that." You know, random side note before she looks back towards Zorya with a smirk. "I bet sooner rather than later, right? Like you said, you're good at all that teaching and singing and…" And whatever else Harpers did. Just as they were going towards the more narrower corriders, she turns her head enough to glance back and, just as she thought, the drudges were moving in on their kill and away from the kitchens. A few less drudges meant that they had a chance! Fy reaches out to try to tug Zorya to get her attention, jerking her head again, and then darting to the kitchens even on pained leg.

Zorya blinks, sending a glance towards F'yr, though she does keep most of her attention on the path at her feet. "What'd he do?" she ask curiously, laughing a bit at the following remarks about her status within the craft. "Yeah, well.. still awhi-" she drops off as the other pulls her to the side and then there's no time to say anything before she's moving to catchup with the brownrider.

"He's got big feet," F'yr answers Zorya, glancing back at her before pointing down to one of her legs. "That he kicked me with." Of course she doesn't include how she stomped the hell out of his feet, too. But her focus was on something else entirely, and once she was on the run there was no way back! "C'mon!" she squeaks out to Zorya, slipping inside. There're a few shouts from startled bakers and staff and surprisingly a tray left out right for them. Just as Fy knew, of course. The brownrider tosses towel as an obstacle, uses Zorya's help in snagging tray and flailing bubblies, and then runs back towards the caverns with their prize to divide.

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