Does your father know?

Cousins catch up on times at the baths. Talk of boys ensues.

Ista Weyr - Lower Caverns
Twin caverns stretch off from each other, wide and bustling - this is the workshop for the weyr's support staff, filled with people at work in a variety of occupations, throughout the day. The bubbled caverns are huge, breaking off into a warren of different tunnels and passages, leading off to a variety of places within the depths of the weyr walls. The walls are smooth with use, as is the floor beneath, although it becomes more jagged deeper through the tunnels; the ceiling arches high above, almost rounded in high, spacious formation.
Tendrils of steam creep through the wooden door that leads towards the hot springs, to the north west, whilst the Records Room door - often locked - is located down a passage to the west. A smooth staircase leads uptowards towards the living caverns, to the south west, whilst other rambling passages lead to private offices, and the quarters of the weyr's residents.

Hair in a clip, robe tied at the waist, barefooted and humming. Zipalla smiles as she pads down the corridor, apparently in the general direction of the springs though she's in no hurry. Her dreamy look lends to the general expression of contentment on her face and she winds a strand of hair around one finger as she walks, laadeeedahhhhh.

Zorya turns out into the corridor from further within, the hall which leads to the resident dorms to be ore specific in her direction of approach. She's fairly set in her own thought by the look on her face, but its soon enough that her cousin ahead of her catches her attention and she quickens her steps just enough to catch up with her. "What's got you in such a good mood?" she teases, playfully giving the other girl's hair a toss.

Zipalla meeps and turns, surprised then she giggles softly and shrugs her shoulders, "Just a good day I guess.." she says then bites her lip. "I saw Riley…" she admits. "He had to go home and his flit never got a message to me.." Her hand curls at her neck and she draws a sighing breath then grins, "I'm headed to the springs.. wanna come? I've been missing you too," she says with a reach to Zorya's hand to squeeze it.

Zorya ohs, drawing out the sound in a sing-song way. "I see," she grins, sending the girl a wink and nudge at the shoulder even as her hand finds Zipalla's. "Sure," she agrees after a moment, "I could use a good soak anyway. And we do need to catchup, don't we."

Zipalla nods and then grins at Zorya, a very sparkly-eyed grin. She giggles as they walk, hand in hand, "We do.. we're bad to let it go too long, Zor.. we really oughta try to see each other more often," she says in a happy but serious tone.

Ista Weyr - Hot Springs
This cavern off the lower caverns is fairly large, and quite warm. As you step inside, you notice the dominating feature of this room, which is a number of large pools, filled with water from a underground spring. Steam rising from each of the pools speaks of the underground thermal which heats them to comfortably warm temperatures.
Around the room sit various benches and hooks for holding everything from towels to clothing. Near the pools are small containers of sweetsand for the folks that come in to not only relax, but wash. Several of the pools are set back in the wall, within small caverns to give privacy to the occupants. Near one pool, a crack emits a heated steam which mingles with that off the pools to cloud the air.

Zorya nods, "Well considering we're living in the same weyr at least again." After her time between Eastern and Igen the last turn. "But then we're both busy with other things too…" Chores and lessons and all… But then that's really not an excuse for it all.

Zipalla nods and steps to the edge of the springs, her robe left laying over a chair. She walks perhaps..confidently? to the springs and steps in and down into the warm water, ahhhhing as her eyes lid. "I know..but we have to make an effort not to let those things keep us from seeing each other. Riley asked about you.. I know you don't like him much but.. I think you could grow to like him.." she says with a soft smile turned up to her cousin.

Zorya nods again, slipping out of her own clothes and into the pool soon after Zipalla. "I know," she agrees, sinking further into the water to settle on one of the benches that encircle the inner edge of the pool with a soft sigh. "He did?" she questions the mention of Riley. "I.. I don't not like him, we just didn't exactly start off on the right foot."

Zipalla dips down fully to soak her hair, the clip flung to the side when she pulls it free of her long blond locks. She rises up out of the water to the chest then finds a seat too, relaxing. "I know ya didn't.. and I was kinda upset with him too, you're my family.. but, if he can get settled in a little bit, I think we'd all have fun together. He's very adventurous.. he ah.." and she lowers her voice, "…went with me to Shipton.." she says, biting her lip, brow lifting.

Zorya blinks, peering towards Zipalla just a bit closer at the mention of their 'home'. "You…" she starts, trying to wrap her mind around the thought of having gone there. "… went…" Beat. "Why??" the question posed less in the form of what the word it self is and more of a 'how could you, there's no reason for this. She pauses a moment longer, settling back, "Well, at least you made it back. .. Does your father know?"

She knew Zorya'd give her that she just smiles a helpless little smile and bites her lip until her cousin finishes chastising her with her eyes. "I..wanted to see my mother.." Zipalla answers. Her eyes lower to the surface of the water for a moment then lift back to Zorya. "I saw her, Zor.. she looks like me, I mean I look like her.. I think she knew who I was even though she didn't say anything.. she's so beautiful..I mean.. prettier than me.. her hair is sooo long and.. well I just had to see her." A pause. "Yeah, da knows.. I was drawing a picture of her..before I forget her.. and he saw it.."

