Blue hair?

Ista Weyr - Hot Springs
This cavern off the lower caverns is fairly large, and quite warm. As you step inside, you notice the dominating feature of this room, which is a number of large pools, filled with water from a underground spring. Steam rising from each of the pools speaks of the underground thermal which heats them to comfortably warm temperatures.

Around the room sit various benches and hooks for holding everything from towels to clothing. Near the pools are small containers of sweetsand for the folks that come in to not only relax, but wash. Several of the pools are set back in the wall, within small caverns to give privacy to the occupants. Near one pool, a crack emits a heated steam which mingles with that off the pools to cloud the air.

Standing in the middle, or there abouts, in one of the enclaves of the springs, Zipalla has her hands up in her hair, massaging sweet sand into it pretty heavily. "Third time.. has to be a charm right Zor?" she asks. Her eyes are closed and suds drip down her face and shoulders, making a slow meandering path down her torso to the water while she scrubs, "I can't believe I got paint in my hair."

Zorya, on the other hand, has carefully settled on the edge of the pool having not quite slipped fully into the water - rather letting just her feet soak for a moment longer. "Hmm?" she half questions, glancing up from the water's hazy reflection. "I guess," she replies, having apparently heard the question just taking a second for it to register. "How did you manage to get pain in your hair anyway?"

J'vry slips in quietly and slides into one of the hot springs with a sigh of relief. He also bows his head in a nod to those in the room as well.

K'ael strolls into the bathing caverns, whistling away. His eye is still a bit black and blue, but at least he seems to be in better spirits than he has been in the past couple of days. The young weyrleader is dressed only in a pair of shorts, which are quickly removed as he slides into a pool… One of the less crowded ones. The one that Zip and Zor are sharing. He grins to both of them. "Hello, ladies. How we doing today?"

Zip pauses in her scrubbing and slicks back her hair then carefully leans to look at her hair letting it dangle to one side and finds the section with blue in it. On one side a thick chunk bears blue from about mid-way down to the tips and she huffs, scrubbing at it, "I was painting.. and leaned over.. and dragged my hair through it.. and didn't it dried.. and I'm afraid it's just stained.." she mutters. One hand goes to her hip and the other holds out the hair toward Zorya, "Maybe I'll just pretend I did it on purpose..ya think?" she asks. She half turns to K'ael and holds out the hair, "Other than blue hair? Just fine, you?" she asks, idly rubbing at the tinted strands.

Zorya acks! She was just about to slip down into the pool, dropping from the edge down to the bench that encircles it under the water, when K'ael makes his clearly unexpected arrival. Barely sitting on the edge, leaning forward, hands the only thing keeping you there and then being startled… Especially when the startler is a rather handsome (even if he does have the remains of a black eye) young weryleader. Well lets just say its not such a good combination. The harper's squeal is followed by a splash, a sputter, a wince, and a muttered 'ow'. In that order. Hm, yes, that was graceful. Not! She'll just.. hide now.

J'vry quietly says,"I'm fine too." He dunks his head under the water and then comes up to see Zorya sputter."You alright?" He salutes the Weyrleader as well and looks curiously at the fellow's face.

Aryll is all set for a nice hot bath. The blonde walks into the springs, her hair tied up into a messy bun and a towel in hand. She pauses for a moment, debating which pool to join and which to stay away from. She catches J'vry's nod and offers her own, her eyes moving over the rider to spot someone else. "This pool able to hold one more?" She asks with a toothy smile, giving Zorya and Zipalla a wave. When she catches the blue hair she tilts her head a bit. "It en't look too bad, think it's kinda cute ac-" Blink, there goes a Zorya! "Shards, you alright? Look what you gone and done, Mikey. Nearly caused her to break her arm you did." She teases, hoping right in now since she's forgotten to wait for an answer.

K'ael blinks a bit at Zip's hair. "Oh? I think it looks cute. You should leave it in. Maybe I'll put a blue streak in mine, too. What do you think? Maybe right in front here." He brushes at the bit of fringe hanging near his forehead, but is soon distracted by a falling Zorya. "Whoa! Whoa!" He moves over to make a grab for her. "You alright?" J'vry gets a grin and a nod from K'ael, before he's turning to Aryll. "Bah, I didn't mean to. I can't help being all big and scary. You gonna be alright, Zor?"

