Hopes & Ambitions

Zorya has always been something of a dreamer. Then again when life is laid out for you like it was before she too the chance at leaving her home, what more is there than dreams. Those dreams, it would seem, are starting to come true as not so very long after her arrival at Ista Weyr she joined the ranks of the Harpers and began to pursue her thoughts of entertainment.

She wants to know hat her life has purpose and meaning, and that she is doing something to make positive changes in people’s lives, even if that change is northing more than a smile. To teach others, and maybe someday (even if she doesn’t see it) places that teach their children the way her family taught her will no longer exist.

Dragon riding, unlike the hopes of her cousin Zipalla, were never part of Zorya’s childhood aspirations. Then again, dragon riding was a thing looked down upon by the community in which she was raised and she’d never seen a dragon until the age of fifteen when she arrived at Ista Weyr. Since her change in location it is, however, an objective that has seeped in in a form of curiosity. Thus far she has stood twice and not impressed – but then, she was asked to stand and that’s not an honor everyone receives.

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