"You still.." Shouldn't have gone, but Zorya doesn't finish the sentence. Obviously Zipalla had thought of that and it didn't matter to her. What's done is done, and she's certainly the last person who should be getting onto her cousin about something like that. A nod is given to relay her hearing of the other's answers, and she offers up a soft, mildly apologetic, smile of her own in reply. "She is."

Zipalla blushes some and nods to her cousin, "We gotta bronzer to take us.. which was really a mistake, shoulda used a brownie..well anything but bronze.." and she smirks to herself. "I found out she's a laundress and we found the laundry house out by the creek.. I think we scared the shells right outta her." Zip grins and then looks off to the distance, "We just stood there a bit and then Riley was all nervous and I mentioned a bronze and she got panicked and shoo'd us off." Her brow lifts, as if it never occured to her that Zorya would know her mother. "Wait.. you know..err..knew her..I mean.." and she just looks bewildered.

Zorya shakes her head, glancing down at the water if only so she doesn't have to look Zipalla in the eye for her reply. "Not really.. Ah mean, Ah'd seen her once or twice.." That admitted she flashes a look back towards the other girl, "Least you didn't run into anyone else." Yet while she's offering up her own opinion on Zipalla's excursion the harper seems all to eager to move past the topic of Shipton.

Zipalla watches Zorya and her brows furrow some, catching that flash of a look. "I know it was bad for you there, Zorya.. I mean.." and she pauses then tilts her head, "We didn't see anyone else.. well a person or two we passed on the road to the creek.. why does it have to be so bad there.. Poor Zaenar.." she says quietly then shakes her head, still looking at her cousin. "Anyway…" she says with a sigh, "They can't hurt you or anyone else here.. so.."

"It wasn't bad there." Zorya protests with a shake of her head, though protest may be too strong a word for the way its said. Simply a fact, more than anything. It wasn't particularly good either after all. "Just different," she clarifies, "And I know… Is just.. well its in the past and I'd like to leave it there."

Zipalla smiles softly and nods, "Yeah.. well.. anyway.. we can leave it, for you." Her legs stretch out and she grins, her whole body flexing like a cat then she relaxes again, laying her head back. "I needed to see her, Zorya. I needed to know she's ok.. lay eyes on her.. see where I came from." Her voice trails off and she lifts a foot to splash playfully, "Riley was a nervous wreck.. helpful..but a wreck.." and she laughs.

Zorya nods slowly, "I guess.. maybe.." she agrees. If she'd be in the same situation, she might feel the same, but being that her's was rather the opposite and her raising quite different from that at the weyr… "What'd you tell him that he was so worked up?" she finally ventures to ask, curiosity getting the better of her.

Zipalla grins, "Well he knew we weren't supposed to be there and then Pazinnia was so scared to see us.. strangers.. I think he was afraid they'd keep us there or something.." Her shoulders lift and she grins, "He's kinda protective.. which I like.." she says with a sheepish, very girly smile.

Zorya ohs, quietly nodding as Zipalla explains. She shifts her position on the seat just a bit, the water lapping just under her chin, before offering up a fuller smile for her cousin. "I.. I'm going back to the hall for a few days," she notes idly in attempt to move the conversation onward. "Maybe you'd want to come with?"

Zipalla tilts her head, "What ya goin there for and.. they wouldn't mind a tag-along?" she asks, considering the invite. "Though it'd be good to get out of here for a while.. get stir crazy sometimes.." and she beams a smile to Zorya.

"Lessons and such," Zorya replies, lifting a shoulder in a half shrug. What does she usually go back to the hall for after all. "I don't think they would… specially if you were maybe considering it with your drawing…" she points out. That is something they'd talked about before, however briefly.

Zipalla nods then ohs, lightbulb. Drawing, duh. "Lessons..yeah.." then she grins, "I prolly should.." she admits though the thought of it makes her nervous for some reason. SHe pulls off the bench and moves around a bit, stirring the warm water around herself.

"You don't have to." Zorya says with a laugh. "I know you're set on being a rider like you father." she teases just a bit. "I just thought maybe you'd want to go and see it once is all."

Zipalla grins, "Well I am but.. that doesn't mean I'll stop drawing, they might can teach me how to do it better..I mean I know they could..they are experts." Zip smiles at Zorya and lifts her shoulders, "I've never been there.. so yeah..I'd like to see it."

Zorya nod. "Of course," she agrees readily. "I'll let you know for sure when I'm going. Should be in the next few days." she adds, stretching now that she's been soaking for awhile.

Zipalla smiles and then inhales, "I…gotta get some work done.." she says in a pout. "But yes let me know.. I'll go with you," she says softly.

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