From her snout to her tail tip this dragon is a beauty to behold in the variegated greens that adorn her hide. Her snout is an emerald green, flecked like brushstrokes of paint upon her hide. though her head knobs rise forth as the darkest of greens almost black, long and elegant. Her long neck and chest carry the same emerald yet also flecked with brushstrokes of darker green and almost bronze colours, giving an almost iridescent look to her hide. Her wing sails look dark when tucked against her hide, the shading from shoulder to tip going from the variegated emerald green out to the darkest of greens at the wing tips. Her tail is marked with little specks of blue all down its length giving an striking appearance. In contrast to the colourful nature of her hide, her talons are a pale earthy brown, long and slender.

*Lineart by Kaljaia, colors by L'ton

Egg Name and Description


Contours of Light Egg
This mottled egg seems nothing to look at at first. Just blends of brown and muddy bronze over the smooth organic surface, like the hide of a dragon. Only here and there, does contrast suggest flachettes and cords of colour, streamlining that which is otherwise unremarkable. What does draw the eye are contoured lines of lighter colour, like streams of light, growing brighter until nearly searing at the base, shining almost blindingly against the darkness of the sands beneath, like a flash in a dark sky. The mind could easily believe the shell to be filled with kinetic potential, about to blast off into the unknown.

Hatching Message

The Contours of Light Egg continues to vibrate and crack, until faint fissure lines cover its entire surface. Then it stills again for one breath…two breaths…three breaths… until the bronze shells seem to burst away from a creature like an explosion of fire. The 'fire' dies down and the shells settleat the feet of Brilliant Display of Verdent Green Hatchling.

Impression Message

There is a tentative touch of her mind at first before reaching out, seeking, slowly examining you. Your breathing, your heartbeat, all your functions examined and tested before she finally settles into your mind. «AllyoursystemsseemtobefunctionallynormallyZorya…» She says in a rushed voice, words blending one into the other. She pauses then, exploring you mind once again, and this time she speaks slowly and carefully. «I am Ixophenth and I wish us to be joined so that I may take care of you and you can…» A pause and a tilt of her head. «Something is wrong with my systems…an emptiness in my middle…can you help me fix that?»


Ixophenth is a calm dragon, really taking on the qualities of the phoenix you suggested, harmony, protection and serenity. She generally will get along with anyone, want to help them to the best of her ability, but if you were to be threatened in anyway then the peaceful dragon will show her inner fire. She has a mind that will grow with yours, not overly intelligent nor dumb, an observer who looks upon the world to get the information on how to proceed and to the consenquences of those actions for you and those around her. If ever you need to rail, to rant, she will be a perfect sounding board to let loose of your angers and fears and to calmly envelop you in her love. Even should you ever cause her harm or speak harsh words to her she will forgive you knowing that you needed it and no harm was done. She would well feel the same if others should do that to her, but if they do attack you, then all bets are off.

As a young hatchling she may seem slow to achieve lessons, but only because she is watching and taking all the information of the fails and successes of others before trying it herself. Also wanting to make sure YOU are ready so that her fails do not fail you. Feeding might also show the same thoughtfulness. Making sure all the information about a meal is taken in before she sits to dine. Is it too much, the morsels too small, too big. For her everything is about information and what she can learn by observing. This may well lead to many questions on her part if she can not figure out something. "Why do we all come in different colours and sizes?"

Hunting will also bring out that information seeker. Just taking her time and watching the beasts until she gets information on their size, movement, personality before taking the beast that is the least fight and perfect meal size. She might be reluctant at first but in the end the instinctual desires will override those concerns.

Flying will come easy to her, but again after watching the others in her class succeed or fail at their own lessons and examining each failure and mistake. This over analytical nature though will be her undoing for between lessons. Sometimes she will pick up other details, other places she deems more important in your mind even if you didn't image them. Instead of ending up over the plateau she will appear over the beach, picking up from your mind that the plateau is just the way to the beach. This may well happen into adulthood, though never in a dangerous manner. She always picks a proper image from your mind, even if its not the one you want to go RIGHT now.

Proddyness and Mating flights she will shine the most, coming out of her shell so to speak. She will definately be more outgoing, forgoing the quiet watchful nature to actually be more impulsive and try out things she would normally sit back and watch. She will put on such display to entice the males to chase her, her hide taking on a radiance otherwise not known to her.

As she grows she will show more confidence in things and testing the waters more and more often, but above all, her thoughts are too the safety of her lifemate.


Nexus of Life
A mind unsure of itself, but sure of one thing its desire to serve those around it. One that does not like being alone. Based off Pilot from the series Farscape. Seperate yet a part of the ship and desiring of the company of those around it, but whose duty is most of all to Moya his bonded partner. This dragon will like most people and seem a pleasent creature at all times unless something should threaten it's bonded and then the full ire the creature does possess will come to the fore.


The theme for this clutch was Jim Henson. Several of us went for the non 'traditional' Jim Henson muppets and I was one of them. Oddly my first thought was for Pilot of Farscape for the Mind and Moya, his living ship, for the egg and the more I thought of it the more I thought he would make a perfect base for a dragon.

Pilot is a species that is bonded with Living ships to act as way to communicate with the crew of a vessel as well as control the ship's functions. They are bonded for the life of the ship. When the ship dies, so to do they. Sound familiar? Pilot is a servent more than a Captain, balancing the needs of his ship (Moya) with the safety and needs of the crew. Needs he will meet unless they are to hurt his Moya. He can be self sacrificing and very forgiving, putting the needs of Moya first, crew second, THEN his own. (In one Episode his arm was cut off by crew desperate to trade it for maps to their homeworlds and he forgave them 'it will grow back' 'They needed it more than I') When his Moya is hurt or attacked, his Peaceful nature is overrun by an intense desire to protect her and an anger and drive will come forth them.

You had a request for Phoenix and Peacock imagery with your dragon. The name of her is an Anagram of the word Phoenix, it came out as quite interesting and exotic as requested. Also Pilot is in a way like a phoenix. He is Moya's second pilot, the first was killed so that he could take its place. Emerging from the ashes to take on the role so to speak from a pilot who had been bonded far longer. He is quite young as far as his species goes, learning the way of the world around him.

Her description is based on the Green Peafowl/Peacock trying to fit in the black headfeathers as the head nobs and the 'eyes' as points of blue down the tail.


Name Brilliant Display of Verdant Green Ixophenth
Dam Gold Ankhepith
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Lisle
Impressee Zorya
Hatched 22 March 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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