J'vry chuckles."You, big and scary? Hah…" He puts his mouth under the water, and blows his laugh out as a series of bubbles, and comes up smiling.

Zipalla blinks and draws back from the splash, which is sorta silly since she's standing in water to the waist, a reflex though, to avoid splashes. She glances at Zorya and grins, "Zor?" she says then smiles over at J'vry before looking up at Aryll with a smile, "Yeah I think I just might stop scrubbing and leave it streaked blue.." she says with a grin, glancing to her hair. That dilemma settled she sinks down in to the water, BLOOP, then rises again, free of suds, taking a few steps over to Zorya, "You alright?" she asks her. K'ael's comment makes her giggle, "Yup, right in front, it can be an "Ista" thing.. blue streaks.." she says with a laugh.

J'vry smiles at the girls raising his tanner dyed hands."I've no need to add color on me, I've plenty of dye here… permanent.."

Zorya nods, "I'm okay," she assures, pushing herself into a more comfortable, and intentional, seat on said bench. Another nod, "Fine." she notes. "Just..," A glance towards K'ael in particular. "Wasn't expecting anyone to come up like that." She should have been, yes, but she was off in thought and not exactly paying 100% attention to her surroundings. "Thanks though…" she adds, sliding down til her chin rests just above the water. Can she go hide now?

"Maybe I'll get a red one then, we can all have colorful highlights." Aryll provides with a chuckle, a hand sent to examine one of her golden locks. "Well, I guess you'll just end up scaring people left and right forever then." She teases K'ael, stretching out a bit before securing some soap. When J'vry goes under she blinks a bit, a funny look coming over her face. She covers her mouth to keep from laughing and just continues with the soaping. "So what were you painting, Zip?" She glances over at Zorya, quirking a brow as the other Shipton submerges most of herself. "You sure you en't hurt nothing? Mikey can take you to the Infirmary if you want."

K'ael chuckles. "I dunno. The other weyrleaders might make fun of me if I show up with blue in my hair. Maybe if your dad does it I'll consider it, Zip. Besides, I think the blue looks better on you." The bronzer gives Zorya a grin and a pat, then takes to soaping up with the sweetsand. "Good, good. See Aryll? She's not broken. And I'm not that scary!" He blinks at J'vry, then turns back to Zorya. "You're not broken, right? I can take you to the infirmary if you are. It won't take that long."

No, she (Aryll) can't go hide and Zip grins at her then cuts a glance to K'ael before looking over at J'vry, "I.." and she tilts her head, "Have we met? I'm Zip," she says with a smile. Leaning back against the wall she looks over at Aryll, "Oh..yeah red would be good or hot pink.. or purple!" she hrms, prolly shouldn't do rainbow hair..tempting. "Oh.. well.. my mom, actually.." she says with a soft smile. "She was wearing a blue dress.. and so I had a lot of blue on the palette and..well.. didn't tie my hair back."

J'vry looks at K'ael and then the others. "I was once a Weyrleader… but that was a long time ago, before I moved here…No one took a look at my hands either, I was Tanner before then and I still make things for them."

Zorya shakes her head, "No, K'ael." she assures, spitting out a mouthful of water. Turns out talking with one's mouth so close to the surface does that. "I'm not 'broken'." They put it so… nicely? "But… thanks?" For checking. For the offer? What specifically is a bit uncertain. J'vry's remark is heard, but not commented on. She's trying to remain inconspicuous here and well, that means being quiet and wishing she could either a) sink under the water, or b) not be here. Embarrassed. Yes.

"Now /that'd/ be creepy. People would think there was something going on between the two of you." Aryll points out at the mention of L'ton getting a matching highlight. She scrubs her arms gently, a playful eye roll sent to K'ael before her attention goes back to Zorya. "Yah, it's just right around the corner really. And if you en't able to walk I'm sure Mikey could carry you." But then Zipalla's giving her color choices and she muses. "Ugh, anything but pink. I like red, maybe purple… but I'd rather blue over it really. Oh, dying a dress? That sounds interesting." She does look over to Zorya every so often, obviously noting something was up with the girl.

J'vry smiles."If you get pink in your hair, be careful, L'alie's Adinaeth loves pink…He'd probably hunt you down and ask L'alie to have you move in with him…"He laughs."Rumor has it that her weyr is pink."

Zipalla grins at Zorya then icks at K'ael, "I don't really think you and da should match.. regardless.." she says, "Besides what do you care what other weyrleaders think." She turns to J'vry and grins then nods to Aryll, "Purple's nice.." she muses aloud. The strand of blond hair is twined around one finger and she grins, "Blue.. I'm already liking it."

K'ael chuckles and nods to Zip. "I take it you did a portrait of your mom, then?" He smiles and nods to Zorya. "Good. No need to head to the healers then. Er… you're welcome? Sorry for startling you." He pats her shoulder, he's not going to let her vanish!" Then he grins to Aryll with a chuckle. "Me and L'ton? There's always something going on with us. That guy can't stand me." He picks up a strand of Aryll's hair to look at it. "I think red would look nice on you." He blinks at J'vry. "L'alie? Doesn't she live at Xanadu?"

"If ya like it," Zorya starts, "Then keep it. Easier than tryin ta get it all out now. Will wash out eventually..?" the commentary is half questioned even as she says it. Colored hair, not exactly something that seems appealing to her considering the glance she splits between the other two girls as they chatter on about it. "Really though Aryll, I'll be fine." she assures once more.

J'vry watches the others going quiet, reaching for some soapsand close by him so he can scrub at his head for a moment. "So…you're one of L'ton's ever growing brood?" He tilts his head thinking about his own children… and hmms to himself." My son Vanderam's been looking for someone to write to at a different Weyr… It's a project one of the Harpers' have put his class up to doing…He's written me and others in the family but wants someone else to write to… Would you be willing to accept a letter from him?"

J'vry nods. "That she does. L'alie was there when I was a fairly young rider…"

Aryll just stares at J'vry as he goes over the unknown riders unhealthy obsession with pink. "Ew." Is all she has to say on that subject. "Well, if you like it then maybe you should think about dying your whole head? You could be the stand alone Shipton with blue hair." And she'd get a title too! When K'ael steals up a strand of her hair she giggles, tickling the bronzers hand with some more of her hair. "I'll think about it, then." When Zorya assures her that she's okay she bobs her head, moving back to arm scrubbing. "If you say so… So you en't want to dye your hair too, Zor?"

Zip nods to K'ael, "Well it's not done yet but yeah.." she says with a sort of sweet look on her face. She nods over at Zorya, "Yeah.. hope Riley likes it.." she says with a laugh, brows waggling. Her head turns to J'vry and she nods, "I'm the oldest.. the brood starts with me," she says with a nod. "Me?" she asks, looking side to side, he wants someone to write to her? "Well sure.. be happy to," she says with a nod.

J'vry smiles."He's not my oldest, or the youngest either, but I think he's around your age. I'll let him know you're interested." The older rider then explains."It's not the rider. It's her dragon. He loves pink…She doesn't… One of the most repeated pranks I saw while I was at Xanadu, was that Weyrlings were painting Adinaeth pink, and then the scream that happened afterward from L'alie at Adinaeth."

Zorya shakes her head, "No thanks," she replies. Dying her hair holds no interest for her. A brow raises at Aryll's comment to Zipalla, but expression aside there's not verbal response to partner with it. "…." A glance is sent around the gathering and she remains silent for a moment longer.

K'ael blinks at Aryll, and chuckles. "Oh? Just don't go overboard. I like you blonde." He slides behind her and picks up some sweetsand. Then he starts scrubbing off Aryll's cheeks comically. He grins and nods to Zip. "Oh yeah? You keeping it as a momento? I know you don't see her much." He blinks a bit at J'vry. "Huh, I see. None of our dragons really have any strange quirks like that that I can recall. Azaeth is just… big. Very… big." He leans forward and looks at Aryll. "You need a shave, hun."

J'vry nods at K'ael."How big is he?

"I really think all over blue might be too much.." Zip says to Aryll with a grin then she sorta blinks at K'ael. "I've only ever seen her once in my life.." she says with her brows quirked for a moment then her shoulders lift. "And yes, a momento, I doubt I'll ever see her again." She smiles at J'vry, "Alright, look forward to it then," she says with a smile. One foot perches up on the ledge and she wiggles her toes, "Now those can be all blue.." she says with a grin.

Aryll finally realizes her mistake. "Shards, must've misheard you Zip. I en't known it was paint, for some reason I heard dress and thought you was dying it." When J'vry clears up who liked what she bobs her head. "Sounds like something I'd do. Did she skin any alive?" She asks with a wicked smirk, taking a moment to wash off the soap. "Aw, that en't no fun." She says to Zorya with a pout. Come on, everyone's doooooing it! That's what she was about to say, until K'ael started scrubbing at her cheeks. "Are you trying to tell me something, Mikey?" Her attention is darting all over the place. Dress, momento, dragons, shaving? "Hey! That en't true!" She says, turning around to poke at the bronzers sides. "My face is as smooth as, uh, something really smooth! And well, that's too bad too, Zip. I think you'd look cute that way."

J'vry listens to the conversation again."My youngest brother, Tomaz once had an accident with some green and red dye when we were kids. He accidentally tripped into both containers when one of my older cousins was working on making some cloth for flowers. Ma and my aunts scrubbed him hard as they could, and tried to keep him so much out of trouble calling him from both ends of the Walk Trader Train that he started calling himself Tomato…T'maz is his name, since he impressed some years ago… He's a craftrider for the Bakercraft at Xanadu…"

Zipalla smiles at Aryll, "Kinda all over the place with our conversation.. no worries.." she says to the girl. "Yeah I'd prolly look cute but I figure it'd get old about the time I wanted to wear something that doesn't go with blue.." and she laughs a bit. She slips her foot back down into the water then puts her elbows on the edge and stretches out her legs, flicking water at Zor, who is wayyy too quiet. That'll get her in trouble later but eh. Meep. She grins over at J'vry and then giggles, "T'maz.." she nods. "Lets not explore nicknames for me.."

K'ael considers for a moment. "Well… small gold sized? I never measured him properly. He's muscular, too, so he looks bigger sorta." The bronzer blinks to Zip. "Only once? I thought you'd seen her at least a couple of times." Then Zip exposes her foot! It's a good thing she pull it back into the water, since the bronzer was leaning over to give her a tickle. Instead he grins at Aryll. "Smooth as a baby's bottom?" He grins and wipes some of the sweetsand off her. "I think I need a shave, what do you think?" He rubs his cheek against hers. Brush brush.

Zorya flinches at the water flicked towards her by her cousin. "I.." she starts, "I should probably get going," she finishes almost uncertainly. Shifting she reaches for a nearby towel even before she climbs out of the water. Towel in hand, she then moves to her feet, wrapping it around her as she slips from the pool. "I'll.. see you later," is directed more pointedly at Zipalla though a slight nod is directed to each of them in turn before slow, carefully placed steps lead her off.

"Tomato?" Aryll repeats, trying to imagine the green and red boy. "Heh, yah. We are kinda all over the place, en't we? I blame it on the riders." She says with a grin. "I usually paint mine red, maybe I'll try mixing it up and use purple or something next time." When Zipalla flicks water over at Zorya she giggles, curious to see the other Shiptons reaction. "Azaeth en't that big, is he?" And then she's getting a rub down. "Hey, that's stubble there! You best get to shaving before you start that." And she makes sure to slather a good mess of soap on the bronzers cheek before rushing over to join Zorya and Zipalla. She's got cover now! That is until Zorya starts heading out. "Aw, going already?" She bites her bottom lip a bit as she watches the blonde head out. "Alright, take care Zor." She makes sure to send her a wave before the girl is out of sight.

J'vry raises his hand from the water and waves at the girl as she leaves too. He finishes scrubbing himself as well going under water again and then sitting on the ledge to let the heat in the water soak away some strain from helping move some large carts at the Tannercraft Hall.

"Just once," Zip confirms to K'ael, nodding, though she squints as he reaches. After the splash to her cousin to directs one to the bronzer via toes from beneath, like a monster! Flick! She gazes up at Zorya as she crawls out of the pool then nods, "Well alright.. don't forget to let me know before you leave, I gotta pack.." She smiles at Zorya and waves then reaches over to the ledge for a hairclip to pull up her long tresses. Once wound and secured she settles in the water again, glancing toward the entrance then back to present company, smiling.

K'ael looks up and pouts when Zorya gets up. "Aw, leaving us already, Zor? We hardly got a chance to talk… Alright, I'll see you later, then." He gives her a wave, then turns his attention to Aryll. "Changing your toe color? Ack!" And he's soaped! He laughs a bit and ducks down to wash off. Psh, cover! The Shiptons can't provide her that much cover! The bronzer is after her anyways. "I'm gonna get both you!"

J'vry smiles."Uhoh… Note to self, be glad I'm not female." He chuckles.

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